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Tuesday 17 Nov, 2015  
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The Scoop that folded a magazine
When an ITN libel action sent a small publication to the wall, it wasn't a triumpth of free speech, but a case of brutal laws being used in a complex, difficult situation.

We all survive death: Not just Christians after Judgement Day
What the religious establishment has tried to suppress for nearly 100 years.

An Interview with David Icke
The media and government want you to think he's a nutter. Listen to him, then decide why they want to ridicule him.

The Bilderberg Group
Who are they? What is their agenda? A brief introduction.

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...And The Truth Shall Set You Free

This resource center has been created to enable the population to become more aware of the global events being manipulated around them. Much has been inspired by the lectures by David Icke, author of "The Robots' Rebellion", but much comes from older, more suppressed sources.

Please DO NOT take the information provided here at face value. That is no better than blindly believing what the government and society want you to believe. I urge you to do your own investigations, search for your own evidence and 'truth'. Watch the news with a more observant eye.

Only by becoming aware of the freedom we give away every day, can we become more aware of the things which shape our lives, overcome them and lead better, and freer, lives as a result.

The three keys to freedom are to respect our own right to be unique and to express that uniqueness, to respect everyone else's right to be unique and express their uniqueness and thirdly to ensure that no one ever seeks to impose what they believe on anyone else.

Due to the importance of the information in this section,
we have created a brand new site dedicated to the truth.


to uncover the real truth about history, society and the world around us.

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