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Friday 11 Sep, 2015  
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I strongly believe in freedom of speech and information. I do not necessarily agree with or disagree with any of the content on the pages listed below. However, in the interests of freedom I provide the following links for anyone interested.

Although I try to check them occasionally, please inform me of any that no longer work.

Also, it's very difficult to categorise some sites into a general topic heading, so please let me know if you feel that a particular site would be more suitable listed in a different section, or indeed a new section created.

Abduction Experiences

Activist Groups

Ancient Wisdom/Technology

Cosmic Consciousness, Spiritual Thinking and Meditations

Conspiracies, Suppressed Information

Government Involvement

The Bilderberg Group/Global Elite

Crop Circles

Free Energy & New Technology

(see also Science & Metascience, below)

Freemasonry & other Secret Societies

Free Thinking and Philosophical Democracy

Ghosts & Hauntings


Mathematics, Gematria & Sacred Geometry

Miscellaneous Topics

Mythology/Ancient History


Paranormal Subjects

Sacred Sites & Earth Mysteries


Sceptics and Debunking

Science & Metascience

(see also Free Energy & New Technology, above)

Sound & Harmonics

Space, Astronomy & NASA

Comet Hale Bopp

UFOs, ETs & Aliens


If you would like your web site linked to from here, please email me your URL, together with a brief description of it and what section it should be listed under. I will take a look at it and link to it if I think it is suitable (ie. informational and not purely commercial).

Please ensure your website is compatible with all web browsers. I don't use Microsoft Internet Explorer, so if your website isn't viewable by me, it's probably not viewable by other people also - and I wish to promote awareness to as big an audience as possible. If your website doesn't work properly, it won't get linked to. Sorry to be harsh, but there are plenty of websites out there which do work correctly.

If you have any comments, ideas or suggestions, please contact me

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