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upInteresting Shapes & 3D Geometry
by Paul Vigay | 1992

During the course of my research into crop circle shapes and UFO propulsion systems, I have created a number of computer animations, demonstrating my theories. Although a lot of my research is yet to be made widely available to the public, some objects I've discovered in the course of my work have puzzled me, yet also elicited comments of recognition from other people. To this end, I'm making available on this page some of the shapes I've found. This is not an exhaustive list, partly due to www space and partly due to ongoing research.

I'm offering no explantions for any shapes shown, merely making them available for further discussion/comment. However, if any shapes mean anything to you, please email me and we can talk further.

One such example is the small animation running above. This illustrates multiple crop circle formations appearing from a single 'higher dimensional' shape (described below). Watch carefully and you should recognise no fewer than four major crop formations, in addition to a number of permutations of single circles and dumbbell type designs.

N.B. Please note that these images have been optimised for internet viewing, thus the resolution has been dropped somewhat so that the file sizes are not too inconvenient to viewers.


I came up with this shape back in 1993 whilst 'doodling' with some tetrahedron designs. When manipulated in 3D space I found that the shadow cast mirrored a crop formation at Gypsy Lane (near Cheesefoot Head, Hampshire) to several decimal places.

This subsequently formed the basis for future investigations involving 3D tetrahedral geometry, as I personally feel that the tetrahedron (the first Platonic solid) is very significant to future discoveries.


This is another view of the shape in figure 1. This time the viewpoint has been rotated so that the observer is parallel to 'the ground' (I chose a green base to loosely represent the ground in our 3D space).

If you imagine the bottom sphere slowly sinking and disappearing into the ground (as the entire object passes through our 3D spacetime) our perception of it will be a slowly diminishing circle, gradually getting smaller and smaller until it disappears from our 'limited' view.

Note, that the original crop formation included just such a 'small' circle, but also bear in mind that the 3D geometry when scaled to the formation in the field matched to several decimal places. I'd like to see that replicated over 400' of crop field AND in the dark....

This shape was merely the by-product of some of my computer animations.Pretty shape, or anti-gravity UFO propulsion drive? I'll let you decide!

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