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Crop Circle Research Book Shop opens for business  - 15th Jan 2002
 - submitted 15th Jan 2002 by Paul Vigay
I have great pleasure in announcing the opening of our new online bookstore. Working in association with Amazon, you can now order books on crop circles and related subjects directly from this web site. [ More ]

Preliminary report published by Colin Andrews of C.P.R.International  - 20th Nov 2001
 - submitted 20th Nov 2001 by Paul Vigay
Colin Andrews has published some of his preliminary findings from magnetometer surveys carried out during 2000. Initial results confirm a significant magnetic anomaly. [ More ]

Russian scientists see flying saucers  - 29th Aug 2001
 - submitted 9th Sep 2001 by Paul Vigay
An interesting article in the Asia Times gives details on some fascinating research being carried out by Russian scientists into 'UFO technology'. This discovery also allows production of new, previously unknown types of materials from silicon, giving an interesting coincidence to the discovery in the Chilbolton crop formation 'code[ More ]

Did the Chinese have the first crop circles??  - 29th Aug 2001
 - submitted 29th Aug 2001 by Paul Vigay
There was an interesting article in last Sunday's Independent, speculating whether ancient stone circles in China were the precursor to modern crop circles. [ More ]

SETI issue an official response to crop formation  - 28th Aug 2001
 - submitted 29th Aug 2001 by Paul Vigay
SETI have issued an official response to the Chilbolton crop formation. It's fairly predictable, but at least they took the time to write something.... [ More ]
US base's report of UFO crash 'had MOD in a panic'  - 28th Aug 2001
 - submitted 28th Aug 2001 by Paul Vigay
According to today's Guardian newspaper, newly released documents referring to the Rendlesham UFO case of 1980, gave the MOD cause for concern. [ More ]
World Exclusive - Arecibo crop formation decoded!  - 26th Aug 2001
 - submitted 26th Aug 2001 by Paul Vigay
Paul Vigay offers a definitive decoding and analysis of the "Arecibo reply" crop formation at Chilbolton, Hampshire. [ More ]
BBC News comments on the latest crop circles  - 18th Aug 2001
 - submitted 18th Aug 2001 by Paul Vigay
It must be 'silly season', as The BBC has finally mentioned crop circles. Of course, they're still less than positive about their origins, and still misquote Colin Andrews. The photos are also out of date, but hey! at least they mention that some are unexplained! [ More ]
Doubt thrown on the laws of physics  - 16th Aug 2001
 - submitted 16th Aug 2001 by Paul Vigay
Latest research carried out at Boston University, NSW could throw serious doubts on our current understanding of the laws of physics. Electromagnetism, one of the fundamental forces of physics, has changed since the creation of the Universe some 14 billion years ago. [ More ]
Matthew Williams defends his crop circle!  - 15th Aug 2001
 - submitted 15th Aug 2001 by Paul Vigay
Matthew Williams defends his position on the construction of the 'Solar System' replica formation in East Field. 
This article is in reply to a comment by Nick Kollerstom about the quality of this formation. [ More ]
Older News

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  • 'Inside Source' provides details of 'Impact Events'. (26th Sep 1999)
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  • British Army Spraying E.Coli in Germ Warfare Tests (23rd Mar 1999)
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  • Giant Forest Rings in Canada (17th Mar 1999)


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