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upOld Winchester Hill, UK
Reported 11th May 2001 | Ref: uk01ab

I've now used the latitude/longitude figures from Paul Vigay's website, to assess the ASM ("Archaeo-sky Matrix") figures which_are_apparent in the first crop formation reported in The UK in the 2001 season. This formation was created on 11th May, 2001, and was reported on 13th May, 2001.

Please see .. ... and then 'click' on the grid reference number for this formation .. which will take you to the latitude/longitude data-page. I use the long, decimal-fractional figures reported there, by Paul Vigay, for my calculations.
Of course, the Greenwich longitude must be converted to Giza longitude, by adding-on the variance of 31 deg 08 min 0.8 sec.

Much thanks to Paul Vigay .. for this data-page !!

I realize that not all formations can be measured for latitude/longitude, depending upon individual case circumstances.

That this particular formation_was_measured for lat/long .. is wonderful, as became apparent to me when I assessed the figures displayed at the center of this formation.

The center of_this_formation could be described as a "bull's eye", certainly, from its appearance from above. And I do think this was part of the intention of the creator(s) of this one. I think this "bull's eye" is referencing ALDEBARAN .. which I think of as the eye of "The Bull", the Taurus constellation in the zodiac. As I write this, we are close to the annual ecliptic longitudinal conjunction of our Sun with ALDEBARAN.

The Timing of Its Creation
This crop formation was created on 11th May, 2001 .. 33 days after the taking of the recent photo, by NASA's MGS, of 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars .. which was reported to have been taken on 8th April, 2001. The number "33" is very significant in the research regarding the ASM.

Not only was this formation created 33 days after this latest NASA/MGS photo of 'the Face' at Cydonia on Mars was taken .. the "border" between April and May "divides" those 33 days into .. 22 days_plus_11 days. The "plus sign" .. indicating the math operation of "addition" .. is also a "cross" symbol .. an ancient symbol of "Deity" and of "Kingship". Last year's first UK crop formation of the season was in the form (in my interpretation) of a "stylized ouroboros" .. another ancient symbol/emblem of "Kingship" and "enlightenment" (see the works of researcher/author Laurence Gardner).

The "22" and the "11" are "master numbers" in esoterica. Their ratio .. 22/11 .. references "half-a-circumference" .. just as 22/7 references the Pi constant (approximation).

I think of "half-a-circumference" as also represented by the upper-case English letter "D" .. the 4th letter in the English alphabetical order.

Interestingly .. the Grid POINT Value that I found for last season's "stylized ouroboros" crop formation is .. "8" .. double "4".


My ASM Figures for this Formation ..
Using the above data-page as reference ..

Grid LAT .. 
50 (deg) X 58 (min) X 36.27648907 (sec) North ..
= 105201.8183 North.
Grid LONG ..
32 (deg) X 13 (min) X 55.46476115 (sec) W.Giza ..
= 23073.34064 W.Giza.
[ W.Greenwich 01 deg 05 min 54.66476115 sec ].
Grid POINT Value ..
105201.8183 / 23073.34064 = 4.559453265


"Kingship" and REGULUS
There are various ancient statues/statuettes, friezes, and clay tablet depictions that portray a "bull/lion" dynamic. People involved in the 'history-of-art', and archaeologists, know this to be so. Do we have, here, in this first UK crop formation of 2001, a reference to a "Taurus/Leo" dynamic .. among other things ?

The "British Crown" .. is associated with the Lion. And .. there is "the Lion of Judah".

There's "The King's Chamber" inside The Great Pyramid of Giza.

The bull and the lion are 2 of the "zodiac animals" involved in the so-called "Riddle-of-the Sphinx" .. the other animal being the eagle, or ANTARES in the Scorpio constellation.

The 4th "entity" involved in the "Riddle-of-the-Sphinx" is .. "mankind" .. or "humankind"; or maybe "hominoid".

In my interpretation, "hominoid" is 216 .. the Cube of 6 .. or .. 6*6*6 .. with no corresponding "star" in the zodiac, but simply the Aquarius symbol.


If there is truly an intelligent/intentional continuity involving last season's first UK crop formation and this year's first UK crop formation .. might the ASM figures reflect this ? Yes .. they do !!

The Grid POINT Value of January1, 2000 REGULUS in the ASM (Morton, 1999, Internet) is .. 19.7392088 .. (2Pi) X Pi. I've written about this in several emails and on at least 2 websites.

