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upEnigma Issue 7: Presidential Election Speech
by Pat Buchanan | 25th Feb 1995

An interesting comment was picked up by The Guardian newspaper, from Pat Buchanan's February 25th presidential election speech. Pat Buchanan is a Republican presidential hopeful.

"Some people say, Pat, what is this conspiracy theory you're handing out. And let me tell you, my friends, this New World Order means the steady slow surrender of the sovereignty and freedom for which our Founding Fathers fought and died, to the institutions of an embryonic world government.
The UN is the political arm, the IMF is its Federal Reserve, the World Bank is its foreign aid arm, and the World Trade Organization of the Gatt tell us what we have got to do in foreign trade.
And the moment I lift my hand to swear my oath of office as president, that New World Order will come crashing down."

He had previously said,

"They got the nerve to call me an extremist. But those federal burocracts are the outlaws. That out-of-control Bill Clinton federal government is the extremist round here"

Robert Fletcher, of the Montana militia, commented; "What he says about the New World Order and the government conspiracies and all that, it's like I wrote it for him".

Whether or not these comments will have any effect on his chances of becoming the next US President are open to speculation. It will be interesting to follow any future developments of his plans.


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