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Sunday 3 Nov, 2013  
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Michael Morton Research: Crop Glyph of Danebury Hill Fort, Hampshire, UK

Reported 10th Apr 2000 | Ref: uk2000aa

I think this formation is showing a "stylized ouroboros" ... a very ancient emblem of both 'Kingship' .. as in bloodlines ... and of 'Enlightenment' .. as in knowledge and wisdom. In connection with this subject, I recommend chapter 10 of the book, "Genesis of The Grail Kings", by Laurence Gardner.

Once on the webpage (Url, above) .. please 'click' on the "OS Grid Ref" number of SU 329379 ... which takes you to the page giving a relatively accurate latitude and longitude for this formation .. as accurate as can be measured by the person(s) in the field. I use the long decimal fractional figures, given in arc-degrees.

These are my 'matrix' figures for this formation ...

Grid LAT 51 (deg) X 08 (min) X 18.38235294 (sec) North ...
= 7500 North.

Grid LONG 32 (deg) X 39 (min) X 48.07692308 (sec) W.Giza ...
= 60000 W.Giza.

[ W.Greenwich 01 deg 31 min 47.27692308 sec ].
Grid POINT Value 60000 / 7500 = 8.

If we turn the figure "8" ... by 90 arc-degrees ... we have a symbol that can represent the basic form of the very ancient stylized "Great Dragon" emblem, with the head, feet, and tail of the "dragon" stretched-out in a way that forms (nearly) a 'sideways' figure-8.

Correlation to 'The Great Octagon' Of Newark, Ohio, USA
Right around the time this formation was reported (10th April, 2000) ... I "happened" to be reviewing some matrix numbers of certain structures/sites, including The Great Octagon and Octagon Circle, at the earthworks in Newark, Ohio, USA. I ended-up 'correcting' the reported matrix numbers for Octagon Circle .. both latitude and longitude. I also, then, figured-out (to my satisfaction, anyway) the matrix numbers for The Great Octagon ... which, until then, had not been done by anyone .. at least not to my knowledge. Bear in mind, here, that I didn't look at the latitude or longitude numbers of this crop formation we're discussing, until just a few days ago, as I write this (Solstice of June, 2000).

The Grid POINT Value of The Great Octagon, I found to be ... "75" ... a decimal harmonic of the "7500" Grid LAT I just (2 days ago, as I write this) figured for this crop glyph.

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Of course, the number "8" is displayed by The Great Octagon earthwork ... in its structural design. What are 'the odds' that I would just "happen" to be reviewing the matrix numbers of this particular 'set' of earthworks, just about the time the crop glyph we are discussing was actually created ... and that the Grid POINT Value displayed by the crop glyph would be "8" ... AND, that the Grid LAT of the crop glyph would be a decimal harmonic match of the Grid POINT Value ("75") I found for the earthwork that is LITERALLY *connected-to* the earthwork I was reviewing at the time ?

-- Michael Lawrence Morton

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