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upEnigma Issue 9: Editorial
by Paul Vigay | 20th Jun 1996

Well, here we are again in the midst of another crop circle season. This time, I've deliberately delayed this issue of Enigma, so that I could bring you some of the preliminary reports and diagrams of this years first crop formations.

The season got off to a fairly slow start, but literally a couple of days ago a major pictogram appeared in East Field in Alton Barnes. My initial view is that it is a genuine formation, purely because a) it's of such an elaborate geometric design and b) because I detected a number of anomalous electro-magnetic signals in it's vicinity.

Further research is on-going, as I write this, so expect more information in issue 10. Also, due to some very positive research results from last year, I have now invested in some high-tech monitoring equipment, which I hope to take along to formations with me.

As Enigma readers are probably aware, I have been working on various 'gizmo's over the past few years. I have detected various anomalous 'indications', but so far been unable to narrow down the frequencies involved, to gain meaningful information.

I now have the necessary equipment to enable me to actually pick up and digitally filter and display any spurious signals or frequencies which may be originating from crop formations or their immediate vicinity. I also have some computer controlled scanner equipment, which, if a signal is detected, will automatically 'lock on' to the signal and allow me to audibly monitor the frequency range.

Obviously, Enigma readers will be first to hear of any results I obtain during the following weeks.

I have also been developing a powerful computer application to enable me to carry out detailed site surveys and measurements from aerial photos, whilst hopefully allowing the computer to compensate for the angle of the plane. Not only this, but I am working on getting the computer to actually 'play' musical tones generated from the circle images themselves.

This is now on the cutting edge of research and has already received world-wide interest via my Internet World Wide Web page at:

Some initial specifications of my computer application are given later in this issue, but you can be sure of hearing more about it in future issues as I start putting it through it's paces to actually analyse my research.

I hope to get issue 10 out during July, so as to give on-going updates of the season. So until then, happy researching.


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