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upEnigma Issue 6: Getting out of Jail
by David Icke | Spring 1995

We have all, at some time, looked at the world around us and asked the same questions. Why does life have to be such a struggle? Why do we know so little about who we are and the purpose of our lives? Why is there so much conflict and suffering in a world of such beauty and such riches?

The Robot's Rebellion
Over the last few months, it has become clearer to me why this all should be. In February, I had an illness which for the first time in living memory, put me on my back for two days. It was during this period that ideas that had been circulating around my mind since the publication of "The Robots' Rebellion" began to focus. I was also given a book called "Bringers of the Dawn" (Bear & Co.) which is claimed to be channelled information by a consciousness from the star system we know as the Pleiades.

Bringers of the Dawn
If you have ever read my books or heard me speak, you will know that I am very wary of channelled information - tuning your consciousness to another frequency - because while some channellings can be inspired, others can be nonsense. It depends on the channeller and the level of frequency to which they are connecting. But at least parts of "Bringers of the Dawn" struck a very strong chord, not least because something similar had been forming in my mind in the weeks before.

Quite simply, is appears to me, we are in jail. A vibratory jail. And the spiritual transformation we see occurring around us every day is the means through which the prison door will be flung open. Or, perhaps more accurately, through which the prison walls will fall.

Bible readings
If you look at many of the ancient texts, including some in the Bible, you will see portrayed in symbolic language common themes like 'lost sheep', 'lost souls', and humanity becoming detached from 'the father'. In what we call the New Age, they talk about the 'lower self' needing to reconnect with the 'higher self'. As our consciousness - the eternal us - is a multi-dimensional 'whole', something must have happened to create this disconnection from the higher levels of ourselves.

But what?
I believe, as does the "Bringers of the Dawn" channelling, that hundreds of thousands of years ago this planet and many non-physical frequencies around it was taken over by an extra-terrestrial consciousness. By extra terrestrial, I just mean 'not of this world' and it probably took many forms. The means for this hijacking of planet Earth was a blocking vibration which prevents other frequencies - information - from breaking through.

Radio Blackout?
This may sound fantastic at first, but what did the Soviet Union do when it wanted to stop alternative information entering that empire via the BBC World Service and other foreign radio stations? It broadcast a blocking frequency which prevented those stations being picked up by the Soviet people. In effect, this created an information prison which ensured that the people only heard what the authorities wanted them to hear. Expand that principle to the planet as a whole and you have the picture of what humanity has been subjected to since the take-over.

Telepathic Research
I was reading recently a book by a scientist in America who was given a grant to research into telepathy. He found that telepathy was a fact and involved one person sending out thought waves and another person tuning into them and decoding them like a radio set. It's so simple. He used psychics for his research and he found that every afternoon for about two hours their powers were diminished or non-existent. Eventually, using tracking equipment, he found the source of their problem - a frequency broadcast from the now famous mind-control research establishment called Montauk. So, blocking frequencies are a reality, and it is not stretching the mind too much to see that a more technologically advanced consciousness could throw such a frequency around a planet.

Losing contact with Mission Control
The effect of this has been to create a vibratory prison in which the lower levels of our consciousness have been detached from the higher levels and the rest of Creation - the 'father'. This, as I have said many times, can be likened to the spaceman on the moon losing contact with Mission Control. We have lost contact with our infinite potential and the current transformation is designed to re-connect us.

Adam and Eve
Something else happened soon after the take-over. the physical form was 'rewired' genetically. Again, if you look at ancient writings you can see symbolic references to a level of genetic engineering that makes today's scientific knowledge of this subject look like pages from the Beano. The Adam and Eve story is, I feel, about genetic engineering. There are also references going way back to 'gods' coming from the skies to impregnate women, as I explain in "The Robots' Rebellion".

Missing DNA?
According to the "Bringers of the Dawn" channelling, the prison warders disconnected much of our DNA, a change which was then passed on through the generations until everyone was affected. We should have 12 spirals of DNA, but instead we now have two, the channelling said. As I was thinking about this, the message came strongly into my mind 'Why do you think humans only use a fraction of their brain's potential?' Because the DNA has been rewired to make it that way. I understand that some of the DNA that has been identified by our scientists has been termed 'junk DNA' because they can find no apparent function for it.

The effect of this DNA manipulation was to delink us from the genetic memory of what had happened to us and the Earth. So then we were cut off from two sources of information which could tell us what was going on - the link with our higher consciousness and the genetic memory bank. We were in prison, but we didn't know it!

Limited Vision
It was being like born into a box with the lid down. If you don't know that infinity of space and potential was but a breath away on the other side of the lid, you would think that all that existed was inside the box. This is what happened to the vast majority within the blocking vibration. They have left this physical world at the end of each Earth life and returned to a non-physical level within the prison. After a time, they have re-incarnated back onto the Earth. Most have believed that what exists within the prison is everything that exists.

We live in a free-will universe in which we make decisions and learn from the consequences of them. The Source of all that is - God to so many - does not intervene all the time, except, I believe, when the circumstances become so extreme that evolution is threatened. All of us, the prisoners and the prison warders, will have learned much from the experience, but the time has come for it to end.

The Age of Atlantis
I feel that the period we know as Atlantis was the work of a consciousness which entered the prison with the intention of breaking the blocking frequency. In the end, it failed and it could well be that the tussle between the blocking frequency (thought pattern) and the freedom frequency created such turmoil in the Earth's electromagnetic energy field that the weather and geological mayhem unfolded which brought an end to Atlantis about 11,500 years ago. Just a thought.

