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Bookmark this page for news and information from around the world, relating to the continuing crop circle mystery.
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Recent Crop Circle Activity in North Devon
 - submitted 6th Apr 2005 by David Haith
(PRWEB) April 6, 2005 -- Once thought the preserve of cranks and eccentrics this burgeoning phenomenon has caught the attention of mainstream academia over the last few years including organisations such as Bob Trotta's Institute of Crop Circle Investigation (ICCI). The recent activity in Devon saw local authorities reaching for the phone to request the advice of this leading research establishment.

Sensational new Apollo studies demonstrate photo fakery
 - submitted 1st Apr 2005 by Nexus Magazine
Please visit http://www.aulis.com and click on Jack White's Apollo Studies.
In addition to more than 100 Apollo studies that provide compelling evidence of the faking of the Apollo photography, you can read Jack White's full article on Apollo: The skeleton in NASA's spacesuit.

Argentina: Strange Circles in 9 De Julio
 - submitted 25th Mar 2005 by David Kingston
On January 27, 2005 at the "9 de Julio" Air Club, strange circular marks were detected on the runway grass. Jorge Marcelo Ayram, the person in charge of the club, discovered the odd imprints while mowing the runway apron.

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