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upEnigma Issue 7: Editorial
by Paul Vigay | 15th Oct 1995

Hello and welcome to another edition of Enigma. During the last few months you may have read many things in the media about the global information super-highway; The Internet. This is an ideal medium for sharing ideas on paranormal subjects for the simple reason it is worldwide, thus allowing people sharing similar views to hold conversations, via a computer, even though they may be physically many thousands of miles apart. Also, due to the inherent design of the Internet, it is impossible to censor material posted to it. Of course, this allows the media to have a field-day with stories reporting dubious activities such as pornography and terrorism being spread via the Internet. Although these things are possible to find, in reality the problem is not as widespread, and certainly not as obvious as the media would like us to think. However, this lack of censorship also means that many people share quite controversial views on UFO and related matters. You need to be quite careful to research things you find as, literally, anyone can post anything they like - from totally far-fetched and ludicrous ideas and theories to thought provoking and scientific papers. By keeping your feet firmly on the ground, it can take a little while to sort the diamonds from the glass.

As the Internet seems to be the publishing medium of the future, I have recently set up an Enigma site on the Internet where a potential 40 million people can access a limited selection of articles and features from past issues. This will hopefully allow a far greater audience to read the information I am trying to share with you through these pages. At the end of the day, I'm just trying to share information with people, to allow them to carry out their own research and investigations. This is now online and accounts for the unfortunate delay in the arrival of this issue, for which I apologise. Another reason for the delay of this issue is due to the on-going Roswell autopsy film saga. This case is destined to run and run, but I have tried to give a balanced and in depth view of developments so far in my article entitled; "Roswell - What Next?"

Word also gets to me of much discontent within the crop circle researcher community. Evidence has come my way, to perhaps suggest that some circles are now being hoaxed by circle researchers in order to gain continued interest in the subject, so that they can continue making money from the subject. Even if this is a malicious rumour, the thought is staggering. I am researching the crop circles to get to the bottom of the mystery. If I uncover any underhand actions by other researchers I will certainly expose them, for only by searching for and revealing the truth will we eventually become enlightened to the true meaning of the circles. If money-grabbing, self-centred researchers fall by the wayside, then so be it.


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