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Knoll Down, nr Avebury Trusloe, Wiltshire, UK


A series of intersecting radial lines from two centre points, resembling a 'rippling' effect. Nicknamed the 'magnetic field' or 'Moire' formation.


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Date Reported

22nd Jul

Date Created


Crop Type


OS Grid Ref.

SU 079700

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Visitor comments - page 1:

On 19th Aug 2002, Satendra Vishwakarma wrote;
"Amazing construction! it is not a human work at all. Thanks for wonderful information."

On 23rd Aug 2001, Ginger Shelby wrote;
"And yet another sacred Native American symbol appears in the fields of Ye Olde England."

On 9th Jul 2001, deg%EA wrote;
"You can't imagine how happy i am jumping from site to site looking with admiration your pictures throughout the last decade.
I was particularly very impressed with this one. It looks alive. I think it talks to us.
I feel there's a message within, very personal beyond the first impression of a
magnetic field. Keep up with the wonderful
work and for the free ride through your
generosity and love.
God bless you all.
Alphaville-Barueri,SP- Brasil.

On 9th Jul 2001, joao wrote;
"this is a wonderful message from the stars
to mankind.Beleive most people like myself
are completely unaware of the phenomena taking place on these sacred grounds and thanks to many of you wonderful people, I was
priviledged to see and become part of the
process itself. May god bless you all for these gifts through your pictures and generosity, forever.
thanks always.

On 10th Oct 2000, Hal Lusk U.S.A. Pa. wrote;
"If you look at these formations there is a feeling they touch inside you. It is for sure a message beyond our normal thought pattern. I believe there is an energy that they create that touches us?"

On 16th Sep 2000, Jonathan Alcardi wrote;
"Mabye it's just me kinda looks like something was in motion"

On 10th Aug 2000, M Davey wrote;
"My parents saw this one up close. They knew it was intricate at the time but they were totally amazed when they saw your areal photo. We are supposed to beleive someone 'made' this with rope and planks are we? Not unless they had a few weeks and some very accurate construction tools to spare."

On 6th Aug 2000, Katherine Shields wrote;
"Thank you to all the talented and generous people who bring this web site to the world. What a priviledge to be able to click on these beautiful images and share them with children, family and friend"

On 4th Aug 2000, Catherine Walker wrote;
"I think Kryon would like it!"

On 1st Aug 2000, TONY TOPPING wrote;
"This is a Navigational System. "

On 29th Jul 2000, tarek al-ubaidi wrote;
"I'm speechless!!! Looks like the magnetic field between two currents...!?"

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