Credits and Acknowledgements

This site would not be possible without the huge help from people all over the world. It would be impossible to name them all here, and unfair on any I accidentally miss out. However, a few people deserve a special mention for their extensive help, not only in helping to make this web site what it is, but also for increasing public awareness of crop circles and matters of consciousness and spiritual awareness.

I'm always wary of listing people as it's impossible to compare the contributions different people bring to the subject. Therefore I've listed the following acknowledgements in alphabetical order of surname. I hope this is seen as being impartial to each persons valuable contribution to this web site. I apologise if I've accidentally missed anyone out.

Acorn Computers Ltd (and now RISC OS Ltd)

For supplying the computer equipment with which to design and edit this web site. If I had been forced to use Microsoft Windows, this web site would never have been created!
They also developed !Draw, which was used to create all the crop circle diagrams and miscellaneous line-based graphics on this web site. Being 100% virus resistant has also helped me avoid problems with the 100's of emails I regularly receive :-)

Paul Anderson

For supplying much valued crop circle information from Canada and the U.S.A.

Colin Andrews

Much misquoted and misunderstood by the media, Colin is one of the few researchers who speaks from the heart and is genuinely searching for answers. He is also one of pioneering founders of crop circle research, leading myself to become involved with the subject originally.

Stef Andries

For supplying information on Belgian crop circles.

George Bishop

For supplying aerial photos and crop circle reports, in addition to organising the excellent Andover Conferences.

Kerry Blower

What can I say? Anyone who has met Kerry will know what a unique and special person she is, not only for organising some of the best crop circle conferences, but also for her sense of humour and philosophy when it comes to crop circles. I feel privileged to include Kerry amongst my best friends.

Jan Cerny

For supplying information on Czech crop circles.

The FGK Group

For supplying information on German crop circles.

Bert Janssen (and Janet Ossebaard)

For supplying details on Dutch crop circles and also for geometric surveys and diagrams. Bert is also the director of several videos concentrating on the research aspect and these are essential viewing for anyone who wants to find out more.

Andrew King

For supplying aerial photos and crop circle reports.

Linda Moulton Howe

For helping to promote awareness of crop circles through national radio and television shows.

Andreas Mueller

For supplying details of German crop formations, as well as valuable research information, including surveys and ideas.

Photodesk Ltd

Publishers of the superb 'Photodesk' application I use for creating most all of the web graphics on this web site.

Lucy Pringle

For supplying such wonderful aerial photographs of formations, often at an amazing speed. The database would be a different place without them. Lucy has been incredible at competing with the English weather in order to bring us the very best photographs of the crop formations. Lucy is also one of the founders of crop circle research and does a vast amount of research into human effects from crop circles.

Dr Jonathan Sherwood

For providing many an amazing story and discussion on matters relating to crop circles, Egyptology, consciousness, harmonics, philosophy and the whole holistic nature of this subject. Also, for providing much appreciated accomodation when treking around Wiltshire.

Freddy Silva

For not only contributing a huge amount to my own research, but also for providing much appreciated accomodation when treking around Wiltshire in search of anomalous events.
Many a geometric conundrum has been solved following discussion with Freddy.

Peter Sorensen

For supplying aerial photos and crop circle reports direct from Wiltshire.

Russell Stannard

For supplying aerial photos and crop circle reports, often from areas too far for myself to travel to.

Busty Taylor

Another of the original founding researchers. Busty has been taking aerial photos of crop circles for over 10 years and if it wasn't for Busty flying them around Wiltshire, many researchers wouldn't get to see how wonderful crop circles look from the air, or take their own photos.

Suzanne Taylor

For being such a wonderful conduit to discussion, sharing information and furthering understanding of crop circles around the world - not to mention her legendary cooking!

Plus many others too numerous to mention