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Book Review - Majic, Eyes Only by Ryan Wood

Review by Malcolm Robinson, Founder Strange Phenomena Investigations

TITLE: Majic, Eyes Only.
AUTHOR: Ryan S Wood
PUBLISHER: Wood & Wood Enterprises, 1004 Quail Ridge Drive Broomfield Colorado. 80020 United States of America
PRICE: $29.95
ISBN: 0-9772059-0-8.
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You know there are a number of great working researchers in the field of UFO research, many of them unsung heroes; Ryan S Wood is one of these. Ryan works tirelessly finding and assessing reports regarding crashes of 'flying saucers'. He not only seeks these reports from the United States, but searches for them from all corners of the Earth. Of course one would think that if these 'flying saucers' were travelling from other worlds or other dimensions that it would seem improbable that they would come so far only to crash on a foreign planet. Whilst that may seem a reasonable statement and assumption to make, there are reasons given (which I'll come to shortly) that explains why crashes would happen. Of course for the Joe Bloggs or the proverbial 'man in the street' he is more likely to know about the crash at Roswell New Mexico than he is of the crash at Easter Somaliland in 1996 as depicted in this book. However, that said, this is a fantastic collection of 'alleged' UFO crashes brought together for public consumption and as such deserves your attention. OK, let us take a look at what's going on here.

In Ryan's introduction he informs the reader about the Government's stance on the UFO situation and covers a number of documents pertaining to interesting UFO accounts and also discusses how under the Freedom of Information Act a plethora of documents and incidents which truly are eyebrow raising were released to the general public. For me the opening introduction chapter is by far the most interesting in the whole book for Ryan has really dug deep and turned up a plethora of facts and figures which just screams out to be read. An example in point is the SOM 1-01 Extraterrestrial Entities And Technology Recovery And Disposal document, classed as 'Top Secret/Majic Eyes Only. If this is a true document and not a 'plant' well jeez oh this is the document to top all documents. !

This book of course portrays worldwide UFO crashes and if truth be told, a number of them have limited and minimal information. The Llandegla Welsh case of December 1965 covers only half a page and to all intents and purposes seems more likely the result of a meteor hitting the Earth than a vehicle from outer space. Of course let us not forget that what may seem in some UFO crash reports as having normal explanations from meteor strikes to things falling from aircraft, hidden behind these cases may indeed be something else. I love that old saying "Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater". As we know, the Governments of this world are more than capable in misguiding the public into believing something else happened in other matters and so it's not without merit that they could do so again with this enigma.

But why do UFOs crash on Earth? Well let's be realistic about things, even us lowly humans have accidents, the NASA space programme for instance with all its millions of dollars pushed into it, still had safety issues to contend with and a number of fatal mishaps occurred. Mankind has sadly seen numerous fatalities in aircraft disasters which sadly still occur to this day. Admittedly some are the result of human error whilst others are the result of faulty design or other problems with the manufacture. A particularly interesting UFO case concerns what was called the Los Angeles Air Raid of February 25th 1942 when a number of unidentified flying objects caused a succession of alerts throughout Southern California. Question were asked at the time about how could U.S. Coastal batteries fire for more than one hour at these UFOs (which were visible to hundreds of witnesses) and yet not hit anything ? Although, having said that, it later was uncovered (many many years later through FOIA documents,) that one downed UFO was found off the coast of California and also one in the San Bernardino Mountains. The documents stated that these objects were not of earthly design and in all probability were interplanetary in origin.

Then there is the case of Braxton County West Virginia during a September night in 1952. It initially started with fire ball reports and later turned into something straight out of the Twilight Zone, with monsters and aircraft shooting at a fleet of UFOs. This case received a 'HI' count ratio by the author underneath the title of the incident in the book. The author has carefully looked at the evidence (or what evidence we have) of each case in the book and put them into a category like speedometer which goes from LO to HI (depending on how good or bad the case research is) This is a clever way of showing to the reader on how good or bad the case stands with the information available. Yes a very clever way of doing it Ryan.

Of course with crashes, there follows that if manned there should be bodies, and there are. It's not just Roswell we're talking about here; we're looking at a few other cases of what people have described as 'The Greys'. Small child like bodies being found either inside or outside the crashed Flying Saucer, take for instance the Santa Rosa New Mexico case from 1963. Some bodies were found from a crashed disc and taken to a nearby hospital (which is rare as usually the Military get in there first) Anyway they were taken to hospital oozing brown liquid, X Rays were taken of the 'aliens' and many a puzzled look from those few hospital staff who saw them were in evidence. Needless to say, within an hour the Air Force arrived and took away all the hospital staff notebooks and X rays which were still hanging up soaking wet. Other items were taken away from the hospital ambulance that had taken the bodies away, and of course the bodies were taken away as well.

