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upLiar, Liar, Pants On Fire!
The 1999 Avebury Avenue 3-D Cubes, Another Scam?
By Chad Deetken | Sep 2000

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As many people know, claims of hoaxing are a perpetual nuisance. Ever since 1991 when beer-loving English pensioners Doug Bower & Dave Chorley stepped out of total anonymity and onto the world stage to sing their "We Done 'em All" duet, claims of hoaxing have hounded the circle scene like a bad smell stuck to the bottom of one's sneaker.

Unfortunately, no media sleuths ever asked the former picture farmers how they made three or four in a single night, 50 or more miles apart, occasionally in appalling weather or how they got into the crop between the tram lines so as not to leave a trail (they later claimed they pole vaulted), or why they were suddenly many thousands of dollars richer shortly after the story broke in the tabloid, "Today".

Of course nowadays, a younger and more sociopathic gang of thugs has taken over bragging rights from 79 year old Doug and dearly departed Dave to continue the tradition of audacious claims unencumbered by the nuisance of having to provide an iota of evidence.

Magic In The Moonlight
Enter 1999's "Avebury Formation". On the night of July 28th, my wife Gwen and I joined 3 friends at the Avebury megalithic site under the full moon. We arrived at 10 PM and found the site deserted, bathed in the golden glow of the moon. It was a perfect night for contemplation and meditation. We walked the length of the site several times with our friends Dr. Chet Snow, his wife Kallista and Barbara Lamb until about 11:00 PM, at which time they left. Gwen and I decided to stay on our own.

We were in a long, narrow grassy field through which ran a double row of giant megalithic stones called the "Avebury Avenue". Along the length of one side of the field was a paved road travelled by the occasional car. Along the other side, a hill sloping down toward us, covered in wheat. We wandered the length of the Avenue several times soaking up the atmosphere under the full moon. When Gwen sat down to meditate at a large sarsen stone, I busied myself with taking time exposures of the stones with stars in the background. At 12:30 AM, we left the site but drove twice along the "Avenue" as well as nearby Silbury Hill and Beckhampton before heading back to our room in Alton Barnes.

Next day about 2PM, we happened to be driving back through the area. As we came around a corner past Silbury Hill, the Avenue came into sight. What we saw made us gasp. Right there, 200 feet from where we had stood the night before was a huge circular crop formation crawling with curious admirers. The hair stood on the backs of our necks.

We stopped and entered it with a great deal of excitement but that excitement soon turned to disappointment. Although a fabulous 400 foot design featuring six 3-D cubes, the ground features were a mess. In fact, it was one of the most unsightly lays we had seen in ages. That is not to say untidy ground lay is indicative of hoaxing but it does generally generate a healthy sense of caution. The public was mostly enthusiastic but those of us with experience remained guarded. What to make of this one?

Blind Sided By Six Cubes
An answer seemingly came 10 days later. On Aug. 7, 1999 the British tabloid "Daily Mail" ran a three page special entitled "The Night Those UFO's Didn't Land". In elaborate and often sarcastic detail, reporter Sam Taylor described how on the night of July 28, her newspaper commissioned hoaxers John Lundberg, Rod Dickinson, Will Russell of "Team Satan" (this is for real folks) and two helpers to execute a sensational pattern to prove they could pull it off PLUS fool everyone.

At 11 PM, with farmer Tony Farthing's permission, Team Satan, reporter Taylor, photographer Nick Holt and farmer Farthing, eight in all, entered the field commando-style to begin the assault. Taylor describes the operation step by step from the moment they ditched the cars in the nearby village, stole through the shadows along the edge of the field by the Avenue, dove over a gate into the wheat and then lay low for six hours while Rod and the lads worked their talents. They finished about five hours later just before sunrise.

Their handiwork was discovered about 5 AM next morning and Taylor and Holt, not letting on they were involved, hung around the field to prey on the unsuspecting curious. Quite a few people, encouraged by Taylor and Holt, volunteered exotic theories allowing Holt to take photos for their upcoming news story.

Most of the public, no matter how enthusiastic they may be, are not well versed in the intricacies of this phenomenon. To draw them into making statements they would later regret was a cheap trick. When the article came out there were a lot of red faces, embarrassment and concern. Another clear-cut case of fooling a lot of people?

But wait a minute, something smelled fishy. After reading the article several times, we noticed a lot of problems and inconsistencies.

Explain This!
(1) Would my wife and I not have seen and heard eight people a mere two hundred feet away diving over a gate, hiding in the brush and then working for the 1 1/2 hours we were all there together? Would we not have heard or seen anything on the side of a hill, sloping toward us, on such a bright, still night?

(2) Since they had a photographer with them all night, why was not a single photo taken of the formation in the process of construction? Shades of Doug and Dave! Of the more than two thousand creations Doug & Dave claimed to have made over a period of 13 years, they forgot to take one single photo which would prove authorship.

