Enigma Journal: Crop Circle Anomalies
Enigma Issue 8: Winter 1995/6
An examination of the Cow Down and Telegraph Hill formations of 1995

On 14th June 1995 I surveyed a new formation (possible creation date, 11th June 1995) at Telegraph Hill near Cheesefoot Head, with my mother and father. It was a sort of quintuplet of quintuplets (see fig.1). This was the first formation to appear in the Cheesefoot Head area in 1995, so I decided to do a number of measurements using my various 'gizmos' (see Enigma issue 1). Although I did not detect any anomalous electro-static readings, I did get some weird radio interference readings in the top left (from the road), southeast part of the formation. I initially got an audible hum from my RF detector, similar to placing it near to a TV screen. However, as I moved around the formation, the signal got louder, then quieter, which slightly puzzled me. I decided to make a sketch of the area of interference in my notebook. I later drew this up on the computer. Figure 1 is the drawing I produced on the 14th June, when I returned home. This shows the area of RF interference I detected.

[image e008b1.gif]

I also found that the battery in my 'gizmo' decided to die, half way through doing my second set of readings. This in itself was rather unusual as it should have lasted about a year and had only been replaced about three weeks previously. On the 18th June I returned to the formation to take some photographs of it, but then discovered that my camera battery had also 'gone flat'. I had previously heard reports of batteries going flat in crop circles, but never witnessed the anomaly myself - until now.

I subsequently discovered that two other people had reported batteries going dead in this crop formation. The plot thickened....

The first of my surprises occurred a few days later when I spoke to Kerry Blower (from the South Wales UFO group) and told her of the shape of the formation. She immediately got excited and revealed that she had dreamt of this shape previously. At which point, I said I would shut-up and not say any more until she had drawn me the shape in her dream. To my amazement she reproduced the shape more or less exactly as I had drawn it.

However, the biggest surprise occurred on 17th June, almost a week later, when a formation was to appear at Cowdown near Andover. I could not believe my eyes when I first saw a photo (fig.2), as it exactly mapped the RF interference signal I had detected at Telegraph Hill.

[image e008b2.jpg]
Fig.2 Cowdown, photo ©Lucy Pringle

The pattern of this new formation was uncannily like my diagram of Telegraph Hill, produced one week EARLIER. What's more, due to living quite near Cheesefoot Head I had not travelled to Wiltshire and shown my diagram to anyone. Therefore NO ONE had previously seen my sketch. Either the circlemakers are psychic, or I was part of a major coincidence.