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A brief biography and background to Paul

Research TrailnextbackMy name is Paul Vigay. I was born on October 24th 1964 (which makes me a Scorpio) and I currently live in the South of England. I work as a computer programmer and Internet consultant, mainly with Acorn Archimedes and RISC OS computers. I often come into contact with IBM PC type computers running the primitive Windows operating system from Microsoft, but when I want to do serious work I use RISC OS.

I have been programming since 1978, when I was first introduced to a Commodore PET Computer at school. I then moved from paper tapes to a Sinclair ZX81, progressing to an Acorn BBC B computer in 1982. In 1987 Acorn brought out the World's first home computer to use a super-fast RISC processor (the ARM).

I have experience of a number of computer systems and langauges. I learnt Algol-69 under the ancient VAX/VMS system, followed by Cobol at college and became familiar with Pascal, C and Basic, whilst also dabbling in 6502 machine code (writing rom applications for the BBC Micro) before progressing to ARM assembly language on the Risc PC. I am also a qualified Windows NT administrator (but I don't talk about that!). Despite my anti Microsoft rantings, I do have extensive experience of running (and re-installing) M$ Windows (which is probably why I'm so anti-M$). Hopefully when the revolution comes, Bill Gates will be first against the wall!

I have worked for many companies in the Acorn World and was Acorn Editor for the large UK online service called Micronet, part of the Prestel Network, run by BT. This allowed 'subscribers' to use email facilities way back in 1984 - before most people had even heard of the Global Information Superhighway.

I have also done freelance computer programming and consultancy for BBC Television, writing the computer software for the educational TV series "Science Challenge", back in 1991.

I wrote the first anti-virus program for Acorn machines (back in 1987) and have written numerous Shareware applications which are available to download from my Acorn Shareware web page.

I was also responsible for programming the first multi-media CD Rom version of The King James Bible for Acorn computers (I also did The Complete Works of Shakespeare and The Complete Sherlock Holmes CD Roms). These were marketed by Acorn CD Rom manufacturer, Cumana.

I do freelance computer consultancy, web design and personnel training on a wide range of computer systems and packages, including Internet awareness and Web page design. Please email me for more information.

Amongst my hobbies are photography (my first press assignment was a photo-shoot with Linda Lusardi, the former page 3 model!), driving (preferably in the remote countryside), reading (anything from "The Celestine Prophecy" to Quantum physics textbooks) and country walking (again, in remote countryside). I also enjoy studying ancient history (the real origins of Mankind, not the distorted rubbish you are taught at school!)

I have always had an interest in the paranormal and unexplained, possibly inherited from my parents who also share my interest in the unknown. The unexplained seems to contrast with the logical and scientific world of computers and this is probably what makes me a rational and slightly sceptical researcher.

Having had a long interest in UFOs, hauntings and the Occult, I first became interested in crop circles in 1989/90 when I was developing some electronic equipment to detect electric current flow behind walls and floors. My mother, who makes dried flower arrangements, had previously collected some corn stalks from local corn fields - some from inside a crop circle. As I was demonstrating my 'gizmo' at the time, I jokingly placed the probe on one of the stalks of corn. I got a reading of electric charge - not surprising as every life form contains minute charges of electricity within it's cells. However, on some stalks I got no indication at all - as though the stalks had been earthed somehow. Although initially unimpressed myself, my mother became interested at this point and requested that I leave the room whilst she rearranged the stalks. Upon inviting me back into the room, she asked me to re-test the stalks. This time I got the same results (some indicated electrical charge and others didn't) but in a different order. Becoming more and more exited, she made me repeat the test, and again - five or six times in total. By this time I had become mystified as to what was going on - after all, they were only harmless corn stalks. She then explained her excitement.

Each of the samples which showed no reaction had come from inside a crop circle. The others had just been picked from elsewhere in the field. I had correctly detected which came from where with 100% accuracy. Before this point I was sceptical of crop circles. Now, I was intrigued as to what could affect my gadget....

I then decided to visit some crop circles for myself. Still sceptical, I took readings around the field (opposite the car park at Cheesefoot Head, 1990) and inside the crop circle. To my amazement, I got 'normal', ie. electrical energy, all around the field, yet the readings stopped immediately I entered the crop circle, only to restart when I reached the other side. Initially this freaked me out a bit. It was certainly not the result I would have expected. I originally thought perhaps crop circles would exhibit extra energy - not a lack of it. It was almost as if something had 'earthed' the entire formation but left the rest of the field untouched.

Another puzzling event also occurred in 1991, at Alton Barnes in Wiltshire (a popular crop circle location). I was visiting a large 'pictogram', again with my mother, when she requested that I lent her my mobile telephone to call my father. I passed it to her, but was surprised when she told me it didn't work - it had new batteries in it. Taking it back, I noticed that there was 'No Signal' showing on the display. This initially puzzled me as it had been working fine up to this point. My mother suggested that perhaps the crop circle was affecting it. Being still slightly sceptical, I couldn't see any reason for this but nonetheless decided to hold the phone outside the circle. Amazingly the signal went back up to 'Full Strength'. This initially startled me, but regaining my rationality, I decided to move forward a step and try again. I was even more surprised to get exactly the same reaction; no signal inside the formation, full signal strength outside. Getting more and more puzzled, I walked around the entire circumference of the formation only to find I got exactly the same result - no signal at all inside the formation, yet full signal strength outside. This 'freaked me out' so much at the time, I spent some time going around the crop circle and up and down the tramlines in the rest of the field, as well as along the road - yet there was a full signal everywhere except within the exact shape of the crop circle design. This event alone was enough to convince me that something warranting further investigation was occurring.

Although I have seen a number of objects which could be defined as UFOs, it is always difficult to diagnose a distant object against a sky with little or no nearby objects with which to scale the sighting by. However, another event which personally convinced me of the reality of UFOs occurred on August 23rd 1992 when I was driving through Honey Street in Wiltshire, UK.

If you, like me, are intrigued by the unexplained and mysterious then I hope you enjoy this site.

Research Trailnextback


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