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The Independent Research Centre for Unexplained Phenomena, in conjunction with Digital Phenomena, are currently developing a major computer software application in order to carry out accurate geometric analysis of photographs, maps and diagrams. Thoth can carry out independent X/Y scaling of images to compensate for the angle of the plane when analysing aerial photographs. In addition it can also give the ability to superimpose mathematical overlays onto images in order to test mathematical ratios and dimensions.

A large number of overlays are already provided, with more being added all the time. For example, you can choose from regular, shape, curved, flower of life or spiral overlays.

Thoth also incorporates a fully featured computer database so that individual points can be stored, retrieved and plotted on images. By scanning maps or diagrams, Thoth can plot ancient sites, UFO sitings, crop circle locations or any other interesting items and allow you to store associated data and correlate values between data points.

By using this feature you can analyse geographic positions and bearings in order to help with crop circle, ley line or ancient site correlations.

A further, powerful feature of Thoth is it's ability to generate musical tones from any image loaded. A multitude of musical parameters can be edited in real-time as the tones are playing. Using this feature you can even drive external MIDI instruments in order to obtain enchanting, harmonic tones from your loaded image.
Thoth will either 'play' an entire image as music, or play selected dimensions and ratios within the image as a sequence of invididual notes (similar to those used in the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind, but this is now for real!)

It is hoped that Thoth will prove invaluable in helping researchers to obtain highly accurate surveys and correlations from any selected image. We will be able to correlate not only crop circles, but ancient sites, archeological surveys, sacred geometry and even maps.

Below are a number of screenshots showing Thoth in action.
N.B. As these are JPEG images, the quality is thus reduced from that of the original.

Finding measurements and bearings on a map.

The "Web" formation of 1994, with a Fibonacci series overlay.

The "Spiral Overlay" parameter control window.

The Date Conversion window.

The 1997 Silbury Hill Koch formation with Flower of Life and Octahedron Platonic solid overlays. (note, overlay colours are fully definable).

Main Features of Thoth:
  • Taking bearings from aerial photographs.
  • Ability to load Acorn sprites or JPEG images.
  • Extended precision floating point arithmetic used throughout.
  • Completely user-definable colours and grids.
  • Ability to save 'favourite' or 'preferred' settings.
  • Facilities to drive a MIDI keyboard as well as perform instrument changes.
  • User-definable overlays by importing text file definitions.
  • Full featured database with up to 50 fields.
  • Fully multi-tasking.
  • Every feature editable, for maximum flexibility and power.
  • Under constant development for research purposes.
  • Fully variable zoom facility to examine fine details of images.
  • Support for full interactive help.
  • Full X/Y ratio scaling, in real-time
  • Support for all popular printers via the standard RISC OS printer drivers
  • Additional mathematics functions
  • Ability to save complete setup.
  • Multiple 'data lines' now allowed on source images (up to 10)
  • Flower of Life and Seed of Life overlays
  • Incremental spiral 'worm' overlays
  • Graph plotting overlay
  • Grid on/off function
  • Blank page overlays for sacred geometry analysis
  • Highest Common Factor and Lowest Common Multiple calculator
  • Mayan/Gregorian and Julian date conversions
  • Platonic solids within the Flower of Life overlay
  • Polygon and Star overlays (3-8 sides/points) with full scaling and rotation
  • Curve plotting of trigonometric functions with full scaling and rotation
  • Full support for colour printers
  • v0.11 includes the capability to carry out a full numerological analysis by supplying a name and birthdate for any person.

Hardware and Software requirements to run Thoth:
Thoth is written for any RISC OS compatible personal home computer or workstation.
It runs under RISC OS, versions 3.1 and higher.
Thoth requires 500k of hard disc space and 476k of memory in order to run.
Thoth is fully StrongArm compatible and works via the standard Risc OS printer driver.

An Apple Mac version may be developed, but I don't currently have the time to devote to development.

No Windows version is planned.


 Version: 0.12 beta (12th Apr 2003)
Size: 177K
Author: Paul Vigay

Thoth is a powerful geometric analysis tool for RISC OS computers. See above for a full list of features.This is the full version, available on a 14 day trial period as Shareware. After this trial period has expired, you should register if you continue to use Thoth.

Registered Thoth users can obtain free update and support, including a full, printed manual (when available). Copyright | Credits | Disclaimer | Privacy/Security | Contact Us | Databaseup