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Enigma Issue 4: Contents

Autumn 1994

 · Pauls regular editorial comment.

Crop Circles: The Mystery Continues
 · Paul Vigay summarises the events up to date.

1994 Crop Circle Surveys
 · Various detailed surveys of crop formations from the 1994 season

Book Review: "Crop Circle Apocalypse" by John Macnish.
 · We take an impartial look at this book aimed at debunking the continued mystery of crop circles.

Video Review "Revelations - Communique II" by John Macnish.
 · We look at the video which saw John Macnish do a U-Turn from the acclaimed Communique I video.

Lights and Circles
 · A look at stone circles in the UK

Book review: "Round in Circles" by Jim Schnabel
 · Another look at crop circles, from a circlemakers perspective.

Roswell: The Evidence
 · We examine the evidence of the famed 'Roswell' UFO crash of 1947. What really happened?

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