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Sunday 3 Nov, 2013  
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upStanton St.Bernard, Wiltshire, UK
Reported 25th Jun 2000 | Ref: uk00bb

Once there, to get to the latitude/longitude data page, please 'click' on the "OS Grid Ref" number of .. SU 081628. I work with the long decimal fractional figures you see there, given in arc-degrees.

Here are my 'matrix' figures for this formation :

Grid LAT 51 (deg) X 21 (min) X 47.48554368 (sec) North ...
= 50857.01728 North.

Grid LONG 33 (deg) X 01 (min) X 1.989579606 (sec) W.Giza ...
= 65.656127 W.Giza.

Grid POINT Value 50857.01728 / 65.656127 = 774.5966692

The Grid LAT is a numerical match of the Grid LAT of AVEBURY CIRCLE (Munck, 1999). The actual latitude of AVEBURY CIRCLE :
51 deg 25 min 39.88785669 sec.
Multiplying .... 51 (deg) X 25 (min) X 39.88785669 (sec) North ...
= 50857.01728 North.

ALSO ... a numerical match of the Grid LAT of the RAM/GOAT (Baphomet) at Sterling Run, Pennsylvania, USA. (Munck, 1995). Actual latitude of the "Baphomet" artifact ... 41 deg 24 min 51.68396065 sec.

Multiplying .. 41 (deg) X 24 (min) X 51.68396065 (sec) North ... = 50857.01728 North.

NOTE : 50857.01728 = [ Radian (deg) X (Square Root of Volume of Sphere) ] ..
= (57.29577951 X 887.6223993).

{ Generic Volume of Sphere is calculated using The Radian (deg) of ... 57.29577951 arc-degrees, based on the 360 arc-degrees system. The Radian (deg) figure is CUBED and then multiplied times (4Pi / 3) ... (57.29577951 X 57.29577951 X 57.29577951) X ( 4Pi / 3) ... = 787873.5239 Cubic Arc-degrees. The Square Root of that is ... 887.6223993 }.

See the book, "Genesis of The Grail Kings", by Laurence Gardner. He provides new evidence and he discusses the ancient history of the suppressed royal bloodlines, involving the genealogical descent to Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene. This does bring into account the history of Egyptian alchemy, and the line of Ham (Khem) .. son of Tubal-Cain. The "Baphomet" is associated with Ham (Khem), as well as with The Knights Templars. Notice that the Grid LONG is a numerical match of the Grid POINT Value (Morton, 1998) of the specific place at Bethlehem (within less than 10 feet) that Bruce Cathie identifies in his book, "The Harmonic Conquest of Space", on page 109. When I deciphered the 'matrix' numbers for this spot in Bethlehem, I first noted Bruce Cathie's figures.

Then, I applied Munck's methodology, to come up with a set of the closest 'matrix' numbers I could find to Bruce Cathie's set of coordinates. I found the Grid LONG of the Bethlehem spot to be ... 648 E.Giza ...
= 04 (deg) X 03 (min) X 54 (sec) E.Giza.
[ E.Greenwich 35 deg 11 min 54.8 sec ].

I found the Grid LAT of the spot to be ... 42545.1703 North ... = 31 (deg) X 41 (min) X 33.4737768 sec North.

Here, then is the Grid POINT Value ... 42545.1703 / 648 = 65.656127 ... This, I immediately recognized, as a decimal harmonic match of the Grid POINT Value that Munck found for 'The Face' (656.56127) at Cydonia on Mars !!

The Grid POINT Value of this crop formation ... 774.5966692 ... is the precise Square Root of .. 600,000. This alludes to the importance of the number 60 in this 'matrix' .. and of the number "6", as well.

Of course, the "6" refers to the hexagon, and I do think Hoagland's pointing out of the hexagonal ("hyperdimensional") signature around the north pole of SATURN is important and pertinent to this re-discovery process involving what I'm now refering to as the "ancient unified field matrix". And "6" is a factor used by Bruce Cathie throughout his calculations involving the particular 'grid' he's been working with for many years. I think the "ancient unified field matrix" includes Cathie's 'grid', and I think Cathie's work resonates with, parallels, and sometimes 'overlaps' ... the work Munck has been doing and the work I'm doing.

This particular crop formation has a very interesting, precise connection to the crop formation of 19th June, 2000 ... the one called ... "South Field, Alton Priors". To show you this connection, I'm going to divide the Grid POINT Value 'above' (774.5966692) by the Grid POINT Value of AVEBURY CIRCLE (the ancient stone circle) itself :

774.5966692 / 2.77181521 = 279.4546572 ... a decimal harmonic match of the Grid POINT Value of the "South Field, Alton Priors" crop formation !!!
{ 2.794546572 }.

-- Michael Lawrence Morton

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