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upThe Crabwood Face - Hoax or no hoax
The 2002 Crabwood Alien face formation
By Rhett Micheletti | 30th October 2002

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Hoax or no hoax, I don't know, but I do not believe that either the poor quality of the formation on the ground or its resemblance to the Star Trek Baylok image provide discrediting evidence against the authenticity of the Winchester alien face.

The poor quality of the formation on the ground did not diminish its high quality when viewed from above, which is obviously where it must be viewed from. Maybe the low quality is actually what gives it its highly effective dark and light shading. If you looked at an artist's individual brush strokes up close they too might appear disorderly but, when viewed from a distance, ironically, the painting's lines can appear quite fine and precise.

With regard to any similarity that this image has with Baylok, first of all, the possibility exists that instead of the Baylok image influencing Winchester alien face hoaxers, maybe media accounts and eye witness descriptions of real Aliens, prior to the first episode of Star Trek, influenced the Baylok face designers. For all we know, the Baylok image may just be art, imitating life.

Second, and most importantly, if you view an enlarged version of the Baylok-looking Winchester alien face on a 15 to 17 inch computer monitor, from a distance of about 10 feet, you will immediately notice that the similarity to the Baylok image fades into triviality, and a strikingly clear and indisputable classic Grey alien visage quickly emerges! Try this - it will blow your mind!!

Obviously, all crop formations must be viewed from some minimum distance above them in order for their images to come into focus. Therefore, it may stand to reason that the picture of the Baylok-looking Winchester alien face was not taken from the minimum required viewing distance to see its true, comprehensive image - the Grey. However, viewing it enlarged, on a 15 to 17 inch computer monitor, from 10 feet away, may be effectively making up for that difference.

Finally, by use of an assortment of accurate measuring tools, I find it plausible that simpler geometric formations could be created without the benefit of a distance viewing perspective, even in the dark. However, as in the case of the Winchester alien face, I find it very difficult to imagine that it would be possible to create a non-simplistic-geometric image that employs highly effective light and dark shading (using nothing but plant stalks no less!), without the benefit of a relatively high distance perspective from directly above this huge formation, during its creation. Given that almost insurmountable feat, now add in the difficulty of performing this grand scale task in the dark of night, while keeping an obviously large number of hoaxers perfectly organized, perfectly quiet and undetected, and then perfectly tight-lipped upon completion!

The ability of human artists to use a canvas of plant stalks, in the dark, to create an image that employs such shading as can only be seen from a distance, while not having the benefit of that needed distance viewing perspective during its construction, would be like painting a picture in the dark with your nose pressed against the canvas! To produce a quality image in either situation would be, to say the very least, quite a brilliant feat of human artistry and ingenuity.

If this is a hoax, then hats off and kudos to the hoaxers for the brilliant execution of a seemingly super-human feat!

Rhett Micheletti
Houston, Texas, USA

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Brian Hart | 30th Apr 2003Came across your show on the SciFi channel here in the US. Fantastic! I love it! Having a strong interest and years of background study in many "Biblically Historical" proof of Devine design and intervention (including the agnostic "no-common sense utilized/human arrogance that we're the only 'Beings' in the Universe" side of things/opinions!"), ie: dates, times, people, places, astrological anomalies, mathematics and geometry as related to Greek, Hebrew, Great Pyramid of Giza, Bible in Code, numerous translations of the Bible, etc., and as related to Universe geometry, in multiple dimensions (13 so far!?), with global/universal projection of longitude and latitude and angles in relation to key historical locations (Many set accurately in stone! I don't mean to ramble here) I haven't yet come across any articles in relation to these facts, are any of your associates focusing in these areas!? I would love to chat with them! So many resources I have no access to. Pulling from !
Edward Bullinger, Adam Rutherford, E. R. Capt, Emanuel Velikofsky (sp*?), Peter Lemesurier, Gene Scott, present day computer power sources and processing capabilities, etc, etc. Stonehinge and the Great Pyramid are prime examples of all the above, and I truly believe the Crop Circles Research will directly tie to these two Wonders and the center of the Universe/Shinx+other pyramids, which are directly tied together themselves!
Concerning "Grey aliens" ! it is my opinion that we are not alone in this universe, these crop circles are concrete proof of that fact. You gotta love Spock on Star Trek!! His definition of "Faith" in one of the later movies is awesome! I believe he said, "you must have faith that the universe will unfold as it was meant to". Biblically speaking, God made it Very clear that knowledge of Him would Tremendously increase in the last days...God is the Author of Math also...and these Crop Circles are perfect math equations speaking in the most logical manner possible between "alien" races, Math!
Being a "Christian" myself (Yes, Jesus is Lord and My Savior too!) I personally can't stand the stupidity and ignorance of fundamentalist 'Believers' that haven't spent 20 minutes researching their own faith source, and don't bother to study the history behind God's Word that He purposely puts in front of our noses all the time! Simply put, If God wants to come back/here in a Space Ship, I don't have a problem with that! I hope He brings His Harley Davidson, funny hats and a box of Cigars! (I'll buy the Beer!)
Yvonne Cleak | 3rd Nov 2002I really enjoyed your article on the Crabwood face. I have viewed the ground photo shots of Paul Vigay, they show in crisp, clear, detail the lay of the crop.The Wheat looks like cords of pure gold laid out in delicate disarray and has a sheen of pure gold ,this formation and its construction has been designed to provoke long and thoughtful study, on just who, through the silent language of light is showing us a glimpse of other worlds, and other realities that do exist beyond our comprehension, great article.

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