I will now inter-act last season's "stylized ouroboros" with this year's "bull's eye" .. in terms of their January1, 2000 ASM Grid POINT Values. And I will also use, as a kind of "catalyst" .. the REGULUS ("Heart of the Lion") ASM January1, 2000 Grid POINT Value in the mixture, in this "alchemical" combination.

(4.559453265 X 8 X 19.7392088) = 720.

"720" is the total number of corner-angle arc-degrees on the surface of a tetrahedron.

In the "location/description" section of Paul Vigay's website page showing a summary of this crop formation .. he says .. "A formation consisting of a circle with two concentric rings of standing crop inside". A "circle" .. brings to my mind the number "360" .. as in the_number_of arc-degrees on any circumference, according to "our" convention. "Two" .. or .. "2" .. "concentric rings .. inside". "Inside" ... inclusive. I 'get' .. the numbers "360" and "2". Try multiplying them .. 360 X 2 = 720. Aha !!


Could there be an obvious "gematrian" or "gematria-like" numerical/arithmetical relationship indicated, or "displayed", albeit "encoded" in the ASM .. involving the 33 days .. the (22 + 11) .. between the latest (as of this writing) NASA/MGS photo-shot of 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars, and this first UK crop formation ?

To find out .. I first will divide the ASM Grid POINT Value (Munck, 1992, "The Code") of 'The Face' at Cydonia by 33 .. 656.56127 / 33 = 19.89579606

Now .. i'll divide_that_figure by the ASM Grid POINT Value that I just found for this crop formation ... 19.89579606 / 4.559453265 = 4.363636363 .. a pattern of repeating "36s".

One major "gematrian" number to test this figure against, would be "144" .. having the 'classic' gematrian meaning of .. "light". I think it refers to the_speed_of light, as in Bruce Cathie's research and writings .. 144,000 nautical miles per "grid second" being equivalent to 162,000 nautical miles per second.

(144 / 4.363636363) = 33. Aha !!

Then, I see that .. 144 X 4.559453265 = 656.56127
Another .. bigger .. "Aha !!"


Is there an "intended resonance" displayed .. between the Grid POINT Value of this crop formation, and the "162" decimal harmonic for light-speed (B.Cathie) ?

I will test for that, here ..
162 / 4.559453265 = 35.53057584

"35.53057584" .. is the January1, 2000 ASM Grid POINT Value for .. GALACTIC CENTER !! (Morton, 2000, Internet). So; yes .. another direct "hit" .. as we are seeing that this crop formation's "bull's eye" has zeroed-in on a very, very significant_precise_location .. relative to various important sites/structures/sky-positions in the ASM itself.


Some of the discussion on The Internet, and on certain talk-shows, concerning this latest (as of this writing) NASA/MGS photo of 'The Face' at Cydonia .. has involved the "hominoid/feline" duality of the 'two halves' of 'The Face'.

In a recent email, I showed this equation I found ..

(5400 / 90) X (216 / 19.7392088) = 656.56127

There, as I said in that email .. is an "ASM" description, as of both "circa 2000" and of Jan.1, 2000 .. pertaining to the exact circa 2000 location of The Great Sphinx of Giza .. its Grid POINT Value 5400 (Munck, 1992, "The Code") .. and pertaining to the Jan.1, 2000 ASM sky-position of REGULUS .. its 19.7392088 Grid POINT Value. The "216" is, as I mentioned earlier in this article .. the 6*6*6 .. Cube of 6 .. "Number of Humankind" .. or, maybe "hominoid". The "90" .. is "the right angle" .. the half-Pi rotation .. or half-Pi Radians (arc) rotation, which I interpret as a metaphor for "ascension".
This, I think, is referencing the "rising-up" from a prone position .. after "waking-up" from sleeping. In sleeping, normally people are parallel to the plane-of-rotation of Earth, or to the horizon. After "waking-up", normally people stand-up on two feet/legs .. and their bodies are then oriented_perpendicular_to the horizon. The change is one of half-Pi Radians (arc) .. toward the sky .. or, with the head_newly-orienting toward the sky .. "headed" toward the sky.

