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Spring 1995 News from ORTK Britain
Bitterly Cold March Demo

25 demonstrators assembled outside the Ministry of Defence building in Whitehall, London, for the March 20th lobby of the MOD. The air temperature was frosty, the response from Miss K Philpott, Secretariat (Air Staff)2a, Ministry of Defence, was demonstrably frosty, and the media gave us 'the cold shoulder' by not turning up ! ! BUT we held our UFO awareness placards aloft and gave out over 1000 leaflets to the public. And one or two people seen to enter the MOD building took leaflets. On several occasions curtains behind the ground floor windows of the building were observed to be drawn back ! Perhaps someone was paying attention.

At 12 noon Karen Douglas and myself entered the building and met with Miss Philpott and I presented her with a personal letter and open letter to the MOD. She did not want to talk (in contrast to Nick Pope - May 23rd 1994 MOD demo - who was quite amenable to discussion about our aims) and after a very brief but courteous acceptance of the documents made her escape from the building lobby. She subsequently replied to the letters and I include her reply in this Forum.

The demonstration was covered during the morning of the 20th, nationally on BBC Radio 1 and 5, and locally in Yorkshire on BBC Radio York and Stray FM in Harrogate. I believe one or two other regional stations also covered it. Overall the media response was disappointing, in contrast to the 1994 May 23rd demo, which received lots of coverage, both recorded and live on the day. Everyone present on March 20th had a very good time and by handing out over 1000 Iea-M- its, we are perhaps reaching people who might otherwise never consider to e I'm gnificance of the UFO issue. Media response, or lack of it, is something eve can not predict. And after two demonstrations I am finding the accumulative effect very encouraging, especially BBC Radio, who contact me quite frequently for information. Publicly demonstrating about the suppression and denial of UFO evidence has to happen. Public opinion on UFOs is a political issue (hence the cover-up), UFOs must become a world wide public matter, if we are to see the cover-up overturned.

The demonstration held outside the General Accounting Office (GAO), in Washington, DC, was to show support for the GAO's ongoing investigation into official documents relating to the Roswell Incident and New Mexico Congressman Steven Schiff's efforts into bringing the investigation about. 30 demonstrators took part and 8 weather balloons were flown, to illustrate the falsity of the official cover story regarding the Roswell crash. Media coverage was excellent with US national and international TV news of the event. Including French and German TV, and Channel 4 news here in Britain, although I missed it. Typical ! Media response USA contrasts the UK. They received greater coverage this time around than their May 23rd 1994 Pentagon demo, we had an opposite situation.


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