ORTK (UK) Press Release

Lobby of Ministry of Defence, 20th March 1995. UFO Secrecy

Organizers and supporters of Operation Right To Know (Britain) are today lobbying the M.O.D. on the issue of military secrecy on UFOs. We are fully aware of your current policy on public statements about the UFO issue, and request that this policy be revised, and present M.O.D. knowledge, assessments and conclusions on the UFO issue be made public. ORTK accepts that there are grounds for military secrecy on matters concerning the defence and security of the United Kingdom, but we cannot accept that UFOs fall within this category. And you confirm this by stating in communications to the public the general assessment that to date 'no UFO sighting report investigated has indicated any threat to the defense and security of the United Kingdom.' We request a full written commentary on the following points:

(1) UFOs constitute a global phenomenon of major proportions and as such cannot be considered a national security issue for any one nation alone. Rational sense dictates that major world authorities, military and or governmental are in collusion on the issue of UFO secrecy and denial, and have been for many years, at least since World War II.

(2) Many World War II pilots filed UFO reports. Pilots, both military and civilian, continue to report UFOs. One example occurring during the recent (1989-1990) UFO wave over Belgium. Colonel W DeBrouwer (Belgian Air Staff) confirmed during several TV interviews, that Belgian F16 aircraft recorded radar lock-ons of an object seen visually by civilians and police, and confirmed by 4 ground based radars. I have raised the Belgian UFO wave with you before and you have declined to comment, other than you do not involve yourselves in UFO reports from outside the United Kingdom. Rational sense, once again, dictates that you must have been fully briefed on the Belgian events.
("You" in the above refers to those parties privy to the UFO information collusion)

(3) This document is not a presentation about UFO evidence, because the M.O.D. must already be fully aware of the evidence, that promotes both the March 20th lobby and this document.

(4) We request that those establishments world wide, involved in the suppression and denial of UFO knowledge, change-their collective policy, and openly and honestly tell the people of the world all they know and understand about the UFO issue, irrespective of how little or how much this knowledge may be.

(5) We ask that the M.O.D. consider the following points and speculation on these points:

During the summer of 1994, in the USA, a crop circle formation and the surgical mutilation of a cow, occurred during the same time span and in close proximity to each other. Biological analysis of several crop circle formations and several animal mutilation sites, is establishing a link between these anomalous events. UFOs are a common factor between some crop circle events and some animal mutilations. Very recently biological analysis of samples taken from the site of a UFO landing, appear to confirm this link.
Another common factor between circle formations and animal mutilations is their timing and evolution. Both occurrences began to be noticed during the mid to late 60s and both have continued to escalate in numbers with resulting deepening human awareness and interest.

During the last 5 years there have been several mass public sightings of UFOs, many in daylight, resulting in public acceptance of UFOs. Hundreds of video recordings of UFOs have been made, supporting the eye witness testimony, and establishing the existence of UFOs.

The current public position on the UFO issue expressed by the M.O.D. and other authoritative establishments world wide, is rapidly being perceived as wholly inadequate. It could be the case that maintaining the secrecy and continuing the denial of UFO matters is causing these events to deepen. If public control is a factor in this policy of denial, such a policy could be perceived as having the opposite effect. For instance: If the animal mutilation phenomenon continues to deepen and escalate, what might the effects of this be ?

No one, no official body, has the right or capacity to maintain such denial of an issue of such importance as the UFO issue. Some acknowledgment is now required that something of importance is occurring world wide. Parliament has the right to be informed. The public have a right to know, just what is known about these issues.

And so we request that those in authority who understand this situation consult with their international partners and collectively amend this policy of UFO secrecy, suppression and denial.

John Holman (ORTK Britain Coordinator) March 17th 1995

(In addition to this open letter to the MOD, I gave Miss Philpott a letter addressed to herself. Her reply, refers to my letter to her, but not this open letter. I aim to follow up this lack of response to my open letter)

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