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upThe Crop Formation at Alton Barnes (July 15th, 1990)
By 'Celtic King' | 27th Feb 2004

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For many people like myself, this is the crop circle that 'kick started' what we have come to know and understand today is the crop circle phenomenon. Before then crop circles were just relatively simple circular formations - they were never really anything that impressive to look at, and of course we didn't 'really' know what they meant, if anything at all. But everything 'changed' when this formation arrived - suddenly it seemed the whole world was interested in what was going on!

This was the first type of what is commonly referred to today as the 'pictogram' type of formation. So what could it mean? There have been a number of ideas of what the symbols could represent, but I won't go into them in detail instead however I shall offer my interpretation and how I think this formation is relative to recent developments in crop circle activity, in particular last season. This is a journey into the unknown in many respects, as I believe this is what the phenomenon is really all about. I have always been interested in both modern and ancient Astrology, and a little in ancient culture, and when I first began to study this formation, I felt there maybe a certain astrological, spiritual meaning to it. As you look at the overall picture of Lucy's 1990 photo, at first glance it appears it consists of 2 central shapes that appear to look like "keys". It occurred to me it seemed that you could place one 'key' neatly into the other, in effect laying one of them over the top of the other. Everything seemed to fit. This gave me the idea the image could be symbolising a 'union' of some-kind, the top one symbolising Masculine energy and the bottom one Feminine energy.

The 'grape shots' (the little isolated circles right at the top and at the bottom in the image) could be representing planets in our solar system. The 'message' is coming from the Sun to the Earth and Moon with the Suns 'Masculine' energy (in Astrology the Sun is considered masculine, the Earth & Moon feminine), so right from the top of this pictogram you have the grape-shots 'Mercury' - the messenger, 'Venus' - Love. The 'grape shots' at the bottom of the picture are the Earth and Moon (Feminine.) Ok this just leaves what the funny looking bits are sticking out of the masculine key and the feminine key. I believe these 'bits' could be representing an ancient Celtic Alphabet called Ogham. Follow this web-link for an excellent introduction ogham.lyberty.com/oghamintro.html The first big set of 'teeth' (if you like) in the masculine key in the top of the picture represents the Ogham letter 'F' which means Fearn. In Celtic Tree Astrology Fearn equates to the 'Alder Tree' - The tree of Fire. The keyword to this sign is GUIDANCE, its symbol is the PENTACLE and its animal symbol is the HAWK. Personality attributes to this sign are boundless energy, courage, impulsiveness, restlessness, confidence and persuasiveness. The ruling planet is Mars. (This sign has very similar characteristics to the sign Aries, in modern western astrology it is of course the first sign of the zodiac). The same Ogham letter also seems to appear in the bottom section of the feminine key. (Although somewhat less defined) This just leaves the other letter in the bottom section of the masculine key, and this appears to be the letter 'D', which means 'Duir'. Again in Celtic Tree Astrology Duir equates to the 'Oak' Tree The most honoured tree in Celtic 'world' view. It represents power, optimism, self-confidence and the ability to cope with danger. This is a sign of creativity, leadership, and self-sacrifice, its symbol is the white horse (interestingly enough!) or golden wheel. The ruling Planet is Jupiter. The only part of this formation I haven't mentioned is what appears to be 2 'bars' opposite each other either side of the 'middle' bit of the feminine key. I am not certain what these could represent, other than a kind of 'magnetic' force perhaps, for some reason they remind me of a couple of bar magnets! Could this crop circle be signifying a 'prediction' of a story of creation?

It's clear to see the very powerful 'Celtic' symbolism over the years in crop circles, especially in more recent years. Here are just 3 examples from 2003 - www.cropcircleresearch.com/cgi-bin/CCdb2?d=uk03bg

We saw a magnificent single pentacle formation at Barton-le-clay (coincidently it was where I grew up!). In the Celtic world, this is a tremendously powerful symbol. When I saw this formation I knew how significant this meant, not just for me on a personal level but for the crop circle phenomenon as a whole, and how about of course the first depiction of a 'bird' (and I don't mean the human variety!) in a crop circle - the Hawk? (Ok, so they might look like swallows!)

