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upUFO Reporting Form
To report any UFO sightings or anomalous aerial objects.

Please fill in and submit this form if you have witnessed a UFO or other unidentified aerial sighting. Please make the details as accurate as possible, but leave blank any fields which you are unsure about.

Thank you for your kind cooperation.

Location of event (Give OS grid ref if possible)

Date of event:

Time of event:

Were there any abnormal weather changes during, or after the event?
(Such as sudden temperature changes, wind direction/strength changes etc.)

How long did the event last?

Weather conditions (fine, rain etc)

Approx. Temperature (hot, humid, cool etc)

Did you witness the whole event? Yes No

What was your approximate distance from the event?

Approx angle from the ground

Was there any communication between you and the event?

Did the event cause any abnormalities on nearby objects?
(eg. car stalling, animals making a noise, scorch marks on the ground etc.)

Description of event: Please describe as accurately as possible, the entire sequence of events which took place.

May we quote your experiences? Yes No

If yes, would you prefer to be anonymous? Yes No

Would you be prepared to be interviewed about your experience? Yes No

Name: Mr Mrs Miss Ms






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