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Another dream I had, this time in 1996, again left me with a profound feeling of having received specific wisdom or knowledge. Again, it was repeated over several nights and again the dream remained exactly the same with no additional information being given on subsequent nights. These dreams had an even more profound effect on me because they occurred literally a couple of days before I started reading Bob Frissell's book "Nothing in this book is true, But it's exactly how things are".

In the dream, I was with two other people, whose identities were not made clear in the dream. I think one was female and one male, although I'm not 100% certain. Anyway, there were definitely three of us (the significance of this became apparent when I read Bob's book!) and we were about to enter a hidden doorway in the right shoulder of the Sphinx. The doorway was virtually invisible to all but those who knew of it's existence. After the dream, and on reflection, it is my belief that the doorway is invisible to those who haven't reached a certain point in their spiritual evolution. As you reach a particular level, the doorway will become visible to our senses.

Having entered through this doorway, there started a long narrow corridor, leading down slightly and in a straight line. The walls were plain sandstone and the floor was sandy. There was no visible source of light in the corridor, yet it was fully lit. As we reached the bottom of the corridor, it opened out into a slightly larger room, probably about 15-20 feet square. In one corner was a small stone casket. In the dream, this vaguely reminded me of a miniature version of the Lid of Palenque, discovered at Pacal's tomb in Mexico. However, I was unable to remember (although I had the impression that this information was deliberately not provided in the dream) exactly what was on the casket, although it did have detailed hieroglyphics carved on it. This casket was probably no more than about 18" high, 18" wide and 2' long. The meaning of this casket was explained later on in the dream.

Also, set into one wall of the chamber was a single wooden doorway. This was closed. On two other walls, were what appeared to be very faint outlines of a second and third doorway which had long since been sealed up and plastered over, leaving the merest indication that there was once a doorway there. This again became apparent later in the dream.

[image t00002.jpg]
The small chamber

As we moved towards the single, remaining door it opened automatically as we reached it, revealing another long corridor, this one leading slightly upwards. We started to walk along it, noticing various hieroglyphics etched onto the walls. They seemed to indicate various sacred geometrical and other symbols, but again I couldn't work out exactly what they were or, indeed, remember them on waking from the dream. At the end of this corridor was a slight step down into another chamber, slightly smaller than the first. Set into the end of this chamber was another closed door. However, I never progressed past this point and always woke up on reaching this point in the dream. Even on subsequent nights when I dreamt the same dream, I never managed to progress beyond the second door.

This is essentially a description of physically what happened in the dream. However, I was also aware of a further, higher level of message given by the dream. The first was that there were indeed three doors in the first chamber. But - those who had raised their consciousness sufficiently would only see one doorway. The others would only be visible to those who still had lessons to learn and pathways yet to tread. These acted like booby-traps, similar to those in the Indiana Jones films, leading to death to whoever took the wrong door. This made sense to me why the authorities in Egypt have not yet discovered any hidden chambers - because they have the wrong thought patterns. Only the truly enlightened ones will receive the hidden wisdom and be able to proceed further.

This is similar to Bobs description in "Nothing in this book is true...", which astounded me when I read it a few days later. Reading the book (which is certainly well recommended) made me almost think that we don't need to read the book because this is all knowledge that we already know, yet have forgotten - which is why I believe I instinctively read the book at that particular time - to act as confirmation to the reality I was already awakening to.

The second thing described in the dream, differing from Bobs interpretation (p.126)* was the small stone casket, which (if the same object) Bob describes as a 'clay pot'. He describes this as telling you where to go and what to do. It is here that my dream differed in the purpose of this 'casket' or 'pot'. In my dream it was described as a receptacle of consciousness. It is where you leave your old consciousness behind before entering the new dimension and higher level of 'new' consciousness. This again made a kind of sense to me, even though I didn't fully understand what it meant.

It is also my belief that the second doorway (the one I never opened in the dream) possibly led into the legendary 'Hall of Records' described by Thoth himself. The reason I never opened it is that the time has not yet come.

This dream had quite an effect on my life when I first experienced it, and I have since been investigating and researching this subject and the elusive 'Hall of Records'. According to Thoth, 148 groups of three people would try to enter the Hall of Records. This point again was significant to my dream as I was accompanied by two other people. I would be very interested if you have had similar dreams, experiences, or even if you think you may be one of the other two people. It is also my belief that each individual within the groups of three are somehow connected or chosen, perhaps as soul-mates or through past-life links.

I have had a couple of subsequent dreams, describing sound and harmonics (which indirectly led to me setting up this part of my web site). This is again described in Bobs book, although my dreams went into more detail, describing nine chambers under the Sphinx, each one specifically carved to a unique shape in order to create exactly the right harmonic resonance when the correct tone is transmitted along the shaft leading into chamber one. Again, this forms the basis for some of my current research projects.

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