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Where to start?

Since the renewed media interest in crop circles, partly created by the release of films such as Signs (August 2002) a lot of newcomers to the subject have been emailing me asking where they can find more information on crop circles, or articles giving current theories and research projects.

There are numerous articles on this web site covering all aspects of current thinking and scientific research into the crop circle phenomenon, but the multitude of information can sometimes be daunting to first time visitors, hence this introductory article.

I'd like to point out particular articles which I hope will interest first time visitors who are eager to find out more about the subject. I've designed a kind of virtual research trail, which guides you through a number of recommended articles. Although you can read the articles in any order you like, I've structured the trail in such a way that each article points to another one in a kind of logical order.

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Wherever you see the Research Trail logo (shown left) you can click Back or Next in order to read the recommended articles. By following the trail you can read ten articles which will help to expand your knowledge of crop circles and their history.

A complete list of all articles in the trail is given below, so that you can see which topics are covered or jump directly to a specific one.

Recommended Articles:

A Personal Quest

A brief bit about myself and how I originally became intrigued by crop circles and why, 12 years later, I'm still researching the subject.

Frequently Asked Questions

A good start for newcomers to crop circle research. This article will provide a number of answers to the most popular questions asked about the crop circle subject.

Electro-Static Charge Indications

I've included this article as it gives details of my original research into electromagnetic anomalies detected in and around formations. This article details some of my early research, carried out back in 1991 & 1992.

Circular Dimensions (parts 1 & 2)

Back in 1992 I originally speculated that crop circles could be three dimensional 'footprints' of higher dimensional consciousness or energy. These two articles look at the concept of higher dimensional thinking, but in laymans terms.

Hoaxing: The Final Chapter

In 1991 the claims of Doug and Dave rocked the world of research and made the media start on the hoaxing bandwagon. In this article I try to take a definitive look at circle hoaxing and what it means for the continued investigation of the subject.

Losing sight of the Goal

In 1996, as a kind of follow-up to the hoaxing argument and how people reacted to it, I wrote this philosophical look at crop circle research.

Crop Circles: What is it all coming to?

In 1998 there was still confusion around crop circles, what made a genuine one, why people argued about the extent of hoaxing and what it all meant. This article is a summary of where I believe the subject had progressed to over the past 10 years. A kind of spitirual look at crop circle history and where we've come.

80% Controversy, 20% Mystery

In 2000 verteran crop circle researcher Colin Andrews made what is possibly the most controversial statement since Doug and Daves claims in 1991. In this article I consider the implications of Colins statement that 80% of crop circles were likely hoaxes.

From Science to Spirituality - The Keys to Consciousness

A laymans peek into the world of quantum physics, ley lines, parallel dimensions and circular harmonics. Although this article covers a number of advanced topics, I've tried to write it in a way that is understandable to beginners and those not familiar with the topics being discussed. It's my own theory of everything and hopefully gives a look into my personal research projects.

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