(3) Two flash pictures appearing with the article shows the team sitting in a field looking at plans, but one can not tell where the picture was taken. It could have been any field, any night. And if they did take it there would the flash not have been a dead give-away to anyone in the vicinity such as ourselves, passers-by or people living in the village?

(4) Why dive over a gate along the "Avenue" when the closest and simplest access to the field is along the road where there isn't even a fence? Surely farmer Farthing would have been aware of this.

(5) A number of people walked along the field at 3AM and 4AM. All swore there was nothing in the field at that time.

(6) For four consecutive days I phoned the newspaper attempting to reach reporter Taylor and photographer Holt for some clarification. Neither would respond. As well, veteran investigator George Wingfield spent many months trying to get a hold of the pair using different names and pretexts for wanting to talk to them. To date he has heard nothing. The paper refuses to give out their phone numbers and will not even confirm whether or not their names are real. Messages still go unanswered. The official response from the paper is "no comment".

Further investigation has revealed that the name of "reporter" Sam Taylor is fictitious. Likely that of photographer Nick Holt is fake as well. As well, persistent prying into the whereabouts of the pair led to Graham Brough, the "Today" tabloid reporter who masterminded and printed the infamous "Doug & Dave" scam back in 1991.

Visitor Feedback:
All comments are the views of individual visitors and do not necessarily reflect those held by the author of the original article, other subscribers or the editors of cropcircleresearch.com
Barbee | 13th Jun 2003I discovered crop circles last month (thanks to SciFi Channel!) And I have looked at a number of web sites and photos.
I have a question.
Reportedly: There are genuine crop circles and 'faked' crop circles. (And supposedly experts can tell the diff.)
Those self same 'experts' tell us that the "genuine crop circles" are a form of communication.
Now: Assume that 'genuine crop circles' are created by (otherwoldly) non hoaxter intelligences.
Recognizing that some are 'genuine' and some are 'hoaxes'....
Tell me: How comfortable are you w/ the knowledge that the only reply (or replies) to the creators of the 'genuine' crop circles are from the hoaxters?
Brian Hart | 1st May 2003Much said thus far all warrants respect and consideration. It's obvious there is validity in many of the circles... and hoaxers, jinns or evil/good spirits having fun?, or whatever. Let's not make the mistake of throwing the baby out with the dirty bath water.
There is an obvious need for an organized collective effort to bring into focus all the ideas, beliefs, theories and factors that individual's knowledge and abilities can contribute here!
After surfing this site I see many excellent ways to persue the knowledge in and of the circles, they need to be 4-D combined! Pro and Con, Spiritual &/or Devine intersession, mathematical, etc. A massive effort in a place where from inside looking out, around, up & down, side to side and all diagonals can be assembled, persued and FOCUSed.
My personal interests in the circles is to project the geometrical lines formed into outer space and around the globe! Look for key cross points and intersections, apply known and existing angles and formulas from the Giza Plateau and other ancient sources and project those. Then see if actual historical significance exists, utilize known meanings and interpitations to see how they apply, without overlooking the basics!!! Utilize every bit of current technology to take these perfect geometrical circles to the inth degree with everything Everybody knows. A Database collective source of all we together can establish. There is where the answers will be.
ENAK | 23rd Mar 2003They are signs of a plane of existence out side a Local universe. Its not just one race doing the symbols, they will come down soon!
Shims | 7th Nov 2002I would like to add some obsevations: I am no 'circle expert' (but then who is?).
1 - It does seem to have a 'human touch'; the alien face is a classic 'grey' alien. The whole layout style of the design seems very human.
2 - I have not yet analysed it but I would suspoect that there is A SECONDARY MESSAGE in the ASCII code; why else the mixture of upper and lower case? If such a sophisticated message is to be spealt out in the corn, why mix cases? It would seem then that the message is a happy coincidence and a secondary effect from another main message we have not yet seen; the ASCII message is immediately obvious, if there is another intelligence behind this I would expect another more cryptic message.
3 - The alien's facial expression is quite malevalent looking! I find it actually quite disturbing. If this was another intelligence, I would be wary of it!
4 - The message itself - "Beware the bearers of false gifts" - IS THIS NOT IN FACT A SELF-REFERENCE TO THE MESSAGE ITSELF? Therefore I think we should be veryuwary of this message!
5 - I personally believe this is an exceptional 'hoax'. The main reason I believe this is the corrupted part of the message. Culprits? How about SONY marketting? PLAYSTATION CDs put a bad unreadable sector in the middle of their disks to make it difficult to copy. We are not supposed to read that part of the CD message - it is intended to be a bad sector! Is this a clue from SONY?
Whether Alien, human, or marketting PR I have to doff my cap to the makers of a fine work of art! WHatever it means, however it was constructed - well done!
