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ORTK began during 1992 in the USA and has now grown into an international grass-roots movement committed to a policy of publicly demonstrating against the world wide suppression of information relating to UFOs. ORTK is NOT just another UFO research organisation. The sole ORTK objective is to bring about the demise of the UFO coverup, and more specifically, an end to all sociological/political suppression of extra-terrestrial contact.
ORTK believes that the suppression and denial of UFO information is too entrenched to be overturned by conventional methods of reporting. The last 50 years of UFO research and reporting lie witness to this belief. A more public and imaginative approach is required. ORTK aims for a world wide demonstration of action. Political lobbying, public speakouts & demonstrations, letter writing campaigns and media awareness initiations are just some examples. These can be undertaken by small, local ORTK groups and large scale international cooperatives alike - we have the evidence to support and justify such actions - all it requires is a good measure of cohesion and commitment!
ORTK public actions undertaken to date, both in the USA and here in Britain, illustrate that credibility need not be a problem. Utilizing the strongest evidence, such as pilot reports, multiple witness/video reports and authoritative statements, presents a solid case for extraterrestrial and/or non-human visitation. We may each have our own views on the nature and purpose of these contacts, but we should aim to join together against contact denial.
ORTK UK was founded in 1993 by John Holman and under his enthusiasm and leadership grew into a successful organisation with the capability of carrying out a regular UK action program. To date ORTK Britain has organised two London UFO demonstrations and various regional events. Media response has been enthusiastic, especially on BBC National and Regional Radio.
Due to personal circumstances, John is unable to currently devote the time and patience to ORTK UK, so I, Paul Vigay, not wanting his original commitment and effort to drain away, decided to step in and take the reigns. I want to continue the campaign of UFO Awareness and Openness.

Oir aims are quite straight forward:-
In order to carry out these aims we need YOUR support, in whatever capacity. If you just wish to help out financially by subscribing to the ORTK UK Forum, we thank you. If you wish to take part in the public action program, we thank you. Either way, get in touch with me (Paul Vigay) now, by emailing me and let us know.
We have issued a number of press releases to help publicise our campaign and we hope to continue our lobbying into the new millennium. Arhives of past press releases are available by clicking on the relevant links below;
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There is ample evidence available, but much of it is either suppressed by government agencies, or strategically ignored by the mainstream media. ORTK strives to obtain the best available evidence and release it to the public, to help people become more aware and better informed about UFO events.
All of our evidence is carefully chosen for it's undeniable facets, such as multiple witnesses, commercial or military pilot accounts, official governmental announcements and press briefings, radar traces and even solid, recovered artifacts.
Please email us if you have any information that can help us. We have had many "high up" sources come forward, so please note that 100% confidentiality is guaranteed at all times. If in doubt, please use strong encryption such as PGP


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