Our Sun is "headed" toward SOLAR APEX, in the sky, as observed from Earth. SOLAR APEX is a key parameter in astronomy. and it is located half-Pi Radians (arc) in arc-distance from our Sun. This is 1/4th of the orbital distance of our Sun around GALACTIC CENTER.
And .. of course .. 90 arc-degrees, according to our convention, is 1/4th of the way around any circumference.
There are 4 "entities" involved in the "Riddle-of-the-Sphinx". Of course .. 4 is the_reciprocal_of 1/4th. And .. recall that the English upper-case letter "D" is the_4th_letter-position in the alphabet.
Notice the "D" as a graphic (visual) depiction of .. "half-a-circle" .. with its "diameter" included or "marked".

If you view the "marked diameter" of the "D" .. as the value "7" .. then the "half-circle" would, of course, be .. 11.
And .. (11 / 7) .. is, in fact, the "half-Pi" approximation.


The "Riddle-of-the-Sphinx" equation I found is ..

 =  8.888888889  X  19.7392088  X  4.297183463  X  216  ..
= 162860.1632 ..
= 248.0502134 X 656.56127
(Morton, 2000, Internet).

You end-up with the multiplied-product of the ASM Grid POINT Values of The Great Pyramid of Giza_times_The Face @ Cydonia.
( Munck, 1992, "The Code", self-published .. found those two individual ASM Grid POINT Values for those structures).

Notice this ..
162860.1632 / 2Pi = 25920.

"2Pi" is the number of Radians (arc) on one circumference.
So .. the "Riddle-of-the-Sphinx" composite, if you will, is resonating precisely with Earth's precession cycle in years along with the "2Pi" constant of the circumference of_any_circle or sphere .. in terms of the_number_of Radians (arc).

Our Sun takes 225,000,000 Earth years (the ideal number) .. to complete one orbit around GALACTIC CENTER. (By "ideal number" .. I mean in the same way that 25920 is the ideal Earth precession number for one cycle in Earth years.)

Now I will test the ASM Grid POINT Value for this crop formation against this ideal number for our Sun's orbital period around GALACTIC CENTER.

225,000,000 / 4.559453265 = 49,348,022.01

That figure is a decimal harmonic of .. half-Pi X Pi .. = 4.934802201 .. the ASM Grid POINT Value of the "Woodborough Hill" crop formation of the year-2000 season (Morton, 2000, Internet). I have an article on that .. on Paul Vigay's website ..

That crop formation was a 22-fold circular geometric design, which reflected a certain "Bija Mantra (seed) healing pattern involving sacred sound" known to the ancients (thanks to references from Sharon Pacione).

Next, I will divide by the ASM Grid LAT of January1, 2000 for the Orion belt-star ALNITAK .. the ecliptic prime meridian "marker".

(49,348,022.01 / 15707.96327)  =  314159.2654 ..
= Pi X (10 to the 5th power).

Then .. I will divide by the ASM Grid POINT Value of January1, 2000 ALNITAK ..

(314159.2654 / 43.63323131)  =  72.

"72" is the ideal number of years required for one arc-degree of Earth precession.

Yes .. at this point .. I'd certainly say that 225,000,000 has "passed the test" of being a meaningful and significant "ideal number" in the ASM .. and also in terms of how it relates to this crop formation !!

Does the number "72" have anything directly to do with 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars .. regarding any other ancient ASM sites/structures ? Yes.

Using its ASM Grid POINT Value .. (656.56127 / 72) = 9.118906529

That figure is the Grid POINT Value (ASM) of The Quetzalcoatl Pyramid at Teotihuacan, Mexico (Munck, 1993, "The Code").

The brilliant ground-breaking scholar and writer, Zecharia Sitchin, thinks that Quetzalcoatl was not only a real flesh-and-blood humanoid .. but also was (and maybe still is) one and the same_person_as the historical Thoth of ancient Egypt .. a son of Enki/Ptah.
As Sitchin describes from his research, apparently Thoth went to the land now known as the "Americas" .. upon being "deposed" by a brother of his .. Marduk/Ra, circa 3100 B.C.

Notice ... 9.118906529 / 2 = 4.559453265

Yes .. this UK crop formation's ASM Grid POINT Value is exactly HALF of the ASM Grid POINT Value of The Quetzalcoatl Pyramid at Teotihacan !!

Keep in mind, too, that the Enki faction of The Anunnaki has been holding the ancient advanced knowledge in all sciences, languages, mathematics, music, and the arts. Thoth historically was a great master in all of those.

