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upPress Release - 10th Aug 2000
Independent Scientist backs Crop Circle Theory - 10th Aug 2000

Paul Vigay has been researching the crop circle phenomenon for ten years and in 1993 founded The Independent Research Centre for Unexplained Phenomenon (IRCUP) in order to promote and carry out scientific testing and investigation of crop circles and related events. Like Colin Andrews he believes that around 80% of designs from the 1999/2000 seasons are probably the result of hoaxers. However, there remain a small number of formations which cannot be so easily explained away.

By monitoring electromagnetic field fluctuations in and around crop circle events, Paul has discovered that some create temporary disturbances in the electromagnetic field - some effects last up to six weeks after the initial circle appears. Working with other scientists and also dowsers, Paul believes he has found a link between dowsing and measurable scientific effects. Many crop circles seem to coincide with areas of natural 'energy hotspots' and Paul believes that these correlate with so called 'ley lines' which cross the landscape. "This also accounts for why many crop circles appear in sacred locations or places with ancient history associated with them, such as stone circles and neolithic burial mounds", he said.

As Colin Andrews has pointed out, the Earth is surrounded by energy lines which create electromagnetic fields around them. Although many crop circles are hoaxed, there are a number that have given significant readings on calibrated scientific measuring equipment. There have been a number of reported equipment malfunctions in crop circles over the years. Not only have batteries been drained in a matter of seconds, but cameras, portable computers and even scientific measuring equipment has malfunctioned. People have also reported physiological effects ranging from feelings of euphoria to sickness and even menstral pains.

Paul also believes that rather than appearing at random, crop circles are drawn to these energy lines and caused by a vortex or upwelling of localised electromagnetic energy. He also added, "I also think that the subtle energy patterns we are detecting in crop circles can interact with the energy fields around the human body and, by a system of harmonic resonance, can create a waveform pattern which is either in phase or out of phase with the person coming into contact with it. This helps explain why some people can feel positive whilst others report negative feelings. An analogy would be to pluck two strings on a harp; depending upon which two you pluck you will either get a sound which is harmonious or one that is disharmonious. This is what we are seeing in the crop fields."

By carefully mapping the 'genuine' crop circles, we can start to build up a map of some of the energy lines which criss-cross the Earth. Indeed, if you look into some of the more controversial evidence, there are hints to suggest that the United States military already know about this "Earth Energy grid", because 90% of their military bases are located on grid points. Coincidence or conspiracy??

There is no denying that crop circles have had a profound effect on the people who have visited them. IRCUP also study the psychological and sociological aspects of the phenomenon and there is no denying that the circles have created a kind of sub-culture of researchers and followers. We have conducted extensive interviews with many people involved in the phenomenon and from a survey of 1000 people we obtained the following results to a survey:

What is closest to your idea of what creates crop circles?
26.3% said 'Aliens', 11.6% said 'Earth Energies', 1.1% said 'Orgone' (a type of Earth/human energy), whilst 18% said 'Hoaxers'. The largest percentage with 39.2% said 'Unknown but non-human' and as a joke, 3.8% claimed 'mating hedgehogs' make them. Full results of this poll are on the internet at http://www.cropcircleresearch.com/cgi-bin/CCR?m=P&p;=001&f;=Y and a form is there so that people can take part in the international survey.

Full research findings and scientific reports can be found on our world-renowned web site at http://www.cropcircleresearch.com which also hosts The International Crop Circle Database which is the world's most comprehensive, fully searchable, interactive database of crop circle events from around the world.

For more information please feel free to email us

IRCUP, 10th Aug 2000


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