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OK, so what's with the FBI icon?

Explaining the joke....

FBI iconUntil recently you may have seen the little FBI icon (left) appear in your bookmarks or browser hotlist window whenever you viewed or bookmarked this site.

I've now changed it for the current icon, which is a miniature representation of the Barbury Castle glyph of 1991 - favicon.ico

Why did I do this?

Well, originally I chose the FBI icon as a kind of in-joke for people who knew me, to act as a little poke at the 'powers that be' whom, from viewing my server logs, I know visit this site. Some friends, knowing how security conscious (some would say paranoid!) I am, often jokingly remark, "Make sure you're not being watched by the FBI/CIA/MI6/insert your own snooping organisation?" etc etc whenever I drive around sensitive areas, have 'interesting' conversations on the phone or otherwise discuss 'controversial' topics. :-)

To this end, I thought inserting the little icon would serve as a satirical, tongue-in-cheek joke. However, it seems to have backfired on me as I've had several emails from worried visitors enquiring what it means, how it got there or if indeed, if this web site is some covert front organisation for 'the powers that be' (and I thought I was paranoid....)

Suffice to say I'm more likely to sell my soul to the devil, or trade in my Acorn PC for a Windows PC (and those who know me know how likely that is!!!), than to be working for some covert government organisation. If I was even approached by any cigarette smoking men or men wearing dark suits etc, then you can be sure to read about it here!

Anyway, in the hopes of avoiding more worried emails, I've decided to change the icon to that more representative of the crop circle phenomena. I've chosen the Barbury Castle glyph of 1991 because I believe that to be a very significant crop formation, who's importance will become apparant over the next few years.....

Technical note

For those who want to know how the icon appeared, it's known as a 'favicon' image which is placed in the root directory of any web site in order to customise the visitors web browser, if it supports favicons. It's basically an image sized at 32x32 pixels and saved as a WinIcon file, called (unsurprisingly) favicon.ico. You can add one to your own web site if you want.

Message for the real snoops....

Hope you find what you're looking for. Glad you see you're keeping a keen interest in the subject. :-)

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