In the Autumn of 2000, I wrote on The Internet about the discovery of the actual ASM-specific (yes; confirmed-on-site) "final resting place" of the Ark of Ziusudra .. the pre-Sumerian king from the "pre-diluvial" Shurupak (a city) in Mesopotamia. According to quite compelling research by author Laurence Gardner ("Genesis of The Grail Kings"), "Noah" is a misnomer, involved in a case of confused identities and names .. which Gardner, in my opinion, does a good job of rectifying, in the book.

On 11th October, 2000, a man named Michael Bonilla, from Long Island, New York, USA .. took a GPS reading from directly atop a large limestone boulder which is "wedged into" the western side of the remains of "Noah's Ark", in eastern Turkey. I knew Bonilla, a "religious fundamentalist", if you will .. was going to the site specifically to take GPS readings, because he had telephoned me months before .. after seeing an earlier article I had posted on a website, concerning my speculations about the site. I had read David Fasold's excellent book, "The Ark of Noah", ISBN # 1-56129-006-8 .. copyright 1988 by David Fasold, and published in paperback in 1990 by Knightsbridge Publishing Company. Fasold was there at the site in the mid-1980s, personally doing extensive surveying and inspection of the remains.
His book is now long out-of-print, and he died in 1998. I spoke to him several times by telephone in the early and mid-1990s, and I am convinced he identified the "genuine article", along with help from researcher Ron Wyatt, who is also now deceased. Fasold's book is excellent, and very detailed .. if you can find a copy. He actually wrote-up an official survey of the site and the remains, in the Turkish language, for the government of Turkey. It is now an official Turkish "historic site and national park". Still .. incredibly .. almost the entire world knows_nothing_of the reality of the actual remains of the "Ark of Ziusudra", due to the stifling suppression and the disinformation/ridicule campaign that has been run for_decades_concerning this very subject.

Michael Bonilla emailed me, when he returned home in October of 2000, with his GPS readings.
I posted my findings, along with a copy of Bonilla's email, in Autumn of 2000. The results of my findings, based directly on Bonilla's GPS readings, were nothing short of amazing .. to say the very least.

Center of the large limestone boulder ... still lodged in the western side of the vessel's remains ..

Grid LAT ..
39 (deg) X 26 (min) X 26.03550296 (sec) North ..
= 26400 North.
Grid LONG ..
13 (deg) X 06 (min) X 4.512820513 (sec) E.Giza ..
= 352 E.Giza.
[ E.Greenwich 44 deg 14 min 5.312820513 sec ].
Grid POINT Value ..
26400 / 352 = 75.

Centerline amidships, between bulkheads #5 and #6 .. of the remains of the Ark of Ziusudra ..

Grid LAT ..
39 (deg) X 26 (min) X 25.56213018 (sec) North ..
= 25920 North.
Grid LONG ..
13 (deg) X 06 (min) X 4.615384615 (sec) E.Giza ..
= 360 E.Giza.
[ E.Greenwich 44 deg 14 min 5.415384615 sec ].
Grid POINT Value ..
25920 / 360 = 72.

So; there you have another ancient site/structure .. this one with its remains situated_somehow_so that its actual centerline-amidships, between bulkheads 5 and 6 .. are_precisely_at a "final resting place" of .. 25920 ... 360 ... 72. Incredible, and amazing .. but also self-evident and_empirically_true.


With This Crop Formation

@ Marcahuasi, Peru .. (Munck, 1994, "The Code") .. a full-head sculpture on a mountainside .. massive .. its ASM Grid POINT Value is 3.728757071 ...

(3.728757071 / 3.141592654) = (5.411616169 / 4.559453265).

"5.411616169" .. is the ASM Grid POINT Value of the center of The Washington Monument in Washington, D.C. (Morton, 1998, Internet).


@ Lake District National Park, UK, on southwestern flank of Great Gable Mountain .. "Sphinx Rock" .. ASM figures found by a Robert Miller of the UK, and reported by Munck in "Whispers From Time, Vol II", 1999, self-published.

Special note: Robert Miller found the Grid LAT of "Sphinx Rock" to be .. 65656.127 North .. decimal harmonic of the .. Cydonia Face (on Mars) Grid POINT Value .. = 54 (deg) X 28 (min) X 43.42336442 (sec) North.

