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upWinter Solstice Meditation 2000
Photographic Evidence of a Psycho-Interactive Luminous Phenomenon
'Co-created' through Visualization. by Ed & Kris Sherwood

In July 1992, while pursuing a 'psychic' and 'interactive' approach to Crop Circle research, I began to see 'balls of light', invisible in an ordinary state of consciousness, that were otherwise only visible to infrared sensitive film and equipment. In the same month I also witnessed these apparently 'non-physical' luminosities, precede the appearance of 'atmospheric plasma' (a type of 'physical' luminosity often reported as a luminous UFO and commonly called an 'Earthlight'), and on one occasion lead to the creation of a non-manmade Crop Circle formation. Since then, I have seen single and multiple non-physical luminosities everyday; indoors, outdoors, in daytime, nighttime, stationary, moving, in a wide variety of colours, sizes, forms and conditions, experiencing a kind of 'psycho-interaction' with them that has convinced me that they are, like most authentic Crop Circle formations, and to a certain extent the atmospheric plasmas frequently sighted in associated with them, a 'Co-created' psychokinetic phenomenon, by the combining of 'finite' and 'Infinite Intelligence Collective Consciousness' energy.

With this in mind Kris and I present a tiny example of our 'Psychic Photography' research, involving from the beginning of 1999 to the end of 2000 no less than 400 documented photographed visualization experiments, resulting in more than a 1000 luminosity images on 35mm, HI8 video and digital camera equipment, in an attempt to record the psycho-interactive nature of the luminosities, occurring all year round, particularly at places in the landscape where 'Leylines' cross.

1) 'Rock Rest' Vortices 'Light Balls' and 'Luminosity', Psychic Photography Experiment - 21, 12/21/00

Minutes after completing a short Winter Solstice 'Earth Healing' meditation, at the 'Rock Rest' vortices, I saw a large ('water melon' sized) brilliant white 'light ball', trailing small 'flames', suddenly appear above the center of the vortex, moving slowly towards Kris from about fifteen feet away. Making no audible sound, and invisible to Kris, it 'floated' on a horizontal course towards her until reaching approximately three feet away before vanishing suddenly. Moments later as I snapped a photograph in its direction Kris and I saw, a brightly illuminated 'stick of light', about a foot long, perhaps a foot off the ground, a few feet away, between us, appear and disappear suddenly. Kris said "What was that?" and I said "Did you see that?" Both surprised by its appearance we checked the ground for a branch or stick that might have been caught in the light of the camera flash. However, there was nothing standing or laying on the ground to explain the 'luminosity'.

After the experiment, curious to know why a 'stick' of light had appeared, I asked Kris what she had visualized during our unguided meditation. Kris related, as part of her visualization, she had imagined a local Native American (Tongva/Chumash) shaman performing a Winter Solstice 'Sun Staff' ceremony; in which a shaman would tap a stick, surmounted by an incised stone, three times, before symbolically 'pulling' the sun from its most Northern position (during Winter solstice) back toward its most Southern position (at Summer solstice), celebrating the beginning of the lengthening of the solar day.

I was amazed to hear what Kris had visualized. I had imagined quite different 'Earth Healing' imagery throughout the meditation, except for one brief moment in the first half, when during a very different train of thought, I had suddenly and spontaneously visualized a native American shaman sending prayers to the four directions. After hearing what Kris had imagined it seemed like a moment of clairvoyance had occurred between us, since neither of us had discussed or planned what we eventually visualized. However, a larger than usual luminosity had appeared and moved across the vortex moments before a stick of light had appeared, like a 'sun' being pulled by a sun staff? To date, this is the only time Kris and I have witnessed this occur at the Rock Rest vortices.

2) 'Rock Rest' Vortices 'Light Balls', Psychic Photography Experiment - 21, 12/21/00

Minutes after the Winter Solstice 'Earth Healing' meditation, Kris and I also saw, and recorded, numerous 'balls of light', visible for a second or less, in the light of the camera flash.

Foot note: The same type of luminosities, readily visible in an altered state of consciousness, and recordable on infrared sensitive film and equipment, I have observed everyday without the aid of a camera flash since July 1992, when I first witnessed them precede the appearance of physical 'balls of light', and the creation of an non-manmade crop circle formation.

3) 'Rock Rest' Vortices 'Luminosity', Psychic Photography Experiment - 22, 12/22/00

The following evening in daylight conditions we decided I should return to the Rock Rest vortex to recheck that no woodland ground cover was caught in the light of the camera flash that might otherwise explain image 1. After a detailed check however, at a location Kris and I already knew well, it was clear that there wasn't any. At the moment I fully accepted this, as if to doubly confirm my observations, in fading light, I suddenly sensed the 'presence' and energy of the 'Source' of the luminosities, of the previous night, behind me. As I turned and then snapped a digital photograph towards this, I saw and recorded a tall, perhaps fifteen foot high, bright spiralling 'smoky' luminous 'mist', that suddenly appeared and disappeared without a sound from the 'center' of the vortex. Its appearance was also accompanied by numerous 'light balls'. I thanked the 'Source' and left the site soon after.

4) 'Rock Rest' Vortices 'Luminosity', Psychic Photography Experiment - 23, 12/24/00

Three nights after the solstice meditation Kris and I returned to the Rock Rest Vortices. An Earth Healing meditation and 'Psychic Photography' experiment that followed was taped using a HI8 camcorder fixed to a tripod. After reviewing the footage and stilling the camera flashes, we discovered it had recorded a brilliant luminosity near the center of the vortex identical looking to the one that 'floated' towards Kris minutes after the Winter solstice meditation! It was not recorded at the time, so Kris and I had 'requested' this on the third visit. A request it seems that was granted.

5) 'Rock Rest' Vortices 'Light Balls', Psychic Photography Experiment - 23, 12/24/00

Regular light balls were also recorded on our digital camera minutes after the Earth Healing meditation, including a moving 'bluish' coloured orb.

Important: At no time during any of the above experiments was it raining, misty, or the air laden with sufficient particulate matter (dust, etc), able to explain the above. On each occasion, there was no wind and humidity was low.

All images referred to in the text above:© Millennium Research 2000/1.

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