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BLT Research Field Report by Nancy Talbott - 30th Apr 2000

Hi all....just got off phone with witness to huge crop circle which occurred near Milan, Tennessee (about mid-way between Memphis & Nashville). Very interesting story. In a field of winter-wheat immediately across from her front door, a very long (perhaps 1/4 to 1/2 mile long) pictogram occurred on the Sunday night, April 23-24, probably about 3 am. Witness's 10-year-old daughter and a "sleep-over" friend were awakened at about 3 am by a "weird" humming noise; there were no windows in the room they were sleeping in so it is not known whether there was light phenomena associated. A family dog, which had been sleeping on the mother's bed, also barked around this time. At about 7 am Monday morning, upon opening the front door to let the dog out, the mother saw the huge crop formation in the field opposite her front door. She and a step-son went into the field briefly and noted somewhere around 10 circles and associated pathways, at least one circle that was ringed, another circle that had occurred around an electricity pole in the middle of the field. They did not explore the whole formation because there are many snakes in this field, including copperheads and water mocasins (both of which are poisonous)--ANYBODY THINKING OF VISITING THIS SITE BE SURE TO WEAR HIGH BOOTS. After exiting the field both the mother and step-son noted "pain" in their legs, up to the knees; both have also felt "light-headed" and unusually fatigued all of this week since being in the circle field. The mother contacted a local crop-duster, who is apparently also interested in crop circles, and he stated that there were other crop circles "all over the place" in this area. In fact, the mother states that there is another small circle in a field immediately behind her mobile home which occurred the same night as the larger one in front of her house. No aerial photos have yet been taken, but I've alerted other interested parties in the area who will try to get some, particularly since the crop duster is apparently willing to take people up to get shots.

It is also of interest to note that the phones did not work the morning the crop circles were discovered and repairmen from the phone company had to come out to work on the lines. Also, the family's computer would not work that morning. The mother also reports that some of the downed crop was already yellow on the first day after the formation was found. Also, the mother had noted about a week previously that there was dead cow lying in a driveway about 1/2 mile from her home (which is in a very rural area)--and that there seemed to be very peculiar cuts on this animal.

In addition, the mother reported a very peculiar incident that had happened to her when she was 15 or 16 years old, living in Selmer, TN with her mother, 2 sisters and a brother. She related this story to me stating that it had "nothing to do with the crop circle," but I am not so sure: on the night of this incident she and her mother and sisters and brother were all awakened in their home at about 2 am by a strange "beeping" noise directly over their house; then, in sync with the beeping sound, a beam of light came down through their ceiling, on and off, for 10 to 15 minutes. The whole family was terrified and afraid to go outside and look up. The next morning she was found to have massive bruises all over her legs which could not be accounted for. That same day a young boy who lived nearby came to visit her & told her, without knowing about the family's experience, that a relative of his who had been out "spooning" that night nearby had seen a number of "aliens" which had so frightened him that he'd driven the whole way home with all 4 car-doors open and flying about.

I spoke with this woman at length and, perhaps if I hadn't also spoken with hundreds of other people over the last 10 years who have reported crop circles in their fields or near where they lived, and heard the incredible stories so very many of them tell, I might not be so inclined to believe her. But I have no reason at all to doubt this particular lady. She is going to try to contact the owner of the dead cow and find out more about whatever that's all about; she's only lived in this area for about a year and doesn't know too many people--and the people she has told about the crop circle are, by and large, inclined to think she's making it up or being silly. I sincerely don't think so, although I don't know how to understand this series of events....but overall what she told me tonight is in line with what I've been hearing from farmers, ranchers and other land-owners in several different countries for many years, but moreso recently.

Thought I should pass this stuff along, because it sounds to me as if it's for real....and, thus, impacts all of us.

Nancy Talbott/BLT Research

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