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Enigma Issue 15: News Roundup

by Paul Vigay | Winter 1998

New Evidence of Anti-Gravity

Researchers at the Faculty of Engineering at Tohoku University may have finally discovered the secret of Anti-Gravity, or so they hope...

Hideo Hayasaka*, Haruo Tanaka*, Toshiyuki Hashida*, Tokushi Chubachi* and Toshiki Sugiyama** have recently published the results of some experiments involving free-falling spinning gyroscopes.

An interesting effect was noted in that the anti-gravity effect seemed to be different in the left or right spinning around an axis.

For ten runs of the repeated fall experiments, in which each run consists of the fall-time measurements for the left (viewed from the above), right and no spinning about the vertical axis, the fall-acceleration g(R) of the right-spinning is significantly smaller than g(L) of the left-spinning at 18000 rpm, with the latter being almost identical with g(O) of no spinning, without exception.

The experimental system was composed of the following main parts:
(a) fall-tower of 300 cm in height,
(b) five pairs of laser apparatus placed at upper, middle, and lower positions along the fall-tower,
(c) two time-counters (two frequency-counters with accuracy of 10^(-6)sec) which were inserted between the upper and middle position, and between the upper and lower position, respectively, (d) a gate circuit for (c),
(e) an electro-magnet, and
(f) a drive apparatus of a gyro whose rotor-mass, radius, and inertial moment are 175g, 2.9cm, and 969.5gcm.

Various techniques have been used in order to make the capsule enclosing the gyro fall exactly along the vertical axis.

The main results are summarized in the following:
The mean value of the difference between g(R) and g(0) was -0.1392 gal (0.0716 gal), and that for the left spinning was 0.0029 gal (0.0663 gal).

Furthermore, for g(R) - g(L) is -0.1421 gal (0.0317 gal). where g(0) is the Earth's gravity-acceleration at Sendai (latitude=38.248N, longitude=140.847 E, height=130.0 m), and the mean value for g(0) is = 980.0658 gal (0.0001 gal). The above experimental data are presented as mean value in gal and (standard deviation in gal).

The experimental results are completely free from systematic errors. Statistical evaluation has been also performed for the populations corresponding to the sample ensembles (the experimental data).

The present experiment has confirmed our previous experimental results for the weight changes of three spinning gyros: The previous experiment showed that the right-spinning caused weight decrease in proportion to the number of rotations, while the left-spinning showed no weight change. The previous report was published in Physical Review Letters, 63, 2701-2704 (1989).

Both the present and previous experiments suggest that the right-spinning generates anti-gravity, and also that the parity (the reflection symmetry on a mirror transformation) of gravity breaks down completely. The appearance of anti-gravity means the generation of positive energy from the vacuum (i.e. the ether).

Anti-gravity theory for an spinning object has been developed by Hayasaka, and published in "Proceeding of III Inter. Conf. on Space, Time, and Gravitation", held by the Russia Academy of Science, St.-Petersburg, May 21-27, 1994. The proceeding was published by "Politechnika", (6, Inzhenernaya Str., St.-Petersburg, 191011, Russia), 1995.

Contact Address: Dr. T. Hashida
Research Institute for Fracture Technology, Tohoku University, Aza-Aoba, Aramaki, Aoba-ku, Sendai, 980-77 Japan Fax 81-22-225-2263

*Faculty of Engineering, Tohoku University, Aobaku, Sendai 980, Japan
**Matsushita Communication Industrial Co. Ltd., Midoriku, Yokohama 226, Japan

First Observation of Space-Time Distortion by Black Holes

In November Astronomers using NASA's Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer (RXTE) made a breakthrough announcement that they had observed a black hole literally dragging space and time around itself.

This bizarre effect is called "frame dragging" and is the first evidence to support a prediction made in 1918 using Einstein's theory of relativity. The phenomenon is distorting the orbit of hot, X-ray emitting gas near the black hole, causing the X-rays to peak at periods that match the frame dragging predictions of general relativity.

Dr Wei Cui of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) announced the results on 6th November during the American Astronomical Society's High Energy Astrophysics Division (HEAD) meeting in Estes Park, Colorado.

"If our interpretation is correct, it could demonstrate the presence of frame dragging near spinning black holes," said Cui. "This observation is unique because Einstein's theory has never been tested in this way before."

Black holes are very massive objects with gravitational fields so intense that near them, nothing, not even light, can escape their pull. This effect shrouds the hole in darkness, and its presence can only be inferred from its effects on nearby matter. Many of the known or suspected black holes are orbiting a close "companion" star. The black hole's gravity pulls matter from the companion star, which forms a disk around the black hole as it is drawn inward by the black hole's gravity, much like soap suds swirling around a bathtub drain. Gas in this disk gets compressed and heated and emits radiation of various kinds, especially X-rays.

