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Enigma Issue 10: Balls of Light, UFOs or ... Merkabas

by Diahann Krishna | Summer 1996

UFO Sighting in Cambridgeshire crop circle

For years now people have been reporting luminous balls of light hovering over crop circles or other specific power spots. The photo shown below was recently taken in the second Cambridge formation of 1996, soon after if appeared on the 19th of June. Worth noting is that the air was "crackling" at the time and dowser Michael Newark picked up high energy patterns in that particular formation. The weather condition was an overcast sky on a relatively cool evening with no precipitation. There was nothing visible in the sky at the time and the same ball can be discerned faintly in another photo taken at almost the exact location that same evening.

Personally, I have met dozens of people in the past year alone who have seen and photographed these lights in the sky. Anyone who has visited Knapp Hill in the summer months cannot be a stranger to those countless stories of luminous objects hovering over East Field and vicinity. There are plenty of eye-witnesses and correlated accounts, of which I've also personally experienced more than once. So, I won't take up space here proving their existence. The main question everyone seems to be asking is "what exactly are they"?

[image e010c1.jpg]

The term "balls of light" or "light anomalies" is innocuous enough, but there is more than just a lightening bolt behind this phenomenon. There is a consciousness involved, as those who have seen and interacted with them will attest. So they are often labelled UFOs, as they certainly are Unidentified Flying Objects. But, this evokes the image of flying saucers and abductions, which aren't necessarily a part of the same underlying intelligence (if that term can be applied to anyone capable of abducting!).

While these are both "just names", it's important to realise that names do more than provide a label, they produce a mental image of the object being described. Which is why I would like to introduce a relatively new term that may be familiar to a handful of people; MERKABA. The components of this name, mer-ka-ba, literally mean "light body" and it's known esoterically as a vehicle that permits interdimensional travel. It is created by consciously rotating the electromagnetic fields around the body (any body including planets and atoms!) until reaching the speed of light. The structure is described as a model of sacred geometrical forms of interlocking tetrahedrons that rotate in opposite directions & create a perfectly spherical field. As these fields rotate faster approaching the speed of light (a.k.a. rotational circumference), a disc-like forcefield is created which acts as a containment vessel for higher frequency beings to safely "step down" into our third dimensional world. True, it sounds as if this came out of a science fiction novel, as most esoteric material like this does. But, it's worth a further look to see if there is a correlation between the description given above and certain characteristics of the light anomalies that have been observed so far:

Perhaps the limitation of the locations they appear is due to the fact that they are somehow "charged" by the Earth's energy currents. The fact that they appear to certain individuals may indicate some resonant frequency that enables visual perception. Apparently the luminous object is not comprised of solid matter as we know it, or it wouldn't have the ability to fade in and out of sight.

There are some amazing mathematical and harmonic ratios that are described as interwoven into the construction of the merkaba that can also be detected in other objects such as galaxies, henges, the human body, and crop formations (see the recommended reading list below). The result to all of this is that as the world of the invisible becomes more a part of our everyday reality (perhaps due largely to the appearance of the crop circles), we are able to quantify & prove with mathematics and quantum physics that which was once solely the realm of the mystic. There is a great deal of research that is only beginning to unfold in this area...

Matrix IV: The Equivideum, Val Valerian.
The Keys of Enoch, J.J.Hurtak.
The Bridge to Infinity, Bruce Cathie. pp. 125-138 (explains how Stonehenge is a model of this interdimensional vehicle)

If anyone has further information about the merkaba or specific questions, please contact email Diahann Krishna -

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