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Enigma Issue 1: Circular Dimensions (part 1)

by Paul Vigay | Summer 1993

indexindex Next Previous There are many theories regarding the origin of Crop Circles, many of which I hope to describe in future issues of Enigma.

The one described here, is one theory I have been investigating for some months now. Although I have yet to discover any concrete evidence, I am sharing this idea in the hopes that it may promote further thought provoking consideration.

We live in what can be described as a three dimensional universe. ie. we can move in three separate directions; left and right, up and down, forward and backward. Some people include time as an additional 'fourth' dimension. I only half go along with this, for the reason that we can only move forward in time. We do not have 'true' movement within this 'time' dimension. Thus, I often describe our universe as three and a half dimensions - with only half freedom in the fourth dimension of time. Maybe if we discover time travel we can say we truly live in a four dimensional universe.

However. What of higher dimensions? What about 5, 6, 7 or further? This is where it can become difficult to comprehend.

Lets start by looking at how different dimensions are composed. If we imagine a two dimensional universe, it would be true to say that two dimensional 'beings' live on a flat piece of paper. This scenario is often termed 'FlatLand' after a story published in 1884 by Edwin Abbott, about a square who takes a trip into higher dimensions. Flatlanders can move left and right and back and forward. However, they cannot move up and down. That would involve three dimensional travel - something outside their perceived universe. I use the word perceived, because you should be able to see that just because they live on a flat piece of paper doesn't mean that up and down don't exist - merely, that our flatlanders cannot see it.

Imagine living in flatland. How would the universe appear to our senses? For a start, everything would appear as a sequence of dots and dashes. If I was to place a brick in your two dimensional world, what would you see? As you wouldn't be able to see height - that's a three dimensional luxury, all you would see is the cross-section that was visible to you.

[image e001aa.gif]


Imagine what would happen if I was to push a pencil through our two dimensional world. What would the flatlanders see?

All they would see is a cross section. ie. A small dot (the point of the pencil), slowly growing wider as the main part of the pencil passes through. Then the line would disappear altogether as the last bit of the pencil passed through. (fig.2) If you examine each diagram carefully, you will see what happens when a three dimensional object (ie. a pencil) travels through a piece of paper, when you only have a one, two and three dimensional viewpoint.

[image e001ab.gif] I'll leave it to your imagination to ponder what higher dimensional views look like. Needless to say, when you move from one dimension to a higher one, the view as a whole becomes a lot clearer as more bits become visible.

How does this theory apply to crop circles? Could it be that the designs we see in our crop fields are a mere 'image' of some higher dimensional entity that happens to be passing through our three dimensional world and leaving behind a sort of cross-section?

What if? and now comes the biggie. What if all crop circles are made by the same 'hyper-dimensional' shape, merely rotated around some higher dimensional origin. By analysing the geometry of many circles, there is strong evidence to support this idea, which I believe could be the case. Through computer animation I have managed to demonstrate in movie form, what would happen if objects from a higher dimension pass through our three dimensional space.

Take a look at fig.3 Could it not be that the two crop circle designs are imprints of the same shape, albeit rotated through a higher dimension?

[image e001ac.gif]


By careful observation and measurement of numerous crop circles, I'm sure that I could be on to something here. Also, by his own research and observation, Richard Hoagland of the 'Mars Mission' group is also working on similar theories and has proved that the elaborate Barbury Castle formation of 1991 is in fact a hyper-dimensional tetrahedron when viewed within the limitations of our three dimensional senses.

The implications of hyper-dimensional travel could be mind boggling. It is my believe, although I haven't proved it mathematically yet, this could be the key to faster than light travel, using virtually no energy.

Imagine two dots on a two dimensional plane (fig.4).

[image e001ad.gif]


Each of these dots is surrounded by a circular 'fence'. This makes it impossible for one dot to travel to the other. However, using hyper-dimensional travel, one dot can visit the other simply by 'popping' up in to the third dimension (fig.5) and meeting the second dot.

[image e001ae.gif]


This has the implication that any dimension has total and unlimited freedom of movement in all lower dimensions. Walls simply don't exist if you can hop into the next dimension, travel to your destination and then hop out again. By using a higher dimension in which to travel, we also avoid any obstructions such as mountains and valleys which may exist in our current dimension.

We can use a similar analogy by looking at the ease of which we can travel vast distances by aeroplane, which could take many days by foot or car (fig.6). Now imagine that, where a plane gives us travel in the third dimension and a car only allows travel in the second dimension. What speed improvements could be made by higher dimensional travel?

[image e001af.gif]


Time and energy are relative to the particular dimension you happen to be in. For example, if you were to travel from one dot to the other in fig.6 it would take a lot longer (and require more effort) to go the two dimensional route (ie, by foot over the mountains) than via the three dimensional route (ie, flying along the dotted path). Now imagine the relative saving of time if you could travel via a higher dimension.

Of course, there are political and social implications if this theory were proved to be true. Imagine what would happen to world economies if an infinite supply of free energy were to be discovered. We wouldn't need petrol or coal and Governments wouldn't be able to fight over the Earth's dwindling energy reserves.

What if extraterrestrial life has already discovered a way of harnessing unlimited amounts of energy? Could the technology already be here?

There are many reports and rumours that alien crafts have actually crash landed on our planet (ie, the Roswell incident of 1947) and that the U.S. Government has even retrieved alien lifeforms. This is speculation so far, as no-one yet has been able to confirm this. However, if there is some sort of cover-up, could it not be that Governments are frightened of the technology ETs can provide us with, rather than mass hysteria or fear?

It seems more feasible that Governments fear that their power will be removed if this source of free energy is harnessed by the common man.

If crop circles are the imprint of a hyper-dimensional craft passing through our universe, then is there an attempt at communication? I said earlier that there is no reason to suggest there is, just like the pencil isn't trying to communicate with flatlanders when it leaves a circular mark on their two dimensional universe as it passes through.

However, there is also no reason to say that there isn't an attempt at communication. It could be a slow and deliberate attempt to show us their higher dimensional form. Giving us a piece at a time so that we don't have to comprehend too much in one go.

This could be so that different people can take their own time to adjust to the information and concepts being provided to us. To understand in their own time, yet reach a similar conclusion. In fact, I am frequently surprised when I talk to people about this theory, to find that they have had similar ideas themselves.

Unfortunately, a lot of the concepts aired here, assume a certain knowledge of mathematics that the ordinary 'layman' does not necessarily possess. By leaving hyper-dimensional messages in the crop fields, are the circle-makers only sharing their knowledge with a selected few, dedicated circle watchers or are they allowing a few mathematically minded people to have snippets of information in order to explain it to others in 'human' terms.

Perhaps, by allowing us to come to terms with these concepts in our own time and with the help of each other will, ultimately, give us a better understanding and acceptance when, and if, a face to face encounter actually arrives.

Circular Dimensions part 2 appeared in issue 2.

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