The research team used these X-ray emissions to determine if frame dragging was present. The team found that the X-ray emissions were varying in intensity. By analyzing this variation, they found a pattern, or repetition, that was best explained by a perturbation in the matter's orbit. This perturbation, called a precession, occurs when the orbit itself shifts around the black hole. This is evidence for frame dragging because as the matter orbits the black hole, the space-time that is being dragged around the black hole drags the matter along with it. This shifts the matter's orbit with each revolution.

Einstein's Theory of General Relativity has been highly successful at explaining how matter and light behave in strong gravitational fields, and has been successfully tested using a wide variety of astrophysical observations. The frame-dragging effect was first predicted using general relativity by Austrian physicists Joseph Lense and Hans Thirring in 1918. Known as the Lense-Thirring effect, it has not been definitively observed thus far, so scientists will scrutinize the new reports very carefully.

Possible CIA indirect disclosure of UFO cover-up.

Word gets to me via the internet of a rather bizarre plot (if true) to "leak" information about UFOs and Government mind control projects.

According to a nameless (X), yet allegedly highly reliable Washington source with CIA connections, there are UFO and mind control implications to the recent news stories of France's refusal to extradite Ira Einhorn to the US - despite recent US requests.

Einhorn was accused of murder, but from the US to France. A story in the Washington Post alleged that Einhorn had worked for the US Government. Our source offers the rest of the story as follows;

According to X, Einhorn was deeply involved in Mind Control projects for U.S. Intelligence. Also involved in those mind control projects was Christopher "Kit" Green, M.D., Ph.D., Chief of General Motors' Research and Development Center, and reported to have been the former CIA top expert on UFO matters. (The Mind Control and UFO Cover-Up connection goes like this. Intelligence began "black projects" to attempt to match the telepathic and mind-influencing abilities of the extraterrestrials they held captive at secret underground installations. Military Intelligence coveted such powers to penetrate the mind of a subject and make him see whatever you wanted him to see.)

X reminds us that Kit Green served as a forensic expert for the prosecution at Ira Einhorn's murder trial. X suggested that Dr. Green deliberately served as the prosecution's expert in order to sabotage the prosecution's case, and thus assist Einhorn in getting acquitted. X intimated that Green's motive would be helping a fellow accomplice in Intelligence mind-control experiments, widely viewed as unethical and illegal, and perhaps assuring Einhorn's continued silence about those dark matters.

X said that his CIA source planned to provide a "leak" about the Einhorn-Green Mind Control-UFO Cover-Up connection to major newspaper reporters. That story will include additional lurid personal details about Einhorn and Green to make publicizing the "leak" irresistible. It is CIA source's strategy to create a full news media inquiry into Dr. Green's involvement in Mind Control experiments, and thus to the extraterrestrial studies which led to those Mind Control projects. This Byzantine approach to unravelling the UFO Cover-Up is a classic example of CIA strategy, in which the line between Point A and Point B resembles a snake.

Multiple knowledgeable sources confirm that there is a civil war going on within Intelligence and the military over whether to end the UFO Cover-Up. The 'conservatives' want to hang on to the status-quo for as long as possible. Their reasons include: fear of destabilizing social order [ie: their careers], fear of the public outrage when the harassment of citizens and the criminal deeds done under cover of "national security" get exposed, the need to develop ET technology, in secret, into super-weapons in case of alien attack, and the astronomical profits and kickbacks to be made from siphoning classified extraterrestrial ultra-technology into insider corporations.

The 'progressives' feel that the Cold War is over, and there is no further realistic need to hide UFO reality. Further, they believe that decades of information indicates that the extraterrestrials are benign, and that the public interest is best served by the public's being aware of what has been learned from government communication with the extraterrestrials.

X also noted that the current Capitol Hill fracture between Liberals and Conservatives has slowed down the holding of Congressional Hearings to allow former government insiders to publicly testify about UFO reality. It seems that each side wants to pin political blame for the UFO Cover-Up on the other.

Dr Richard Boylan (who posted the original article to the internet) pointed out to X that, with now ten Presidents and 25 Congresses having sanctioned the deception of the American public about UFO matters, there is enough political blame to go around for both parties.

Possible UFO Crash in Texas

On October 18th a Los Angeles radio station reported that a large number of people in El Paso, Texas heard a very loud explosion in the sky.

A meteorological scientist gave the explanation that a meteor had exploded 10,000 miles up in the atmosphere. However, a local sheriff reported that he didn't believe this because it was like "standing in a snowstorm" because "so many pieces of lightweight metal-like foil were raining down.

I've been unable to find any more information, but if I do, you can read it in future issues of Enigma.

Worldwide meditation planned for January 1998

For those of you who are aware of the currently occurring Earth changes and frequency shifts taking place within our dimension, make a note in your diaries for January 30th 1998.