Larry | 4th Sep 2002..to Mister P's comment on 'BUNK ! .. Let us not be to hasty..communication is not limited to one time or deminsion..side, parallel, concurrent..whatever..'they' can't just talk to 'us'..signs are everywhere..we were PUT here by a superior (let's hope) enity...Humans are the only inhabitant of this planet that does NOT belong here ! We are not part of the natural NATURE of this planet..we destroy, use, etc.. All other forms of life here on mother earth get along just fine without US ! An open mind like a parachute only works when O P E N !
Deborah | 26th Jul 2002It's a very interesting article, but, at this time, I am most interested in contacting Graham Brough or anyone with the last name of Brough from Scotland, Ireland or the UK in general.
Must close for now. Take care all, and have a sunny day.
Katie Farthing | 28th Feb 2002I am the farmers daughter and I can assure you all that it was a hoax!!! Sorry eveyone, but we had it all arranged! Better luck next time!
Glen | 10th May 2001Has anyone who reads the information on this site ever bothered to study anything scientifically? The methods and conclusions here are silly at best and harmful at worst. There is no basis in fact for the exsistance of anyone one from ANY planet ever visiting the earth. 
Scientifically speaking it is impossible. The speed of light and SCIENTIFICALLY proven limits to speeds at which space travel can occur would prevent anyone from traveling here in a reasonable lenth of time. 
And suppose, just for a moment, that some other "being" were bright enough to somehow travel fast enough to get here: why would they not just let EVERYONE know of their existance in a clear and easy to understand way? 
Why be cryptic? If they are that advanced, why not just say what they want and be done with it? Logically none of this makes any sense.
t_tickner | 19th Nov 2000anybody ever otice that the shapes in crop circles are usually round? 
circles have no start or end 
so much for the 1,2,3 theory....
Rahim | 17th Nov 2000Chupacabras, flying saucers, UFOs, are only jinns.so I'm sure that all what people say is true, even crop circles: they are made by the landing of jinns's spacecraft. And those lttle grey beings have nothing to do with ET.
Rahim | 17th Nov 2000Have you ever heard fortunetellers saying they are helped by a spirit? I'm sure yes, in radio shows ,tv.. 
This spirit is only a jinn, who has wonderfull power and can in a question of seconds search for the past of someone, and sometime the futur, then tell it to the fortunetellers, that's all! 
Be aware that when you see a famous fortuneteller or medium, you see not only one person but always two!!!!
Rahim | 17th Nov 2000This is just information: in Islam, God created three kind of beings: angels created from light, humans, and jinns created from fire smokes.So ,of course we are not alone! The third categorie is,in Islam, the expaination of all paranormal phenomenons, such as UFOs, fortunetelling, haunted houses, ghosts ,possession etc... the jinns are composed of two categories: the ones who fly in the air and space, and the others who live on Earth in a kind of "parallele" world.Among those earth living jinns ,there are ,like humans, bad ones who play with human lives by pacting with them (fortunetellers, medium, magicians, etc..) or using people ignorance to make them believe they are in contact with dead's spirits. See following article about fortune telling
Mr Fish | 30th Oct 2000If Chad was slightly less arrogant and didn't try so hard to dismiss hoaxing with his plea of an opening paragraph, people might take him a little more seriously.
Herb O. Buckland | 4th Oct 2000Being relatively new to the ideas concerning Crop Circle Formations phenomena, I can only provide comments from the perspective of what I know best. This being in regards to patterns-of-three. With this said, the title "Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire" can be seen as a three-patterned expression. So what has this to do with Crop Circle Formations? There is a frequent recurrence of patterns-of-three being exhibited in a variety of forms.

Some of these forms are represented by three circles,three types of expression (linear, circular, triangular,) combonations of triangles, continuity of successive appearance on a single day, three days in a row, the third week after a meditation session was held, etc... While many people interpret such a reference to "three" as being similar to ancient formulas found in Masonic, Egyptian, Cabbalistic, and related religious considerations, there is another interpretation I think you should be aware of.

Three and a half to four billion years ago during what has been referred to as the primordial (or primeval) soup era where biological life is considered to have had its pristine beginnings, the Earth was spinning much faster than it is today. You may want to view this as a chemist's centrifuge or a vortex...

Depending upon what mathematical model is used, the rate of the Earth's rotation was somewhere in the range of from a few seconds to about an hour or so. While some geophysical researchers may argue that a two-hour rotation rate would have produced a circumstance of 'fissioning' for the Earth, this view nonetheless helps in your understanding that a fast rate of revolution produced significant environmental events which no doubt affected the early sensitive and impressionable building blocks of life.

If you were standing on the Earth so many billions of years ago, you would have witnessed a total solar irradiation event, except for perhaps parts of the polar regions. Not only is this clearly seen as a pattern-of-one, but it also can be represented with a linear formula such as that exhibited in Crop Circle Formations.

