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I had this dream back in 1994. Unfortunately, I don't remember the exact date as I didn't write it down. However, it was a most profound dream which was repeated over several nights. The first night I woke up still with the dream vividly in my mind. So profound was it, that I decided to get up and draw what I had seen in the dream. A scan of this is reproduced below.

The dream started where I was living in Wiltshire at some point in the future. The exact date was not given, or made clear in the dream, but my guess is that it was some time between 1998 and 2012. I know the area in the dream well because I regularly visit it to stay with friends and to carry out crop circle research and meditations. It is an area just north of Alton Barnes and South of Avebury, known as East Kennet.

In the dream I was camped out on Knapp Hill, overlooking the Pewsey valley to the south. I was there with a group of friends doing a night watch and we were sitting around chatting when suddenly a dense mist settled on the entire area making it difficult to see more than a few feet in front of us. This occurred suddenly, blocking out all view of the surrounding countryside. After some time, we decided that the mist was here to stay and retired into our caravans and tents.

We were alerted some time later by exclamations and shouting outside, to which we emerged and looked around. The mist was still dense, blocking out all signs of the nearby fields and even hedges. However, we could see tiny dots of coloured light darting around within the mist. They were very tiny, and at first we thought this was our eyes playing tricks. To us, they seemed like tiny coloured fire-flies flitting around in the mist.

However, our biggest surprise would come when morning arrived. We could make out the morning Sun trying to fight its way through the mist as it started to get brighter. Soon afterwards, the mist started clearing, but not over the countryside we remembered from the night before. This was a new and strange countryside!

Looking southwards towards Woodborough Hill and Alton Barnes was a huge expanse of sand and dunes for as far as the eye could see. It looked like we were standing in the middle of the Sahara desert. We were dumbfounded, yet as we looked behind us, northwards towards Lockeridge and Avebury, the countryside was the same as it was before. We pinched ourselves to make sure we weren't dreaming. As we did so, a thought simultaneously entered all of our minds - almost a sort of telepathic message - "You are safe. You are the chosen ones. There is no need for secrets any more. We can now reveal ourselves to your three dimensional universe."

We just stood in silence as hundreds, possibly even thousands of tiny UFOs materialised in the air around us. Each one was a sort of curved black craft with a tiny coloured light in the centre. These were presumably what we saw during the night darting about within the mist. There was a feeling of the most intense love, peace and silence within us. There was also a feeling of almost relief that the coverup was ended and what we knew inside us for so long was finally the truth and our new reality.

[the dream now appeared to jump to later on the same day, early evening. I may have dreamt details in between, but didn't remember them. However, on waking, it seemed to make a jump actually in the dream.]

It was just coming up to 6pm in the evening and we were preparing to eat our tea. I was staying with friends and the TV was on in the other room. Suddenly a call came from the other room, "Quick come in here. Look at the TV!". We ran into the other room to catch the headlines on the 6.00pm news. The main headline was that the world-wide UFO coverup was now over and that the world was preparing itself for a new era. The newsreader then said that they were now going live to a location in the Atlantic. [again, the exact location was not revealed in the dream]

The TV showed a blank expanse of water. As we watched, the water started getting more and more turbulent, as if something was moving underneath the surface. Soon something did appear to be rising from the water. The water started draining away from what appeared to be a vast city. Again a simultaneous thought entered all our minds; "Atlantis rising". This was indeed Atlantis, rising from the water. The newsreader confirmed our thoughts by announcing that now the UFO coverup had ended, the extraterrestrials no longer needed to hide their presence and could reveal their location, which had remained hidden for thousands of years. Apparently, they had hidden themselves in the first place because the human race was becoming too technical and moving away from their spiritual selves, therefore couldn't handle the concepts of other dimensions contacted via the mind.

It was at this point that I suddenly awoke from the dream, filled with an immense feeling of reassurance - almost as if several pieces of the 'cosmic jigsaw' had all fallen into place at once. This dream was to be repeated identically for the next three or four nights. It almost became a lucid dream as I became aware of the details within it, but it kept to exactly the same storyline and didn't reveal more, or less, information than it had done on the very first night.

[image t00001.jpg]
The drawing I did at 3am in the morning, having awaken from my dream.
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