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Sunday 3 Nov, 2013  
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upBishop Cannings, nr Devizes, Wiltshire, UK
Reported 27th Jun 2000 | Ref: uk00bf

You'll see a photo ('clickable') there of the formation, which was reported on 27 June, 2000.

Next, 'click' on the "OS Grid Ref" number of SU 033648, which takes you to the longitude/latitude page. I work with the long decimal fractional figures given in arc-degrees. (I have no input or control, whatsoever, regarding the figures reported for latitude/longitude).

Here are my 'matrix' figures for this formation :

Grid LAT 51 (deg) X 22 (min) X 52.60429289 (sec) North ...
= 59022.01662 North.

Grid LONG 33 (deg) X 05 (min) X 10.12109974 (sec) W.Giza ...
= 1669.981457 W.Giza.

[ W.Greenwich 01 deg 57 min 9.32109974 sec ].
Grid POINT Value 59022.01662 / 1669.981457 = 35.34291735

Note: the Grid POINT Value is equal to exactly ... (11.25 X Pi).

If you consider the "8-point star" motif of the design, and multiply "8" times the "11.25" factor ... 8 X 11.25 = 90. That's always a significant number in this 'matrix' ... the "right angle" in arc-degrees.

NOTE : the longitude reading on this formation ... i.e. the reading taken in the field ... was extremely accurate. By that, I mean .. it was accurate to within less than a HALF-FOOT of my assessed longitude !! So .. my congratulations to the person(s) who took that reading.


This ancient 'matrix' extends into the heavens ... as revealed in our current (circa 2000 A.D.) sky. The current positions of several prominent stars in our sky ... to an amazing precision, in terms of their latitude and longitude ... are correlating significantly with the exact positions of certain pyramids, mounds, stone circles, and even with the precise positions of certain crop formations ... this one being a case-in-point !!

If you'll go to my articles on this "Sky Matrix", you'll see that the Orion belt-star ALNITAK is serving as the 'prime meridian marker-star' for our ecliptic. { }.

The Grid POINT Value I found for ALNITAK is ... 43.63323131 ... and notice what happens if I divide it by the Grid POINT Value of this crop formation ... 43.63323131 / 35.34291735 = 1.234567901 ... which is an exact match of the Grid POINT Value I found for the "Earth Face" in the lower Hudson River Valley region of New York State, USA. This is an apparent full-scale analogue ... *although very heavily-eroded* ... of 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars. There is "a lot to this story" .. which I don't have the space, here, to cover properly. Here, I will give my 'matrix' figures for "Earth Face" ... so that *at least* its exact location is reiterated ... (I have mentioned this exact location before, several times on The Internet, as some of you know). Keep in mind that this ancient ruin is of a scale comparable to that of 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars. It might help to get some aerial photos. I do hope that the site hasn't been already destroyed. The site straddles the Wallkill River in Middletown, NY, USA, with the river running just below the 'nose' and across the 'upper lip'.

Grid LAT 41 (deg) X 24 (min) X 21.33658537 (sec) North ...
= 20995.2 North.

Grid LONG 105 (deg) X 31 (min) X 7.963133641 (sec) W.Giza ...
= 25920 W.Giza.

[ W.Greenwich 74 deg 23 min 7.163133641 sec ].
Grid POINT Value .. "Earth Face" .. 25920 / 20995.2 = 1.234567901

NOTE : The Grid LONG is a numerical match of Earth's Precession cycle.
Also ... "1.234567901" is the SQUARE of "1.111111111" .

Further ... the only integer "absent" in the Grid POINT Value for "Earth Face" is .. "8" ... but the "8" is conspicuous in its very "absence" ... as we recall the '8-pointed star' motif of this crop formation's design. Recall that the "8" is the Grid POINT Value of the "stylized ouroboros" crop formation reported in the UK on the 10th of April, 2000 ... the first formation of this season.

Think, for just a moment, of what the "odds" must be for what I've discovered, here (just in terms of this 'one set' of correlations .. this one set of correlations involving this 'one particular' crop formation !!) ... as being "random chance" number-coincidences. This formation is *simultaneously* correlating precisely with not only the *prime meridian marker-star* for our ecliptic ... but also with a full-scale (albeit heavily eroded) analogue of 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars !!!

-- Michael Lawrence Morton

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