A Worldwide meditation will occur, timed to start at 8.00pm GMT (3.00pm in New York). This is the fourth such 'planetary initiation' and has been termed 'The Renunciation'. It is a time to prepare the soul body for receiving the energies of Spirit directly. The energies will be pouring into the second chakra (energy center) of the planet in Egypt - the Great Pyramid.

These energies will begin a process of clearing out all of the chakras of the blocked energies held there. They will then be balanced, preparing the body to receive these powerful energies - opening us to our divine awareness.

This process began on January 23, 1997. This was the first initiation, The Birth. It was marked in the heavens with a six-pointed star formed by six planets, for the first time in over 2000 years. It marked the birth of the Christ/Buddhic Consciousness on our planet. It was the official beginning of the Aquarian Age. It began a process that will enhance and change life as we know it.

According to Archangel Gabriel, we are in a time of unprecedented change and opportunity on our planet. It is a time that has been prophesied for thousands of years. It is a time of planetary and personal Ascension.

What does that mean? It means that the consciousness and resonance of the planet is raising unlike anything in the history of our planet. How will that affect all of us? It will raise our awareness to a level of soul awareness, transcending the fear and separation of the ego. This event will happen one way or another, whether we are conscious of it or not. And we will all be affected.

Clinton exempts government from "alleged" crimes at Area 51

Under a decree signed by President Clinton, evidence which may show injury or death of workers from violations of hazardous waste laws cannot be used in a court case.
Why? Matter of National Security.

What does "National Security" mean? It means that if a citizen works in a facility regarded as secret, his/her rights guaranteed under the bill of rights of the Constitution are not valid.

This Presidential Order exempts Area 51 from any Hazardous Waste Laws because of Matters of National Security. It coincidentally blocks the court case brought by Jonathan Turley, of Environmental Law Advocacy Center of George Washington University, in behalf of more than 25 workers at Area 51, for claims of injuries or deaths.

Attorney Jonathan Turley has been fighting this case in the courts without charge to the 25 Area 51 workers. It has been rumoured that funding for proceeding is being furnished by Barbra Striesand, the celebrity singer/movie-star, a former Clinton supporter.

Let's hope that this case finally gets to the U.S. Supreme Court, and shows the abuse of the big rubber stamp, which imprints --- NATIONAL SECURITY.

'Teleport' reality?

News of a startling new discovery by scientists may pave the way for the 'effects' of StarTrek becoming a reality.

The effect, known as 'quantum teleportation' was demonstrated by Austrian scientists as they destroyed bits of light in one place and made near perfect replicas appear about three feet away.

This was achieved by transferring information about a crucial physical characteristic of the original light bits, called photons. This information was picked by other photons, which took on that characteristic and so became replicas of the original.

According to Anton Zielinger, working with colleagues at the University of Innsbruck in Austria, "Scientists might be able to achieve teleportation between atoms within a few years and molecules within a decade or so".

The process is fundamentally different from the 'Star Trek' notion of 'beaming' people from one place to another. But could teleportation be done with people? Could scientists extract information from every tiny particle in a person, transfer it to a bunch of particles elsewhere, and assemble those particles into an exact replica of the person?

There's no theoretical problem with that, several experts said. But get real.

"I think it's quite clear that anything approximating teleportation of complex living beings, even bacteria, is so far away technologically that it's not really worth thinking about it," said IBM physicist Charles H.Bennett. He and other physicists proposed quantum teleportation in 1993.

There would just be too much information to assemble and transmit, he and others said. Even if it were possible someday, it would be so expensive that "probably it's just as cheap to send the real person," said Benjamin Schumacher of Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio.

Largest Henge circle in Britain discovered

Archaeologists say they have found the buried remains of a prehistoric timber temple twice the size of the monument at Stonehenge and just as important.

After a survey carried out at Stanton Drew stone circle in Avon, English Heritage (who also manage Stonehenge and Avebury) chief archaeologist, Dr.Geoffrey Wainwright called the discovery "the most significant in British prehistoric archaeology since the 1967 excavation of a timber temple of Durrington Walls, near Stonehenge."

The significant find was made using sensitive ground scanning techniques, used in an attempt to learn more about the three stone circles at Stanton drew.

The newly discovered henge is a near-perfect circle with an outer diameter of about 443 feet. Within the Great Circle are at least nine concentric circles that are thought to be burial pits.

"This site complex is at least of equal significance to its more famous contemporaries," Wainwright said. Sir Jocelyn Stevens, chairman of English Heritage, suggested that the complex structure was built as a "symbol of power" by people seeking to control the supernatural. More of this 'power' will be discussed in future issues of Enigma, as this discovery could play an important part in some mathematical analysis I am currently undertaking, involving sacred geometry overlays and alignments of the landscape.

English Heritage said it will examine only the remains of the temple posts, which may have stood up to 30 feet above ground. The rest of the site will not be extensively excavated, officials said, since it conforms to seven other timber temples in Britain.

Even though the site is located on 37 acres of private farmland, it will be open to the public, English Heritage said.

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