There are a few British cases contained within the book as well, such as the Cannock Chase incident and the Boscombe Downs case, as well as Rendlesham and a few others. (Including the Isle of Lewis Scottish case) For me though, probably one of the stranger cases is the events which occurred over at Varginha in Brazil during January 1996. Some of the more learned UFOlogists amoungst us may know this case particularly well, but for those that don't, well I won't spoil it here by going into it, you'll have to buy the book and find out. But it's a cracker of a case.

The close of the book see's the author again looking at U.S. Government documents in regards to what would be the procedure in telling the public about the reality of these objects. In the past, as the book shows, many U.S. Government departments planted false and very misleading info on true UFO events to take the public attention away from them. An interesting point is raised in regards to 'SHOULD WE' respond to an alien signal from outer space. The reason why 'Should' is stated, is simply because, how do we know that they might be friendly. ? They may come here for conquest. No seriously, if we did respond to an alien signal from space and welcomed them aboard as it were, they could be creatures which 'might' see us humans as delicacies. Now think about it, that's not as absurd as it sounds. We humans kill many animals all over planet Earth to curb our hunger who's to say that we may appear a yummy meal to some alien from a distant star system, so I guess there is method in hanging fire in replying to a signal from space.

The author goes further and states that British researcher Timothy Good was told by a NSA (National Security Agency) linguist that an agency (SIGINT) set up to look for 'alien' signals from space, had so far uncovered no less than nine alien groups. It was also stated that a possible receiving point for these signals from space, is either in Nevada or California (see page 232) The state department office of Advanced Technology stated that should there be any real confirmation of alien beings from other worlds, that information should be made freely available to the public, sadly the NSA jumped right in there and stated that this was both 'foolish and dangerous' Again we can see their point from what I've already stated above. We may only be a good meal for them, or alternatively, they may try and force their culture and belief system on our planet totally disrupting our current way of living, now that in itself is scary.

The author states that back in 1968 a chap called Lambros Callimahos wrote a paper discussing what may happen should mankind come in contact with an alien race, in part; this is what he had to say.

"If 'they' discover you, it is an old but hardly invalid rule of thumb "they" are your technological superiors. Human history has shown us time and time again the tragic results of confrontation between a technologically superior civilization and a technologically inferior people. The "Inferior" is usually subject to physical conquest".

The book also looks at SETI and Animal Mutilations which brings up some interesting facts. However the author quite rightly states and I quote,

"SETI has been pursuing for decades. In the words of the X Files, the truth really is out there. However, we may find it not by vainly seeking messages from the stars, but by delving deep into the hidden world of U.S. Intelligence".

Now you don't need to be a rocket scientist to agree with this reviewer on how true that statement is. The author also presents in his closing chapter, some of the noted testimony from some of the early Apollo and Mercury space programme astronauts. For instance the late Gordon Cooper one of the original Mercury astronauts stated in his memoirs that whilst piloting a F-86 Sabrejet, he witnessed a metallic saucer shaped object that could out manoeuvre the American fighter planes. In the 1950's Gordon managed to capture some film footage of a UFO as it hovered above a dry lake bed. Needless to say, the film was taken by officials to Washington and was never seen again.

All in all, this book by Ryan S Wood adds a lot to the UFOlogical history of the Flying Saucer phenomenon, more so in regards to its content of crashed Flying Saucers. I found it a very stimulating book, easy to read and well presented. Of course Ryan could only work on the facts that he had. Who knows, if further research were undertaken on any of the cases in this book, perhaps we might get a surprise. The thing is of course, is that many, if not all of these cases happened quite some time ago. The witnesses may have died or moved away from the area and are un-contactable. Nevertheless, this book should be in anyone's bookcase, believer or sceptic alike for at the end of the day, a reference book like this on UFO crashes from around the world (and I'm sure there must be more than is contained within this book) is a vital read.

Therefore I strongly recommend this book, make a point of ordering it today, take it from me, you will not be disappointed.

Reviewed by Malcolm Robinson, Strange Phenomena Investigations SPI (England)

MAJIC EYES ONLY receives a 5 star top of the bill rating from British research group Strange Phenomena Investigations.

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