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An Open Letter to Tony Blair, PM

13th January 1998
I am writing on behalf of Operation Right To Know (ORTK) UK, part of an International 'grass-roots' organisation lobbying the governments of the world to release information relating to Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) for public consumption. As you are no doubt aware, there exists undeniable evidence to support the claim that Intelligent Extraterrestrial Entities have been visiting our Earth for a number of years. 1997 marked the 50th anniversary of two of the most researched UFO events in history; the sighting by Kenneth Arnold in June, 1947 of nine 'flying saucers' whilst piloting his plane over Washington State, and the controversial Roswell crash in the New Mexico desert of 2nd July 1947. The sheer weight of the evidence, including eye witness reports from reliable people demands that the US Government tell the truth about what really crashed at Roswell - instead of making the dismissive claim that it was a weather balloon.
Now, in 1998, more people than ever before believe in the existence of intelligent life beyond our own planet. This has been helped not least by popular television programmes such as the "X Files" and factual documentaries including "Strange but True" and "Sightings", but also by the growing number of people filming anomalous events on home video cameras - now much more widely available than in the past. A recent poll conducted by CNN revealed that 54% of the American Public believe that intelligent life exists outside Earth, whilst a recent British television phone-in poll indicated that 92% of the British viewers believed in the existence of UFO's.
Apollo astronauts now number the people demanding answers. Even in the UK, every year hundreds of UFOs are sighted and reported by civilians, military personnel and commercial pilots. Surely one of the ideals envisioned by New Labour is to allay people's fears and become open and honest with the population. A government which hides such obvious, and seemingly 'fringe' information can hardly be trusted to tell the truth with more 'mainstream' concerns.
The argument that the MOD is not interested unless a military threat is posed, is also un-reassuring to the British public. Did you know that in 1989 the Belgian Airforce detected two UFOs flying over Belgian airspace and launched two F16 fighter planes to intercept. Colonel De-Broer, chief of the Belgian airstaff later gave a press conference in which he announced that "no human technology could perform like that", when the UFO's out-manoeuvred the F16's. This event, witnessed by nearly two hundred people and detected on radar, occurred only six minutes from British airspace. It is either a worrying lack of security, or a lie that the British MOD denied any knowledge of the incident. What if the object was an incoming missile? This is surely a top security issue.
Another well-publicised event took place at the Bentwaters airforce base in 1980, at the time occupied by the United States Airforce. Even US documents released under the US Freedom of Information Act describe a crash which occurred on December 21st 1980, involving non Earthly technology. This event has also been covered up by the British Government.
I urge you, as Prime Minister, and as responsible to the British people to investigate and make yourself aware of the evidence and to make it available for public research and evaluation. If you are not personally aware of the events I have described above, merely snippets from my database, I urge you to make further enquiries and to evaluate the evidence and ask questions yourself. After all, as more and more evidence becomes publicly available via UFO clubs around the country, public meetings & demonstrations and the global telecommunications highway, The Internet, the British public will not be satisfied by blanket denials for much longer.
I would welcome any comments you may have, and may I finish by stating that I would be more than willing to help you to investigate and expand your own understanding in the subject, by answering any questions you may have, or pointing you to further evidence available. Especially as some people would claim that not even Prime Ministers and Presidents are privy to a lot of policies decided at a 'higher level'.
Yours sincerely,
Paul Vigay,
United Kingdom Co-Ordinator, Operation Right to Know (ORTK)

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