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upPress Release - 30th Apr 2001
Outragious neglect by English Heritage! - 30th Apr 2001

English Heritage obviously don't care about one of our National Monuments

This photo was taken by a chap who defied the ban on trespassing to climb to the summit of Silbury Hill, Avebury Wiltshire. Please forward it to your friends and the press.

After a year of disgraceful neglect by English Heritage, the hole in Silbury hill has eroded to become over three times as big as it was! One of our greatest national treasures built by our Neolithic ancestors, Silbury is as old as the pyramids, and actually had weathered the millennia better -- until now. A vertical shaft dug by archeologists down through the center of the mound a century ago, was stupidly not filled back in. Last spring the wooden covering on the shaft rotted away and exposed the interior of the sacred site to exceptionally heavy rains. It will soon look like a volcano!


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