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Sunday 3 Nov, 2013  
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Michael Morton Research: A '1776' Ancient Matrix Link to Silbury Hill

This is in regards to the recent discovery of a major "shaft" in Silbury Hill, UK, that was discovered on Monday 5 June, 2000 ... at the top of the center of that ancient conical mound.

I've written, on The Internet, about a certain "matrix" number (in the ancient "archaeo-sky matrix") ... 1776.528792 .... which I thought-of when I noticed the "1776" year-connection to the original digging of this newly-discovered shaft, by the Duke of Northumberland's hired men. { That summer of 1776, of course, was the time of the American Declaration of Independence. Also .... "528" is a decimal harmonic of the 5280 Feet in the statute mile, and "792" is a decimal harmonic of the 7920 statute miles (average) diameter of Earth }.

Meanwhile, I've found a Grid POINT Value of "2.465617776" for the crop formation called "W.Kennet Longbarrow" ... reportedly created on 1 June, 2000. I decided to multiply ... 1776.528792 X 2.465617776 = 4380.240969

Then, I multiplied the Grid POINT Value of Silbury Hill, itself, (Munck, 1993) .. times that figure .... 2.548320899 X 4380.240969 = 11162.2596 ... which is the Grid LAT I have found for an ANALOGUE of 'The D&M Pyramid' of Cydonia on Mars. This analogue (*greatly eroded*, of course) is in Warwick, New York State, USA, in the lower Hudson River Valley. 11162.2596 North ... = 41 (deg) X 16 (min) X 17.01563964 (sec) North.

Next ... I divided that figure by the Grid LAT of 'The D&M Pyramid' itself .. (Munck, 1992) ... 11162.2596 / 9929.184894 = 1.124186901 { Note : Grid LAT of D&M Pyramid at Cydonia is .... 40 (deg) X 52 (min) X 4.773646584 (sec) North ....

= 9929.184894 North }.
If we now multiply THAT number ... times the Grid POINT Value I found for the crop formation of "W.Kennet Longbarrow" .... 1.124186901 X 2.465617776 = 2.77181521 ... the Grid POINT Value for ... AVEBURY CIRCLE (Munck, 1999, in his latest book, "Whispers From Time", Volume 2 ).

Further .... I think the "130" Feet of the apex-height of Silbury Hill, and of the depth of the shaft dug in 1776, could very well be (have been intended as) .. "129.878788" Feet .... because ... I found a Grid POINT Value of ... "1.29878788" ... for the "Lockeridge" crop formation reported on 31 May, 2000.

This formation was reported only 1 day before the creation of the "W.Kennet Longbarrow" formation.

Clearly, I think these figures are speaking for themselves ... and they are actually "announcing" precise references to specific ancient structures on Mars. This is, I think, beyond a reasonable doubt ... if you take the time to focus on these numbers ... and, on other material I've posted, that is specifically related to what I've showed to you in this article. Please see the websites below, or at least one of them. I also have references and links, on those sites, to Munck's work, and to other work that is seminal to my own.

-- Michael Lawrence Morton
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