Further slowing of the Earth's rotation would have exhibited a two-patterned night/day sequence that can also be represented by a circular formation.

Additional slowing of the Earth's rotation would have exhibited a triple stroboscopic irradiation event with respect to the Sun's three "moments" commonly referred to as dawn- noon- dusk. Hence, a pattern-of-three.
(A triangular-shaped pattern-of-three.) We of today can not easily recognize this pattern unless we take a time-elapsed photo of the Sun (or Moon) as it rises and sets. I direct you to page 80 of the 10/97 issue of Natural History magazine. You will see the "slanted" ascent of a lunar eclipse. You must complete the full ascent and descent of the 'trek' by inverting the picture. The triangle image will be more easily seen.

Thus, in retrospect, the pristine origin of life's development was subjected to an (overlapping)1- 2- 3 maturational development sequence that can be symbolically portrayed by a linear- circular- triangular formula. The same formula being expressed in Crop Circle Formations in a variety of models.

When we look at further developments of Life's genesis, we find the triad of the biosphere consisting of RNA- DNA- Proteins.

RNA is predominantly single stranded.

DNA is predominantly double stranded.

Proteins may have a primary- secondary- tertiary structure, with the quaternary representing a composite matrix. The triple stranded Collagen protein is the most abundant in our bodies.

We humans as complex organisms, grow from the three Germ layers labeled Endoderm- Mesoderm- Ectoderm. Less complex organisms grow from fewer than three layers.

There are three life domains: Archaea- Bacteria-Eucaryota.
Humans are said to be the third Chimpanzee.
There are three families of fundamental particles.
Three commonly referred to particles: Neutrons- Electrons- Protons.
There are three Quarks and three anti-Quarks.
We are on the third planet from the Sun.
Most people use three fingers to hold a pen or pencil.

There are three traditional racial classifications labeled Africans- Asians- Caucasians. It is the third born group (Caucasian/Indo-European) that we find a recurring three-patterned focus in social movements. Some examples are the German Third Reich, the French (Revolution's) Third Estate, and the Italian (Mussolini's) Third Way. We do not find the same recurring three-patterned social orientation in African nor Asian movements unless there has been an Caucasian/Indo-European influence.

The development of the invertebrate brain from fishes to mammals preserves the same three divisions labeled hindbrain- midbrain- forebrain. The three successive divisions are the hind/midbrain- limbic system- cerebral cortex. The brain and spinal cord are said to be covered by the three membranes: Pia mater- Dura mater- Arachnoid process.

All languages in the world are said to have a subject- object- verb, but not necessarily in this order. Because of the importance of hearing to articulate speech, let's look at the Ear:

The Ear is divided into Inner- Middle- Outer sections.
There are three bones: Incus- Malleus- Stapes.
There are three sections to the Cochlea when cut transversely.
There are three membranes to the eardrum.
There are three semi-circular canals used for equilibrium.

Of course there are patterns-of-two. Why should't there be in a 1- 2- 3 maturational development sequence? There are also singular patterns.

As we go further into the future, the Earth will continue to slow in its rotation rate. The Moon will recede from its orbit around the Earth. The Sun will expand to the point of one day engulfing the first three planets nearest to it. As the Sun expands, the three aforementioned "moments" commonly referred to as dawn- noon- dusk, will "fuse" together creating a 3 into l, 3 from 1, 3 with 1, etc., formula. It is a 3 to l ratio that is commonly misinterpreted as a pattern-of-four. This 3 to l ratio is already being expressed not only in Crop Circle Formations, and Alien Encounters phenomena, but in such ideas as three persons in l god (Christianity,) three wedding rings on 1 finger, (musketeers: all (3) for 1 and 1 for all (3)), 3 spatial dimensions to l time dimension, 3 consonants to l vowel in many cuss words, 3 to l Mendelian inheritance ratio, 3 numbered bases (1st- 2nd- 3rd) to l unnumbered home plate/base, etc...

It must be said that too much time is being spent on interpreting Crop Circle Formations as relating to a world-linked consciousness that supports ancient ideas which promote self-serving ulterior motives. They must be re-elvuated in terms of a 1- 2- 3 maturational development sequence. If Crop Circle Formations are a type of key to a greater realization, then it should be recognized that the "key" may be in the form of a three-valued combination lock which opens a three-ringed notebook filled with three-patterned formulas, phrases, meditation chants, musical notes, etc...

Herb O. Buckland
E-mail: herbobuckland@hotmail.com

Mister P | 28th Sep 2000So beings that have mastered the time-space continuum
decide that the best way to make thier presence known is to lay crop circles? C'mon folks you are not thinking anymore! Would you do the same if you travelled through time to another world? Think
and be free from this bunk.

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