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upEnigma Issue 6: Poem
by Mavis Vigay

The Earth after the Human
Race has Ended

Slowly, quietly, through the long millennia
The earth will heal without the plague of man.
The grass will grown again where concrete lay
And trees will flourish as in nature's plan.
The animals will thrive and multiply;
'Endangered species' roam the land in herds
And air once more resume its purity,
Its only traffic that of passing birds.

The chronicles of man will be erased.
The wars, pollution, evils of his day
Will pass into oblivion with the aid
Of sun and rain, erosion and decay.
The earth will gain its equillibrium.
Its climate shifts will stabilize again,
And whirling through immensities of space
The planet will be pristine, without stain.

A natural evolution may produce
Another form of life to dominate
And so the cycle could begin once more
For earth to reach a life-poluting state.
Sometime it may be colonised anew
By beings from a distant un-named star.
If so, may they be guardians of the earth
It beauty to preserve and not to mar.

Mavis Vigay


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