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Have your say and discuss controversial or contentious issues.
Last updated: 8th March 2004

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This section is intended to give YOU, the reader, a chance to add your own feedback and opinion on a range of issues.

Each article is written by a www.cropcircleresearch.com reader and can cover any topic as long as it's related to crop circles and ongoing research. This section of the website is where you can submit articles which are too long to post to the individual database comments or guestbook.

Not only can you submit your own feature article, but you can also submit a comment to existing articles in order to share opinions, comments, thoughts or ideas.

Full details on how to post a reply to articles are provided at the bottom of each specific article. If you would like to submit an original feature article for this section, please email me

The ideas, thoughts and opinions represented here do not necessarily reflect those of the editors of www.cropcircleresearch.com, other authors or contributors. They are provided merely to support free speech and the sharing of ideas.

List of current opinions and issues:


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