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Maintaining this site takes a huge amount of time, effort and dedication in order to stay up to date and a become a useful resource center to everyone interested in the crop circle subject. The hosting of the dedicated server alone comes to approximately £960 a year (£80.00 a month)

At present all research, investigations and travelling (about £20.00 for each return trip from home to a crop circle) is paid for by myself. Although access to this website is free of charge, all donations are appreciated and will be put towards server/hosting costs, future research and ongoing scientific investigations.

I have created a PayPal account so that you can make donations, however big or small - the amount is up to you - if you feel that you would like to help support my research in some small way. I welcome anything you think you can afford, the amount is entirely up to you.

Although in the past, I've experimented with making various parts of the website subscriber only, this not only adds to the complexity of maintaining the site but can also confuse visitors to the site. I strongly believe in the sharing of information for the good of mankind and the planet so access to this web site as well as my database and mailing lists will remain free of charge, and any donations are entirely at your discretion and generosity.

I believe that information and knowledge imparted to us by the crop circle makers should be available to all, not just those who can afford it, so I endeavour to keep this site as open as possible.

Crop Circle Database

The International Crop Circle Database (CCDB) part of the site is now also completely free and open to everyone.

I hope that anyone rich or poor, newcomer or experienced researcher, intrigued passer-by or academic scientist will find this web site interesting and informative.

If you would like to make a donation, please click on the button below. You will then be taken to the secure PayPal web site from which you can enter the amount you would like to donate. You can pay by credit card, debit card or PayPal cash transfer.

For security, payments are handled by the company I work for - Digital Phenomena Ltd, whose name appears on the PayPal invoice.

Amazon Wish List

Alternatively, if you don't wish to pay via PayPal you can order items from my Amazon Wish List. This is an easier way of making payments because it doesn't involve any money and thus bank/conversion charges. This is possibly the easiest method of payment and works much like a barter system.

The way it works is that each time I find a book or DVD that I would like, I add it to my 'wish list' on Amazon. You can then order items from my list to the value of the amount of money you wish to donate or pay me. You pay Amazon normally, and they then post the items directly to me.

You can view my Amazon Wish List here

If sending money for a specific item, such as one of my Circular Harmonics audio tapes or CDs, please contact me so that I know what the payment is for.

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