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Enigma Issue 1: Contents

Summer 1993

Electro-Static Charge Indications
 · My early investigations into electronic anomalies

Film Review
 · Fire in the Sky (Cert.15)

UFO Sighting
 · An account of my own UFO sighting at Honey Street, Wiltshire in August 1992

Circular Dimensions (part 1)
 · Early theories into parallel dimensions.

 · A Haunting in Warwick - An ghostly account by Mavis Vigay

Astral Projection
 · An introduction into this enigmatic subject

UFO Sighting
 · A sighting with photographic backup, which took place in Horndean, Hampshire in August 1991

The Afterlife
 · An Enigma subscriber gives a personal account

 · When you suddenly realise you've seen the future!

Survival of Death
 · The Physicists' Case for Survival After Death

Report Form
 · UFO Sighting form - To complete and return if you witness an unidenfied flying object

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