Enigma Journal: Issue 7 Contents
Enigma Issue 7: Autumn 1995

Roswell: What Next?

An investigation of the Roswell Autopsy film.


Various news snippets, including Free Energy at last?, New discovery at Avebury and UK man blasts into Space.

Where's all the love gone?

Andy 'No Stress' takes us on a personal tour of the increasingly 'political' crop circle scene, and wonders if some people have possibly missed the point?

Nuclear Madness

Helen Caldicott asks if modern science has lost its marbles?

Pat Buchanan speaks of the New World Order

Some shadowy 'elite' controlling the world sounds like the ramblings of a conspiracy fan. However, we need to be aware of the frightening truth, which is sometimes scarier than fiction....

Nazi UFO Research

We take a look at some of the interesting craft that German scientists were developing during and after World War II.