Once we were captured within this prison, the pressure was applied to close down our thinking and so cause our consciousness to vibrate slower. This made it even more difficult for us to make that vibrational leap across the blocking frequency to 'wholeness'. A few of high evolution have come to the Earth from outside of the prison in an effort to explain what has happened and how we get out of it. These people have been able to raise their own vibrational rate that they have managed, while in the physical body, to break through the blocking frequency and re-connect with the rest of Creation. This has shown itself in such lines as: 'I and my father are one.'

It is not difficult to see why such people are ridiculed and condemned because they are accessing a level of understanding that is so different to those within the prison. This is why the pioneers of the new thinking are given such a hard time, but their numbers are growing to such an extent that it is becoming easier.

The word 'Ascension' means to me the ability to raise our vibratory rate to a level that can pass across the blocking vibration and step out of the prison. The difference between inspired and nonsensical or manipulative channelling is the difference between tuning the consciousness to frequencies outside of the blocking vibration or to frequencies inside the prison. I think that once people reconnect fully with the higher levels of themselves, there is no longer any need to consciously channel because the multi-dimensional communication becomes part of our everyday thoughts.

Freedom of Thought?
The pressure to program our minds and stop us thinking for ourselves continues today, of course. This is no coincidence. Nor is the constant effort to divide and rule us. Some who have opened up spiritually think that the information I am distributing about the Illuminati elite and the control of this world by a few people has nothing to do with spirituality. In my view, that could hardly be further from the truth. The Illuminati network of control via the banks, multi-national companies, the media, politics, etc. is the physical level expression of the multi-dimensional prison within the blocking frequency.

A Robot's Guide to Freedom
Most of the people involved in the manipulation of the human race won't know that. They are just into power and control. But the research for my next book, "A Robot's Guide to Freedom", has revealed that many of those connected with the Illuminati global manipulators believe they are in contact with 'extra-terrestrial supermen'. Hitler and his crowd did, for a start. It seems to me that the consciousness that controlled them was the prison warder consciousness which desires to divide and rule the human race and turn us into negative-energy production units.

We have to see this whole thing multi-dimensionally. On the physical level, there are global manipulators who divide and rule for their own ends of control and domination by creating wars and economic suffering. But at the level of the hijackers, the prison warder consciousness, this divide and rule has a far greater meaning.

Collective Consciousness
All of us are connected to the collective mind of humanity, the collective unconsciousness as it has been termed. When we think, our thoughts become part of the collective mind and we are also subject to the influence of that collective level. It's a two-way process. This is where the so-called hundredth monkey syndrome comes from.

One Hundred Monkeys...
Researchers have shown that once a certain number of a species has learned something new, suddenly the whole of the species can do it without being shown. This appears to be a mystery, but it is not. Once a certain number of similar thought patterns - knowledge - becomes part of the collective mind of that species, it becomes powerful enough for every member of the species to access it.

So if the collective mind of the human race realised we are in prison and that we had the capability to break out, that collective power would be so great that the blocking vibration would be no more; hence, the efforts through the centuries with religion, wars, and prejudice, to divide the human race and, at the prison warder level, to, most crucially, divide the collective mind so that the collective power is diffused.

I believe that today across the world are millions of people who have come into the prison to play a part in removing it. If you are awakening to your true potential and seeing the world in an increasingly de-programmed light, then you are almost certainly one of them. Everyone has the potential to be.

The plan has been for these 'volunteers' to spend many Earth lives getting to grips with the unique vibrations and situations within the prison and to use that experience in this life to break the blocking vibration. Those people are now awakening in line with a pre-programmed 'alarm clock' and the task is to open our minds and hearts in a way that will expand our consciousness to vibratory levels which can tune to very high, and ever higher, frequencies.

We can then bring those frequencies down through our multi-dimensional levels of being and broadcast them into this dense physical wavelength. We become like radio transmitters, broadcasting a higher frequency than the one currently here. This process, as more and more turn to this work, is changing the frequency of the dense physical world. I know that when people go to energy sites and feel the energies passing through them, they do not fully understand what they are doing. Join the club! But the process I have just described is very close to what is happening, I am convinced.

Electro-magnetic Energy
In short, the old imprisoning - fear - vibration is being diffused and replaced by the freedom - love - vibration. It is the effect of this, together with other influences in the Earth's electro-magnetic energy field which is causing the dramatic changes in the world weather patterns. The more this process continues and gathers strength and the higher the frequencies people are able to access and 'ground', the more we will see the weather change until the transformation is complete. The same with other Earth and human effects, positive and negative.

In the end, the changes in the world for the better and the potential we all have to achieve amazing things will happen in a spectacularly short time once the crossover point has been reached.

If you take the prison example a little further, I hope you will see what I mean. If I am sitting in a prison cell now, the limits on what I can do and achieve are severe, However, it takes me only a fraction of a second to walk out of that cell once the door is open. In that fraction of a second, my potential soars because the limitations have been removed in that one step. Once this imprisoning vibration is broken, and that process is now well under way, our potential will be without limits. We will be 'whole' again and able to tap into everything that creation can offer.

And every single life form on this breathtaking planet has that opportunity set before them today. We only have to grasp it.

This thought-provoking article was reproduced from the first issue of David's new Network Newsletter. It is just one of many enlightened articles forming his newsletter. If you would like more information about David's books, or how to subscribe to his newsletter, please send a stamped addressed envelope to:
35 Dover Street, Ryde, Isle of Wight, PO33 2BW

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