So here we have powerful symbols that represent 'Fearn', or the Alder Tree.
What about this formation in 2003!. Can you see similarities to the formation of 1990?
www.cropcircleresearch.com/cgi-bin/CCdb2?d=uk03cn2 Can you see it seems like there perhaps could be a 'separation' or a coming together of some-kind?
And of course some of the best crop circles always seem to appear near a white horse! (Duir)

It seems the crop circles might be trying to communicate to us something about our Celtic/Pagan ancestors - could it be about what they 'believed' in - did they know and understand something we have forgotten? If so are 'they' reminding us - or are 'we' somehow reminding ourselves!.Did they know of other 'Alien' species who live in other dimensions other than the '3' dimensions we exist in now? Did our ancestors just recently remind us about our 'new' neighbours at Chilbolton and Crabwood? The question remains do we want believe any of this, well after a whole 'human generation' has gone by since the crop circles began to appear in abundance, crop circles are still appearing and it seems they are not going away just yet, of course some of us do want to believe, so maybe is it time to respond, if so how do we do it?

With regards to our apparent 'Alien' neighbours, its my view we probably couldn't 'exist' in their dimension and visa versa - but perhaps that shouldn't stop us acknowledging their existence and even communicating with them - providing we 'raise' our consciousness or something!.so going back to my interpretation of this pictogram formation in 1990, can we achieve this 'raising' of consciousness through a union of two people through an act of a 'leap of faith' on a psychological, emotional and spiritual level maybe? I am probably thinking too deep here, but I feel I am getting close!just like some of the more obvious 'astrological' crop circles that seem to if anything predict future events of solar activity, is this what this first pictogram style formation is trying to predict!a union of 'energies' of some-kind !psychic energies perhaps?!What of all the other pictogram style formations!what could they possibly mean? The crop circle phenomenon must mean something - I believe there has to be a means to an 'end' in this phenomenon, so you see in my view it's not just a 'scientific' exploration of the 'unknown', its much, much more. In many ways, this is the 'bigger picture' I have been referring to in many of my recent posts. I believe the crop circle mystery is about ourselves, a belief we once had, a reminder of perhaps who we were and who it seems we are about to become!
Celtic King :-)

Visitor Feedback:
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On Sun 12th Sep 2004, Richard Garcia wrote;

Interesting concept and I agree with you that whoever made this surely wants us to figure it out. Whether these formations are human,alien,or ourselves in another dimension, they are representational of a message to be decoded.
On the scientific level these formations are exact and have a makeup that are unque in themselves. These formations are not just written out on paper. They are designed in a unique way that has caused mankind to become alerted to there existence. That in itself causes an effect outside of the norm.
Obviously these formations are stirring up the spiritual and pyche of the planet and possibly other intelligence we may not be aware of.
Unless the universe has a way of creating such phenomena,these formations are being created by an intelligent source that has developed a unique way of communicating to the masses a placement of symbols and ideas and possible codes to be deciphered in order to create some type of outcome.
My view is that we as humans posses an intelligence and ability far unsurpassed and in order to connect and decipher these messages, man has to go beyond his/her linear way of sensing and interpreting.

On Tue 30th Mar 2004, Robert Johnson wrote;

I have perhaps a unique perspective into the crop circle mystery which is no longer a mystery of what it is, but more of how do we use the information. It is clear to me through intuitive common sense that these circles are schematics for a ship that can travel fast enough to allow a human to be introduced to the creator of the circles. Common sense is the key in deciphering these enigmatice formations. I recently read the book "The Gift Crop Circles Deciphered" and I can confirm the accuracy of the theories presented in it through an unscientific intuition. It simply makes sense that whoever made these wants us to figure them out. The keys to solving the complex ones are laid right into the simple ones. I recommend that our smartest minds which are not related to the government take the theories of this book and put them into practical application and expand upon them. In this book it is suggested that Berkelium is the source of power for the ship which I also can confirm through this unscientific intuition. We were meant to use our sixth sense of correctness in putting this together. I also believe that the government would like to keep all information and insight into these circles out of public hands. These were created for everyone to see so no one person or government should try to keep them from us. They are gifts belonging to all from an intelligence far beyond ours. All one needs to do is employ the simple steps in this book to convert the 2 dimensional circles into three dimensional constructs and then deduce what information is being conveyed. I believe we will find the key to the power source when we find the meaning of E97+(which could indicate berkelium)The construct of the ship itself isnt to difficult and just about anyone with some minor skills could build one.

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