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Sunday 3 Nov, 2013  
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upMilk Hill, nr Alton Barnes, Wiltshire, UK
Reported 1st Jul 2000 | Ref: uk00bm

There you'll see a diagram (thanks, Freddy Silva) of the formation .. a complex six-fold 'star' pattern. Please 'click' on the OS Grid Ref number ... SU 104635 ... and you'll then be at the latitude/longitude page for this formation. I work with the long decimal fractional numbers, which are given in arc-degrees.

Here are my 'matrix' figures for this formation ...

Grid LAT 51 (deg) X 22 (min) X 10.21315143 (sec) North ...
= 11459.1559 North.

Grid LONG 32 (deg) X 59 (min) X 3.034734084 (sec) W.Giza ...
= 5729.577951 W.Giza.

[ W.Greenwich 01 deg 51 min 2.234734084 sec ].
Grid POINT Value 11459.1559 / 5729.577951 = 2.

NOTE ... we have here decimal harmonics of The Radian (deg) ... 57.29577951 (deg) ... assuming the conventional 360 arc-degrees on one circumference. { 360 / (2Pi) = 57.29577951 }.

The Grid LAT is a precise "200 Radians" (deg), and the Grid LONG is a precise "100 Radians" (deg). So ... their ratio is a nice pure "2".

There are 2 research associates I've been working with lately, regarding certain alphanumeric cases and phenomena .. Joe T. and Gary Val Tenuta. When I saw the name "Milk Hill" I thought of the Egyptian "goddess" HATHOR, and I thought of the pyramids of Giza, etc. I decided to "check-out" some alphanumerics regarding the name of this crop formation. MILK HILL = 45 + 41 = 86. { I don't 'reduce' the sum immediately. I first *acknowledge* the sum, and correlate it with other words/phrases ... THEN I reduce it }. I know, for example, that "86" is the sum of .. PYRAMID.

Recently, I've found "Baphy", The Goat .. popping-up a lot in my work. I've referred to "him" in some of my most recent emails. "He" is a depiction, an artifact, at Sterling Run, Pennsylvania, USA ... of the stylized "Goat of Mendes" .. or "The Baphomet" .. associated with ancient Egyptian alchemy. I think Laurence Gardner's treatment of this "ancient stylized character" makes good sense .. in his book, "Genesis of The Grail Kings". This ancient depiction is a symbol of "Khem" ... Ham .. the grandson of Tubal-Cain. Gardner shows, rather convincingly, I think, in his book .. that Ham and Tubal-Cain are actually genealogically directly-descended from EN.KI./PTAH .. yes ... the so-called "mythological god" of Sumer and Egypt. Of course this conflicts with established dogma ... but so does the entire body of work, here.

When I visited the site of "Baphy", as I call him, in northern Pennsylvania, USA, in 1995 (the village of Sterling Run, Cameron County) ... I noted the position of the artifact (it is on a rock-face, on the banks of Sterling Run Creek), and I sent my marked USGS topo map to Munck, who calculated the 'matrix' coordinates. One of the things he pointed out in his newsletter regarding the artifact, was the 2 horns ... the 2 horns are prominent in the stylization. The number "2" was being emphasized.

So; I thought of those 2 horns ... and I then recalled the crop formation of 01 June, 2000 ..."West Kennet Longbarrow". I had calculated a Grid POINT Value for that formation of EXACTLY HALF the Grid POINT Value of "Baphy" The Goat ... at Sterling Run, PA, USA !!!
{ 2 X 2.465617776 = 4.931235553 }.

I had written an article on the "West Kennet Longbarrow" formation, shortly after that formation was reported .. several weeks ago. That article is *linked* on the "2000, UK" page of "The International Crop Circle Database".

Now ... the alphanumeric sum of GOAT .. is .. "43".
2 X 43 = 86 .... sum of .. PYRAMID. We're seeing some 'self-referencing' to ancient Egypt, here, I think. Gardner, in fact, in "Genesis of The Grail Kings" ... actually identifies Ham/Khem .. as .. none other than Thoth/Hermes .. the probable 'architect' of The Great Pyramid of Giza.

As we've seen already ... the alphanumeric sum of "MILK HILL" is .. 86.

I decided to go a step further ... 2 X 86 = "172".
Notice the date of the reporting of this particular crop glyph ... 1 / 7 / 2000 ...

01 July, 2000. There are the digits, in horizontal order ... 1 .. 7 .. 2 .. 000.

The "West Kennet Longbarrow" formation was reported on 01 June, 2000 ... 1 .. 6 .. 2 .. 000 ... referencing the "162,000" nautical miles per second speed of light (Bruce Cathie; "The Harmonic Conquest of Space"). There are 30 Days between these 2 formations.

A step further ... 2 X 172 = 344 ... Day Number 344 of the Mayan Haab (annual) Calendar is .. always the 4th of July. Of course, this is the USA Independence Day. Let's see ... 30 Days between formations ... 344 - 30 = "314" ... the first 3 digits, in order, of the Pi constant.

When was the Declaration of Independence ? ... 1776. This number brings thoughts of THIS number to me ... "1776.528792". 1776.528792 = (Pi Squared) X 180. Not only that ... but we see 3 numbers "within the number" ... in order ... 1776 .. 528 .. 792. The number "528" is a decimal harmonic of the number of regular British Feet in a statute mile (5280). The number "792" is a decimal harmonic of the number of statute miles in the mean diameter of Earth (7920).

Let's bring "Baphy" into the picture again, now :
4.931235553 X 1776.528792 = 8760.48194 ... the "Tetrahedral Grid LAT" (Morton, 1999) of the Hoagland Tetrahedral Latitude of 19.47122061 (deg) North/South of planetary equators. 8760.48194 North/South ...
= 19 (deg) X 28 (min) X 16.46707131 (sec) North/South.

The Sine of 19.47122061 (deg) is ... 1/3rd ... 0.333333333 ... and if we divide that figure into the "2" we found as the Grid POINT Value for this crop formation ... 2 / (0.333333333) = 6.

6 X 8760.48194 = 52562.89164 ... which is the W.Giza Grid LONG for both Stonehenge *and* The Kukulkan Pyramid at Chichen Itza in The Yucatan, Mexico (Munck, 1993). I want to point-out the figures, here, for The Kukulkan Pyramid, and you'll see 'why' in a minute.

Grid LONG 52562.89164 W.Giza ...
= 119 (deg) X 42 (min) X 10.51678504 (sec) W.Giza.

[ W.Greenwich 88 deg 34 min 9.71678504 sec ].
Grid LAT 917.3955235 North ...
= 20 (deg) X 41 (min) X 1.118775029 (sec) North.

Kukulkan Pyramid Grid POINT Value ... 52562.89164 / 917.3955235 ...
= 57.29577951 ... The Radian (deg).

We found decimal harmonics of The Radian (deg) as the Grid LAT and the Grid LONG for this crop formation ... 200 Radians (deg) for its Grid LAT, and 100 Radians (deg) for its Grid LONG. An exact 2:1 ratio ... an "octave" in decimal harmonics of The Radian (deg).

Another name for "Kukulkan" is ... "Quetzalcoatl". Sitchin has identified (see his book, "The Lost Realms") Quetzalcoatl as the same historical person as Thoth. Gardner has made a good case for Thoth being also identified as Ham/Khem. And I have identified the depiction at Sterling Run, PA, USA on a rock-face near the creek there, as that of The Goat of Mendes ... The Baphomet .. associated with this very same great person.

-- Michael Lawrence Morton

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