"Sphinx Rock" Grid LONG ..
34 (deg) X 21 (min) X 20.84455574 W.Giza ..
= 14883.01281 W.Giza.
[ W.Greenwich 03 deg 13 min 20.04455574 sec ].

"Sphinx Rock" Grid POINT Value .. 65656.127 / 14883.01281 = 4.411480917

Another special note:
"14883.01281" .. is the_identical_Grid LONG of .. "The Old Man of the Mountain" in New Hampshire, USA !!

Now .. comparing "Sphinx Rock" Grid POINT Value with the Grid POINT Value of this UK crop formation ..

4.559453265 / 4.411480917 = 1.033542556

"1.033542556" .. is the_identical_Grid POINT Value as "The Old Man of the Mountain" !!! (Munck, 1992, "The Code").


You also find this Grid POINT Value of "The Old Man of the Mountain" by comparing the Grid LONG of this_crop formation_with the Grid LONG of REGULUS ("Heart of the Lion") of Jan.1, 2000 ..

(23073.34064 / 22324.51921) = 1.033542556


Back to the Bull's Eye in Taurus
I have posted (on The Internet) my ASM figures for ALDEBARAN of Jan.1, 2000.
Its Grid LAT is .. 05 (deg) X 28 (min) X 25.04805198 (sec) South of ecliptic .. = 3506.727277 South of ecliptic.

I will now compare ALDEBARAN's Jan.1, 2000 Grid LAT with the Grid LAT of this UK crop formation ..

105201.8183 / 3506.727277 = 30.

"30" .. is the Grid POINT Value of the "hover-spot" of the PHOENIX UFO of the evening of 13 March, 1997, in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. (Morton, 1998, Internet).
I have several articles on that mass-sighting incident, on The Internet, focusing on the very obvious ASM figures indicated by the_center_of the_intersection_over-which that gigantic UFO hovered for 4 minutes .. Indian School Road and Seventh Avenue.

The Grid LONG of the "hover-spot" ..

 143 (deg)  X  13 (min)  X  0.707879103 (sec)  W.Giza ..
= 1315.947253 W.Giza.
[ W.Greenwich 112 deg 04 min 59.907879103 sec ].

Grid LAT of "hover-spot" ..

 33 (deg)  X  29 (min)  X  41.25226499 (sec)  North .. =  39478.4176  North.

Grid POINT Value of "hover-spot" ..

 =  39478.4176 / 1315.947253  =  30.


The Number "60" ..
And Its Pertinent Correlations
To this Crop Formation ..
And to Certain Specifically-related ASM Figures

Of course .. the number "60" is very integral to our conventional systems of time measurement and arc-distance measurement.

It is apparent that this UK crop formation .. specifically its Grid POINT Value .. is extremely well-correlated and very resonant-with .. certain ASM aspects of 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars.
The number "60" .. such a key parameter involved in the ASM itself .. is apparently_also_very involved here, in this case.

Concerning the "hominoid/feline" dual-facets of 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars .. notice the ratio of the "humankind/REGULUS" figures I have found involved in the "Riddle-of-the-Sphinx" composite ..

(216 / 19.7392088) = 10.94268783

Now .. using the Grid POINT Value of 'The Face' at Cydonia .. (656.56127 / 10.94268783) = 60.

Recall the equation I wrote earlier in this article .. (5400 / 90) X (216 / 19.7392088) = 656.56127

Notice the "5400 / 90" factor. 5400 / 90 = 60. And what, again, is "5400" ? It is the Grid POINT Value of The Great Sphinx of Giza. (Munck, 1992, "The Code").
"5400" is also 1/4th of the polar circumference of Earth, in terms of both latitude arc-minutes_and_nautical miles.

I have predicted (on The Internet) that it will "turn out" that the azimuth, in arc-degrees, from the apex of 'The D&M Pyramid' at Cydonia .. to the_nose_on 'The Face' at Cydonia (or to the place where the nose 'was', if such is the case) .. will be found to be obviously-intended as "13.15947253" .. decimal harmonic of the Grid LONG of the "hover-spot" of the PHOENIX UFO of 13 March, 1997.

"13.15947253" .. is 1/3rd of .. (2Pi) Squared.

And .. "13.15947253" is the Grid POINT Value of .. The Cholula Pyramid of Mexico. (Munck, 1992, "The Code").

