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Sunday 3 Nov, 2013  
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upHoney Street, Wiltshire, UK
Reported 9th Jul 2000 | Ref: uk00bs

/cgi-bin/CCdb2?d=uk00bs - there, you'll see a 'clickable' photo of this formation.

Please then 'click' on the OS Grid Ref number of SU 098617 and you'll be at the latitude/longitude page. I work with the long decimal fractional figures, given in arc-degrees. I have no input, and no control, over the figures reported from the field.

Here are my 'matrix' numbers for this crop formation :
Grid LAT 51 (deg) X 21 (min) X 11.9860616 (sec) North ...
= 12837.07197 North.

Grid LONG 32 (deg) X 59 (min) X 34.23894644 (sec) W.Giza ...
= 64643.13088 W.Giza.
[ W.Greenwich 01 deg 51 min 33.43894644 sec ].
Grid POINT Value 64643.13088 / 12837.07197 = 5.035660081

Note : Recall the Grid POINT Value of the Orion belt-star ALNITAK - the prime meridian marker-star for our ecliptic (Morton, 1999) ...
43.63323131 ... see

43.63323131 / 5.035660081 = 3.141592654 X 2.758106915

Notice that "2.758106915" is a decimal harmonic of the Grid POINT Value (Munck, 1992) of 'The D&M Pyramid' at Cydonia on Mars.

So; again, we have a direct reference to one of the main structures at Cydonia, by another of this season's (year 2000) crop formations. Simultaneously, we have a direct reference to the prime meridian marker-star in the "Sky Matrix" ... via the *precise* Pi constant.

-- Michael Lawrence Morton

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