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Sunday 3 Nov, 2013  
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upCorrelations involving First UK 2002 Crop-formation
Reported 12th Apr 2002 | Ref: uk02aa

Previously, I posted an article (on The Internet) on my ASM values for the First UK year-2002 season crop-formation. This article was also posted on Paul Vigay's website .. I'm going to mention, here, some work I've been doing regarding what I think is the_former_location of The Akapana Pyramid .. relative-to the *former equator* .. that is; just *prior-to* what appears to be the last (most-recent) "Earth-shift" .. around 11,000 B.C. .. when a_"net 30 degrees"_latitude shift {Munck; "Whispers From Time, Volume II", 1999} apparently happened .. *along* the_meridian_that currently defines the longitude of The Akapana Pyramid's center. This *former* (pre "Zep-Tepi") latitude-location for The Akapana Pyramid, in my opinion .. is now "dovetailing" with the Grid POINT Value (GPV) that I have just found for this First UK crop-formation of the 2002 season. This, in-turn, is part of a larger set of correlations involving the ASM "sky" realm. If you assume a 30 degrees latitude displacement_along_this meridian .. as a result of the_entire_Earth rotating .. the whole Earth .. not a "crustal displacement" .. I can estimate Akapana Pyramid's "pre Zep-Tepi" latitude by simply adding-on 30 degrees to the_current_south latitude of Akapana Pyramid. So .. 30 deg + ( -16 deg 33 ' 8.5") = 13 deg 26' 51.5" North. Here is my best ASM Grid LAT & latitude for this case .. 13(deg) * 26(min) * 51.47008577(sec) North .. = 17396.88899 North. Akapana Pyramid's_longitude_would have been the same .. so .. 99(deg) * 48(min) * 17.36235743(sec) W.Giza .. = 82505.9225 W.Giza. [ W.Greenwich .. 68 deg 40 min 16.56235743 sec ]. Now .. here are my ASM figures for the First UK crop-formation of 2002 .. Grid LAT .. 50(deg) * 57(min) * 9.185943431(sec) North .. = 26179.93878 North. Grid LONG .. 32(deg) * 14(min) * 38.15036482(sec) W.Giza .. = 17091.36344 W.Giza. GPV .. (26179.93878 / 17091.36344) = 1.531764208 I noticed the following correlation to The Great Sphinx of Giza .. 1.531764208 = [(5400 * Pi * halfPi) / 17396.88899]. This is_not_insignificant. Whenever you see the_GPV_of The Great Sphinx of Giza .. divided-by Pi, and_then_divided-by halfPi .. you have something 'important' being indicated. For one thing .. the multiplied-product of the 4 entities in the "Riddle-of-the-Sphinx", in terms of the 4 stars (their GPVs) of the "Holy Cross" in the ASM .. is a decimal-harmonic_of_ halfPi .. 15707.96327 .. identical to the Grid LAT of ALNITAK .. which, in-turn, is THE ecliptic prime meridian "marker-star" for the entire ASM. But there's_more_here, than just this correlation involving The Great Sphinx and its "riddle". We have the *former* Grid LAT of Akapana Pyramid involved !! This is a major correlation, in my opinion. And it is very "timely" .. in the sense that it is *obviously*_resonating_very *directly* with the First UK crop-formation of 2002 .. which appeared in Hampshire, England (12th April, 2002) less than a month prior to this writing. But there's even_more_going-on, here. (17396.88899 / 17091.36344) = 1.01787602 And_that_is the *exact* figure that Robert Carl found .. only 2 weeks ago, as of this writing .. involving the huge "dog-head profile" in Washington, D.C. as seen from_aerial_view. In fact .. Robert Carl found_two_GPVs of 1.01787602 there, in D.C., in relative proximity !! So .. here, now .. is_yet-another_instance of finding this particular figure. Please see Robert C.'s article at the "GridPoint" BBS ..;=517 I just mentioned, earlier in this article, some of the "ASM-significance" of the halfPi decimal-harmonic. Please notice, now .. the correlation indicated "within" the Grid LAT of theFirst UK crop-formation of 2002 .. 26179.93878 = (2000 * 83.33333333 * 157.0796327) This is where; 2000 .. is a reference, in my opinion .. to the *year-2000* .. the_'year-number'_in our current consensus calendar that "marks" the sky-locations' ASM significance. And, where; 83.33333333 is the_ratio_of the *annual* mean ("ideal") angular movements of Earth precession and the main Earth obliquity (to the ecliptic), in terms of arc-seconds. (50 / 0.6) = 83.33333333 This figure .. 83.33333333 .. is_also_the *ratio* of the_GPVs_of .. The White House in Washington, D.C. and "FACE ONE" at Cydonia on Mars. (656.56127 / 7.87873524) = 83.33333333 What I'm seeing, in this set of precise correlations .. is communication. I'm seeing communication coming from prior to the last "Earth-shift" .. and I'm also seeing communication coming from less than one month ago as of this writing. And it is coming from the same source .. from the same advanced-intelligence "database" and technology base. No .. this is not the first instance of such communication. I've been communicating with this advanced intelligence for several years, now, in just_this_manner. I've said as much, too .. on The Internet. I would like you .. the reader .. to consider something. I'd like you to consider "getting the word out" .. that .. "We have succeeded in communicating with ETI". Because we HAVE. I, for one, have done it. It_has_been done. Please consider "getting the word out" .. that this_has_been done .. that we_have_succeeded in communicating with extraterrestrial intelligence. Please also read my archives on The Internet .. which includes many, many instances of this communication. The sheer volume of this evidence is overwhelming. The cross-correlations are awesome in their specificity and in their precision, in this body of work and studies I have compiled on The Internet. -- Michael Lawrence Morton

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