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upEnigma Issue 6: Odds and Ends
by Paul Vigay | Spring 1995

Odd Symbols
During my research into crop formations, I was shown the following (see right) strange symbol. I heard one description, but wondered if any Enigma readers have any other ideas as to its meaning. If you have any comments, I would like to hear them.

UFO Sighting??
A report of an unusual sighting in the Bristol area was published in a local newspaper on December 16th. The shape of the object is described as "oblong" this is surely unusual? Extract of the report follows.

Two terrified women claim they saw an Unidentified Flying Object hovering over Yate. (Nr Bristol South of England). The two mothers say that they were followed by a brightly-lit spacecraft early on Monday morning (12th.Dec) Driving home at 12.45am they spotted the UFO. They said the craft had big green lights along the side, red lights at the head and tail, oblong shaped and flew low as they drove along Goose Green Way into Yate.

At first they thought it could have been an aeroplane, but then they realised the craft was making no sound despite being only about five hundred yards away. It was following us, and when the car stopped it suddenly jerked back, stopped moving and hovered. It seemed to be watching us, when we started the car again it started following us again. Both women plan to tell a meeting of the British Flying Saucer Bureau all about their encounter...End of extract. Both ladies are 45 years of age according to the report, not likely to simply be seeking publicity.


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