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upEnigma Issue 8: Editorial
by Paul Vigay | 4th Mar 1996

After the unfortunate delay in the arrival of Enigma 7, I am pleased to announce that things are now back on schedule and I welcome all readers to issue 8. I'm going to stick my neck out now and state that I am trying to get issue nine ready for the end of April, so if you have any articles you would like to submit, please could you get them to me by the end of March at the latest.

So, what's been happening recently? For a start, the Roswell autopsy saga seems to have temporarily quietened down. I don't think this is due to a loss of interest, merely researchers busily chasing up various avenues of enquiry. Expect to hear some more announcements in the near future.

Talking of announcements, I've been surprised at the amount of media coverage UFOs have been receiving recently. Not only have there been UFO related adverts being shown on TV (VW cars for a start), but VH1 and CMTV (two Cable music channels) have recently shown crop circles as part of channel adverts.

There have also been numerous 'sightings' around the country. Actually, there haven't been more than usual, except for the fact that the media has not been frightened to report them. This could be partly due to the popularity of programmes like the X Files gaining enormous viewing figures, but I'm sure there is a more positive feeling in general about UFO sightings. People seem less likely to simply dismiss them without consideration for the facts. I hope this positive attitude can carry on.

Believe it or not, the crop circle season is almost with us again (in a couple of months or so). It seems like only yesterday when I was hiking around Wiltshire in the Summer sun. Hopefully this year will see some of the hoaxers getting bored and giving up (Hmm, I'm sure I said that last year....) and we can continue with scientific research.

After the anger and apparent disillusionment of last years crop circle season, I hope that researchers and crop circle enthusiasts will try to regain some of the love and spirituality of previous years. I'm sure that crop circles are a positive thing and there has been too much negativity in the last year or so.

I'm also hoping to carry out more paranormal investigations during the next year. In fact, my original interest in the unexplained stemmed from the Occult and Hauntings. There are many haunted places around Britain, and I hope to visit some and bring you back reports as I go.

To this end, I hope that all readers continue to gain enjoyment and enlightenment from reading Enigma.


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