The Cholula Pyramid of Mexico is a very major structure, especially in terms of its (original) volume. It is_also_another "FACE" in the ASM .. at certain times of day.. at particular_sun_angles .. but only when observed from overhead .. from an_aerial_view !! At those particular sun-angles, from overhead .. it presents a_smiling_face !!

Notice ..

(13.15947253/ 4.559453265) = 60.

And notice ..

(216 / 19.7392088) = (4.559453265 X 2.4).

Then ..

144 / 2.4 = 60.

And, recall ..

(4.559453265 X 144) = 656.56127



Of "The Number of Mankind"

That (6*6*6) = 216 .. Cube of 6 .. is true.

There are two cases involving the number "21.6" .. that I think are instructive of my interpretation of "the ascension" as involving a "rising-up" from being asleep .. an "awakening" .. going from a prone position parallel to the horizon .. to an "upright on two feet/legs" position .. the bi-pedal hominoid erect position, if you will .. perpendicular to the horizon.

This is metaphorical with our Sun "heading toward SOLAR APEX", on its journey around GALACTIC CENTER..

These movements involve a half-Pi rotation .. "skyward" .. or .. "straight-up", if you will.

That is ... half-Pi Radians (arc) is the 90 (deg) angle .. the "right angle" according to our conventional 360 arc-degrees on one full circumference.

The_polar_circumference of Earth .. is .. 21,600 in terms of nautical miles_and_latitude arc-minutes .. the Grid LAT of Stonehenge .. 21,600 North .. = 51 (deg) X 10 (min) X 42.35294118 (sec) North.

I found the Jan.1, 2000 Grid POINT Value of POLARIS .. to be .. 21.6 .. (Morton, 1999, Internet).

Grid LAT Jan.1, 2000 POLARIS ..

 66 (deg)  X  05 (min)  X  41.89090909 (sec)  North of ecliptic ..
= 13824 North of ecliptic.

Grid LONG Jan.1, 2000 POLARIS ..

 03 (deg)  X  53 (min)  X  4.025157233 (sec)  E.ALNITAK ..
= 640 E.ALNITAK.

Grid POINT Value Jan.1, 2000 POLARIS ..

 13824 / 640  =  21.6

I also found the figure 21.6 .. to be the_exact_difference .. between the prime meridian longitude_variances_ on Earth and Mars !! (Morton, 2000, Internet).

Munck found the variance for Earth ..
31 deg 08 min 0.8 sec .. the longitude distance between the Greenwich and the "ASM" (Giza) prime meridians.

I knew Munck had found the self-evident "ASM" prime meridian at Cydonia on Mars .. with the great help of Erol O.Torun's map, to pass through the center of 'The D&M; Pyramid' .. analagous to the Earth "ASM" prime meridian that he found to be self-evident, passing through the center of The Great Pyramid of Giza.

I then found .. to my amazement .. that the NASA prime meridian is_exactly_located .. 09 deg 32 min 0.8 sec .. to the east of the ASM prime meridian.

How did I confirm this ?
I multiplied the_numbers_of degrees times minutes times seconds ..

09 (deg) X 32 (min) X 0.8 (sec) = 230.4

That "230.4" figure is a decimal harmonic of "2304" .. a gematrian number of considerable importance.

ALSO .. and here was the clincher ..

I compared the longitude prime meridian variances on Earth and Mars, to one another ..

    31 deg  08 min  0.8 sec
- 09 deg 32 min 0.8 sec
21 deg 36 min 0.0 sec .. which equals_precisely_21.6 arc-deg !!

It is a_match_of the Jan.1, 2000 Grid POINT Value of POLARIS .. which, in turn, is a decimal harmonic of the 21,600 nautical miles POLAR circumference of Earth !!

My conclusion .. the "number of mankind" .. 216 .. is referencing the "polar" orientation of Earth itself as of Jan.1, 2000 .. as well as .. the "polar" orientation of us bi-pedal humanoids .. when we "wake-up" and become "up-standing" individuals .. erect on our bi-peds .. and parallel to the rotation axis of our planet !!!

That's what "ascension" is .. waking-up .. and then standing-up-for .. the self-evident truths that we can recognize.

-- Michael Lawrence Morton
(c) 2001

P.S. .. feel free to copy, forward, distribute .. according to whatever you think serves this revelation in the best interests of The People. Thanks -- M.L.Morton

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